$9.99 for the GOTY edition? That’s a steal! Where did you find that, exactly?

Yes, I do have a PS4 and live in the UK. The PlayStation Store has a huge summer sale that’s ongoing and it’s tempting, but I’ll hold back and finish some of the games I own first. The DA:I GOTY edition on the PS Store isn’t in the sale though, it’s at the standard price of £24.99. On Amazon, it’s £14.97, however the DLCs aren’t on disc (was expecting this) and a download code is provided to get them from the store.

Even then, I’ll most likely get DA:I on PC whenever my build is completed for the mods (spider removal mod again :sweat_smile:, Skyrim will be the same) and better gaming experience (this reason applies to ME:A as well). It will be a longer wait, sure, but hopefully worth it.


It’s on US PSN. :frowning: Unfortunate, but there’s still Black Friday, I am hoping Origin would do a sale for during that time.

I have just started DA2 and I don’t own a PS4 so I am going to wait. :joy:


EU always gets the short end of the stick with PSN. In the US, they get Sony Rewards, free credit/game/discount codes often and so on.

Yeah, EA should put up an Origin sale during Black Friday, I believe they’ve done it before.

Haha. Can your PC run DA:I well? My laptop certainly can’t so I’ll have to wait until next year at the very least before I can play the game with mods. :laughing: It depends on how long it takes me to save up the money for my first build and the prices of PC parts.

RAM is ridiculously expensive. 8GB (dual channel: 2 x 4GB sticks) of DDR4 2400MHz RAM that is compatible with the motherboards I’m looking at costs £70 upwards over here. Even the motherboards (B350, AM4 socket for a Ryzen 5 CPU) cost above £60. Originally, I was aiming for a build around £500 but with the inflation in component prices and future-proofing concerns, it’s going to be above £600. :worried:


According to Can I Run it? I pass almost all recommended except for the graphic card. Darn it. T-T I only got GT 730. sigh


Ah, that’s a shame. :neutral_face:

Looking at the recommended specifications now, a GTX 660, R9 270 or Radeon HD 7870 for the GPU? Interesting. To be honest, I was expecting the specs to be more demanding, mainly because DA:I is running on Frostbite 3. Guess not, which is good to hear.

For the heck of it, I used that same website on my laptop and yep, can’t even reach minimum for most of them, lmao. I’m fortunate this can run the ME games decently. Perhaps when my desktop is finished, I’ll do another playthrough of the games on a substantially more powerful system, maybe with mods.

Yeah… no. The top comment is spot on, this is happening because Bethesda want to avoid the 30% cut Steam takes from the game.

AC Odyssey is interesting me more and more. AC Origins is on my wishlist; out of all the games in the series, I’ve only played Black Flag, which I absolutely loved and Unity, which I ended up dropping not too long after playing because it wasn’t appealing to me, plus the performance issues I encountered while playing the game on PS4 hindered my enjoyment.

Insomniac being awesome again. Though I wouldn’t exactly call this a gameplay trailer. :thinking:
Still hyped for it nonetheless.


This game is looking better and better with each piece of news they release. Looks like the Spider-Man game we’ve all been waiting for is finally going to be released.




Has anyone played Star Trek Online? I just started a week ago, and it’s like… surprisingly fun. It’s completely free on console as far as I can tell, and while it’s far from perfect it really feels like playing an episode of star trek. A lot.


Crap I remember this game. I didn’t have a memory card for the ps2 so i played it as far as i could almost every day to ad nauseum, it was ridiculous. Ugh, I still remember the random npc quips.
That game and armored core were my faves.

Heard of the new Daemon x Machina game anyone?
Thats the spiritual successor for the ac series I’ve been waiting for.


No care for Soul Caliber (Please let me use Algol’s move set)? Speaking of which I still need Tekken 7 and Noctis with it. And… Dissidia.

Huh I always put fighting game on the backlogs because I don’t have may people to play them with and it keeps piling up…

Spider man 2 is that game that you can get anyone to love.

I only played Verdict day. I really want to see another one.

Curiosity: Any particular cameos you hoping for? Villains? Heroes?


I’m actually super hyped for this game. I’ve always been a sucker for RPGs where I get to run a country.


I did…well…I do lol sometimes . Still have it installed .

which faction did you pick ?

watch out for fed chat…its a bit toxic lol


I started on the federation, but I’ve switched to the romulans lately.

I’m on console so I don’t think there’s really any chat at all. The only thing I ever see are spammers selling keys.


OHHh romu !!! I love the romu! well…save for that annoying companion .

check their ship ! Its gorgeouuuuuuuuus !


Yeah, sorry… never played Soulcalibur. I’m not into those type of games, to be honest. :neutral_face:

Nope. I don’t read the comics and don’t even remember what happened in the films (Maguire trilogy). The only Spider-Man film where I remember the events is Homecoming. May need to give the older ones a rewatch.

Anyway, I finished ME3 last night.

I chose the Destroy ending and fortunately, my EMS was high enough to see the Reapers get wiped out, the crew turning out to be fine and Shepard supposedly surviving in the aftermath. This comment is probably going to get a lot of flak but personally, I didn’t find the ending as atrocious as many people are saying, guess I’m in the very small minority. But I didn’t find it particularly great either.

I absolutely loved ME3 but the ending is disappointing. It’s a shame because I think the rest of the game is fantastic. Some parts in the ending made me tear up, like Shepard’s last moments with Anderson and the crew standing silently at the memorial plaque on the Normandy with Liara (my chosen LI) holding Shepard’s name.

The descriptions of the Synthesis and Control endings don’t sit well with me. The main focus of the entire trilogy was about destroying the Reapers and with all the sacrifices made up to that point, the idea of suddenly allying with them at the end… just no. Yes, I highly regret losing EDI and the geth but the Destroy ending made the most sense to me.

One thing is for certain though, ME has become my favourite video game series. What a phenomenal ride it has been, even with its setbacks. Now if you excuse me, I’m going to replay the track “Leaving Earth” and tear up again.


Welcome, brother, for you have chosen the right ending no matter what others might try to brainwash you with.

I mean I disliked the ending but I’ve seen people say it ruins the entire franchine or ME3 in general. I think that is not true; though it affected the game(s) in quality, ME3 was still a great game.

And also, if you ever need convincing as to why the other endings are horrible, I am always available to discuss the true ending.


wat true ending ? :smirk: pfff blow them squid to hell ! BADABOUM!

End up on Thessia…sipping pina colada nom nom nom nom nom :drooling_face:


Agreed. The ending was disappointing, sure, but it didn’t ruin ME3 and certainly didn’t ruin the entire franchise for me. There’s so much I love in the game and series overall that heavily outweigh the ending.

I do miss Drew Karpyshyn though, his work on ME1 and ME2 is exceptional. Reading his dropped ideas for ME3’s ending, the “dark energy” scenario, it does sound more interesting than the real one. Apparently the original ending was leaked and BioWare had to rewrite it, which turned into this? Not too sure.


they could have continued with the ‘Dark energy’ …angle . Honestly , I would have loved if MEA was about seeking the source of the ‘dark energy’ , and try to save the galaxy from ‘pollutions’ . Instead of what we end up with…

One thing I learned about EA and BW , when they screw up…they just fast forward and bail…instead of fix it . :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Edit: and it may not have ‘ruined’ the franchise (depand where you sit lol ) , but it did ruin it in the sense…you couldn’t build on top of the crappy ending they made .


Well, we have no one to blame but the foolish leakers. (And maybe Bioware).

But mostly leakers.