While I haven’t played Smash nor any other Nintendo games, I read up that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has over 900 music tracks that come up to over 28 hours of music. That is absolutely insane. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a game with that much music before.

Whenever I get a Switch, I’ll be sure to try out Smash as well as Nintendo’s other series.

Also, the main theme by Hideki Sakamoto is brilliant.


I’m already scared for my feels…but I have a thing for games with drawed artstyles…


Its so beautiful…


So how did you manage to make it this far without already having played a Nintendo game? I’m not saying it’s impossible, I just can’t imagine my life without having played some Nintendo game. They’re synonymous with gaming for me.

And if soundtracks are your preferred way of experiencing games, Super Mario Galaxy has some good stuff. Smash Bros. Brawl’s theme music is also great. I’ll stop recommending because I’m sure you know all this. I’m just curious.


I might have to choose between RD Redemption 2 and Spider-Man for Christmas, aren’t I?


Good question. I’ve always had PlayStation consoles and back then, I never looked into getting a Nintendo console. A couple of my IRL friends own a Switch and the Discord server I frequent has several Nintendo fans, so when I tell them I’ve never played any Nintendo games nor own their consoles, they are shocked, haha.

If there is a Nintendo console I definitely want to buy in the near future, it’s the Switch. It looks amazing and it’s crazy how many critically acclaimed games are on it when the console is not even 2 years old yet. Among the games I want to try out are The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (lots of Xeno fans in the Discord server I’m in, they said playing XC1 isn’t essential but highly recommended. Not sure how I’ll go about doing that with just a Switch, though), Pokémon and so forth.

For a while now, I’ve been contemplating whether to save up for a 2DS XL, Switch or my first PC build. I chose the latter as it’ll be better for me in the long term but I’m planning to get a Switch sometime afterwards. Hopefully I have enough money saved up to do my PC build and possibly buy a Switch as well next year, I don’t really see it happening this year.

I love video game soundtracks. :smiley:

I’ve listened to some tracks from XC2 which are excellent. I’ve heard nothing but immense praise for the soundtracks in this series.

“Counterattack”… oh my god. 1:25 is SO GOOD!

Super Mario Galaxy and Smash Bros. Brawl would be great to try out but if I’m going to buy a Switch, I can’t play those, right? If that’s the case, it is very unfortunate. :neutral_face:

I suppose that’s a drawback for getting into Nintendo this late with a Switch. (sighs)

The last few months of this year are hectic.

September: Spider-Man
October: Red Dead Redemption 2
November: Hmm, not too sure which game would be on this scale. Maybe the two new Pokémon games?
December: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Spider-Man looks incredible and so does RDR2 (haven’t played the first one, however). Argh, too many good games coming out!


I’m sorry, Hitman or Fallout is not prominent enough? I kid, I kid


Whoops. :eyes:

But in all seriousness, I don’t see much hype for Hitman (on the scale of the other games, that is) and with Fallout 76, it’s mostly been negativity.


I’ll convert you to my cult.

Unless you’re already the part of the cult.


I haven’t really played a Nintendo game either. My cousin had a SNES back when I was younger and I played a couple of the old pokemon on the gba. But those are the only Nintendo games I’ve played. A lot of Nintendo games just doesnt interest me. I grew up as a pc gamers and Nintendo games just feels a but restrictive to me.


Finished listening to it, that’s a very good track. :+1:

Japan and their outstanding soundtracks. I’m addicted to NieR:Automata’s soundtrack ever since I bought it from iTunes and I really do want to get several more, like Persona 5, Final Fantasy XV and Yakuza 0’s. However, soundtrack albums in Japan are so expensive, particularly if you import them.

I’d love to get these but those prices… :cold_sweat:


Unintentionally got myself re-addicted to Saints Row. Specifically Saints Row The Third. When I first got it I wasn’t sure I’d like it…what a fool I was.


One thing I like to do when I loved a music is to play it repeatedly and listen to each of its instruments one by one. This is also the reason why I’m not really into “crowded” songs.

If you’re interested in other OSTs from the same game, I’ve put it on the 2nd post at the video game OSTs thread.

Ace Combat soundtracks are strong in their theme. The leitmotif and the arrangements are simply unique that one can tell as if the music has Keiki Kobayashi’s signature printed on it if they’re familiar with the style.


I’m glad VGMdb exists so I can look up all these video game soundtracks.

Wow, that is quite a lot for Ace Combat. Ace Combat 6’s soundtrack released in 2007? I didn’t realise it was that long ago from Ace Combat 7 which is expected to release this year.

Like a multitude of other series, I’ve never played any Ace Combat games before, but I may try AC7. I just watched its E3 2018 trailer and it looks awesome.

Looking at the staff list at the end, the only person I recognise is Sunao Katabuchi because of his anime works (Black Lagoon, In This Corner of the World).


Yep. Post-AC6 is a hard time for Project Aces; a bit of long story.

Long story

Ace Combat are usually PS exclusives, especially when the trilogy (AC4, AC5, ACZero. Check out their OSTs. Da best) are all PS-Ex. The decision to release AC6 as Xbox-Ex is a wonky one. Lots of Japanese fans are alienated since Xbox is basically non-existent, there. Heck, the game is good, but the sales simply doesn’t give much.

And then, trying to get the wheels back up, Project Aces took the risk by following the mainstream formula: gritty USA vs. Russia. The game is AC - Assault Horizon (available on steam, btw).
However, this is a huge disappointment for the fans due to various reasons: 1) The original fantasy-modern-world setting, Strangereal, is not seen on ACAH. Instead, we got classic USA vs. A terrorist-organization-that-definitely-not-russian fighting on a mixmatch between Strangereal itself and real Earth 2) New game mechanic “Dogfight Mode,” which basically turns the flight arcade into basic aim-and-fire FPS, doing all the flight maneuvers for you. Of course you can get badass Michael Bay’s cinematic view with DFM, but the fans wanted Ace Combat, not CoD.

At least it garnered some attention from newcomers, though. But the veterans are already disappointed with the lackluster of AC6 and the radically different ACAH.

Fast forward, Project Aces seemingly went on “hiatus” with ACInfinity, an online-multiplayer AC, as their final attempt on rescuing the franchise. Doesn’t really help it since Bamco appears to be looking down upon the franchise compared to their other anime games.

But then, 2015, AC7 announced. Scratching the itch of 10 years waiting: Badass graphic, nostalgic melody tune, and most importantly, cheesy radio comms.

Of course, it got delayed to '16, and then '17, and finally 2018. But I’m optimistic this time since PA is alot more open than before. Hope detailed info is available on this year Gamescom.


I see. :thinking:
Thank you for the explanation!

I was looking to see if the AC games were available on PC and yeah, Assault Horizon is the only one that popped up but it had mediocre/bad reviews. The comment about Xbox in Japan is one I’ve heard about before, a friend of mine knows someone who lives in Japan and they said the same thing.

Wikipedia says AC7 is a sequel to AC6 so would I have to play that first in order to understand what’s happening in 7? I’m hoping the game is welcoming to newcomers as I don’t have a way of accessing the previous games.

Looking forward to Gamescom as well.


Actually, they are not direct sequels. I should know, cause I literally decided to spend part of one day reading about Ace Combat just for me to get the gist of the universe (as now, I too am interested in this game). Essentially, each game is completely different from the other, but they have continuity in the sense of the nations involved, as well as the fact a few sequel games act as prequels, as some take place before the previous games.


I believe there’ll be quite a lot of reference to the older games, but I don’t think you need to play the previous titles to get the gist of the story. The first two game, Air Combat & Ace Combat 2, are what I’ll consider as “fun arcade, boom boom. No serious story,” although it’s established that in AC2 the setting takes place in a continent Usea.

AC3 takes place at future-hi-tech Usea, where drones and brainwave-controlled aircraft is the theme. Chronologically, AC7 is supposedly a prequel to AC3; fits with AC7’s theming “Drones and AIs to replace human pilot.” And then, AC4 is the cold war version of the USA vs USSR, except it’s now hot; takes place about 10 yrs before AC7, iirc. Also establishes that a giant meteor crashed the Strangereal.

For Ace Combat 5 & Zero, it’s a bit of spoiler, but here you go.

AC5 and ACZero are Strangereal version of USA (Osea) vs USSR (Yuktobania). But instead of cold war, the war is actually caused by Germany (Belka) faking an invasion to lure both countries to attack each other.

While speaking of reference, I think you need to know about Ace Combat legend, Razgriz. All the fans are basically shouting his name on every AC7 youtube videos.

Forgot to add that there’s also Ace Combat X for PSP, and another one for mobile although can’t quite recall. But let’s just say that both titles happened on another part of the Strangereal universe, just like AC6.


This is great to hear, thank you!

That’s very interesting but also quite confusing. :sweat_smile:

I wish I could play the earlier games in the series but no longer owning a PS1-3 prevents me from doing so. When searching for potential remasters of the older games, I came across this Reddit post from 4 months ago:

If this actually happens (assuming it’ll be on PS4), it would be amazing. Maybe after playing these, I’ll be better prepared for AC7.

Razgriz, hmm? Will look into him, thank you.



Do you have a PS4? There’s a sale for DA:Inquisition GOTY for only 9.99 USD. But I just remember that you live in the UK right?

Now, I wish I have a PS4. 9.99 is quite a deal. >~<