I didn’t mean playing as a girl…just having his route as a male mc…but that would be less likely than f!mc.


Its polygon, what do you expect? They’re as reliable of a gaming news source as my 87 years old grandma.


Fair point. I tend to firmly believe that the whole ‘Gamergate’ nonsense is just annoying at this point since there are clearly nitwits on both extremes and that by reading stuff on all sides of the spectrum one can fairly figure the situation to be with the silent masses in the middle who don’t support either side. Gaming Journalism probably does need something of an overhaul mind, just probably not to the extremes groups like One Angry Gamer and such would have you think.


Oh right, sorry for misinterpreting your comment.
Yeah, unfortunately it would be. :neutral_face:

While I think the enhanced edition has a high chance of remaining exclusive to PlayStation consoles, Sega seems willing to port games to other platforms lately, such as Yakuza (previously exclusive to PlayStation) going to PC.

There was even a poll where Atlus asked people if they wanted to see Persona 6 and other games on more platforms like the Nintendo Switch. The response would’ve been extremely obvious to them anyway; sometimes I wonder why they even asked this question in the first place.


I lost interest playing P5. I dunno…probably I am tired with the fan service and playing as a male or I am not used to playing on a console with all the leveling up. One thing I like about handhelds was being able to level up during break time during weekdays and playing the main plot after work hours.

Anyway, I still bought it though since I really love the theme and the MC was cool. I still have hopes that SMT V, we could play as a female though.

I forgot to mention in regards to DA:O. There are some bugs with some of the dialogues not triggering. I would suggest the ZDF, this mod fixes most of the dialogue bugs in there. But if you are going after Morrigan, I heard that there’s a mod to restore some dialogues or cutscenes for her.


Persona 5 would be a perfect title for the Switch if Sega decided to port it over there. The game contains a huge amount of dialogue to read, so I can see why that can be off-putting to some.

As much as I love P5, I’m not going to buy Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight. It’s not my type of game and also my PS4 is situated in the living room. Playing a game featuring anime-like characters dancing on our TV with my family watching in the background would be total embarrassment. :upside_down_face:

Thank you for the tip! I didn’t bother with using any mods in the ME games but for DA:O, it looks like I’ll have to do so: spider removal mod and I’ll look into that ZDF one.

Qwinn’s DA:O Fixpack looks great too, the description saying this: “This fixpack attempts to address ALL dialogue, quest, scripting, plot, and most item bugs in the base game of Dragon Age: Origins. It also restores a great deal of previously inaccessible content.”

I wonder if I can use that instead of the ZDF mod? :thinking:


Oh nice! I didn’t know there were lots of bugs in this game so when I did I was already half through the game already. I probably apply this fixes again if ever I will do another playthrough and apply the Improved Atmosphere as well. :joy: Reading the the description, it looks complete and updated, I would suggest getting this. It has lots of endorsements so I guess it works. Better bookmark this for future use.

I really expect the developers to squash these bugs to be honest. :joy: I probably need to check if DA 2 has this problems too. Already subscribed to EA Origin Basic Access so I have DA 2 downloaded and will buy the DLCs as soon as my credit card cutoff comes to pass. :joy: Till then I still have Golem and Witch Hunt to finish.

Yes… Those spin offs are not my cup of tea, which is kind of a blessing since I need to budget my money and I can’t afford all of them. :joy:


:joy: I love to dance and I like rhythm games esp with Persona’s great music so if I do get a vita I’m getting the P4 one


I should subscribe to Origin Access again, perhaps after completing DA:O to get DA2 like you are doing. Separately, it’s £7.99 for the base game and £21.99 for the DLC bundle. Still not too bad, but I wish EA released an Ultimate Edition for it like they did with DA:O.

I did get Origin Access a couple of months ago for ME1 and after finishing that, I ended up buying the trilogy. While I haven’t played this in a while, I also tried The Sims 4 which ran surprisingly well on my laptop and put 87 hours into it (had no idea I spent this long). However, if I do want to play TS4 again, I’ll need to resubscribe or buy the game.

So. Many. Games. :laughing:

Exactly the same here. :grin:

I may not be getting the game but I’m certainly listening to its soundtrack, Atlus’ sound team is amazing. I would love to play Persona 3 FES and Persona 4 Golden but unfortunately I don’t own a PS2, PS3 nor PS Vita. :slightly_frowning_face:


Start dancing while maintaining full eye contact. This way you’re asserting your dominance. Now your family is the one making it weird.


Everybody loves the guys (except the kitty). Though Yusuke gets more flak because of his introduction. But he’s hilarious, he actually asks you to strip in a church.


That stupid cat.

How many times do I have to say “NO!”?


I have 3 and 4 of the Saints Row series, but does anyone have fun with customising cars and trucks and then hilariously driving them badly? Since I can’t drive, I often crash cars in Saints Row due to my poor co-ordination (due to cerebal palsy).


Nah, I spent my time doing some unarmed signature moves on bad guys. God, have I loved doing a dropkick to them.


Yup. I remember keeping an eye out or cars I didn’t have. Felt bad for never using them in 4 (minus the aircrafts)


I just remember why i hate Darkest Dungeon. Just had a disastrous run. The enemies were critting like theres no tomorrow, while my Occultist had performance issue or something and refused to heal for more than 4 hp. Lost one of my favorite hero before i called it quit and pulled out.


Welp, this is just sounding better and better. :neutral_face:


Okay most of the time I play games that have either interesting plot or I can make choices, but with Saint’s Row 3 I mainly bought it cause I can just steal a motorbike and listen some music while driving around the city driving crazy over limit. Does anyone else do this :sweat_smile:


I kind of miss the old days that we don’t need to have multiple launcher just to play PC games… :expressionless: I don’t plan to play Fallout 76 since my internet is no good with MMORPG but man…


raises hand

Another game I need to return to finishing. Damn you, backlogs!

Yeah, agreed. I have 7 launchers installed on my laptop already: Steam, Origin,, Uplay, GOG Galaxy, RuneScape (haven’t played this in a while, I should probably uninstall this) and Guild Wars 2.

I’m not planning to play Fallout 76 anytime soon either, though at some point I will buy Fallout 3 and New Vegas to start getting into the series.

Strangely enough, I haven’t played any Bethesda games yet even though I tend to bring up news about them here. Fallout 3 or Skyrim should be my first Bethesda game whenever I clear more of my backlog. Starfield is intriguing me quite a lot, maybe because I’m currently going through the Mass Effect series. :smile: