That’s very handy. I’ll avoid Shapeshifter, then.

According to HowLongToBeat, DA:O Ultimate Edition takes 50.5 hours for the main story, 74 hours for the main story + extras and 104 hours for a completionist run. Wow, I didn’t realise it’s this long.

I may just go through the game once and move onto another one. I’ve played 50 hours of ME1 but that was two playthroughs, so if this is 50.5 hours solely for the main story, yeah… one playthrough should be fine for now. :sweat_smile:

On an unrelated note, it seems Spider-Man has 25 unlockable costumes based on what was said from people who have played the pre-release demo, but it’s highly likely there will be more costumes than that:

Ah. I suppose I’ll go with a human character then. It’s not that I’m disinterested in the other races, but for my first character, I usually go with one that’s realistic to me, sort of. If I end up doing another playthrough, I will try another race.


I must be very slow. I think I finish my Origi more than 104 hours but that’s because I tend to take time on deciding which choices to do. :joy:


Technically a gamebook than a video game but just picked up the first few volumes of Fabled Lands, which is basically if Skyrim was in book form and you got to travel to anywhere (at least it will be when the books are finally finished). It was originally started in 1995 but was dropped halfway through the planned 12 books, but it now being revived with Book 7 released via a Kickstarter. Really makes me wish there was a Skyrim or Fallout or Mass Effect version of the same thing.


Over 104 hours? :open_mouth:

It took me 195 hours to completely finish Persona 5 across three playthroughs. If that 104+ hours on DA:O is just one playthrough, this is going to take me ages.

I have Yakuza 0 sitting on the shelf waiting to be played (still deciding whether to play that or DA:O after ME3), another 100+ hour game for completionists. This doesn’t help one bit. :cold_sweat:


I might be just slow since I read all the codex I got. :joy:


I think I’ll end up doing the same. :slight_smile:

I really like the codex in Mass Effect. It has two sections: primary and secondary codex entries. The primary entries are all narrated and delve into key aspects of the ME universe, such as the races, prominent planets/technology and characters. The secondary entries do provide expansion but they aren’t as important.

Does DA:O have an adequate quest log? After playing ME3 with its journal being a downgrade from the previous two games (quest tracking is so confusing in this), I’m hoping DA:O has a better one. :laughing:


They have a quest log so no worries there. XD I am not sure in the future installments though since I am not yet done with Awakening. :joy:


Excellent. xD

Praise be.


It took me 70 hours for one. I’m near the end of the second one at about 110. Shido’s palace just drags on. Just need Sojiro’s an Futaba’s personas.


My first playthrough was around 90 hours (didn’t go for a romance route in this one because I’m stupid), second was 60 (Makoto as the LI) and third was 45 (Futaba as the LI).

Shido’s palace with the rat puzzles really does drag on. Especially when you’ve done it three times.

Yoshitsune is my favourite persona in the game. Charge + Hassou Tobi and you’re all set. The guy is broken af.


He’s how I beat the twins. Especially considering I didn’t have Satanael then.

Have you seen any of the dlc personas?

The bestest of girls.


I haven’t paid attention to the DLC personas actually, there are so many in the game already. xD

Her theme is soooo good. Thank you Shoji Meguro for the god-tier soundtrack.


There’s this one Thanatos. Has an almighty move with chance of instadeath. There all pretty OP though. Izanagi and Tsukiyomi can carry you for a while Especially for someone just starting a playthrough. And you get them the first time on a playthrough free so if you level them up, lv 99 persona right away :laughing: Messiah gives the strongest armor in the game for girls (it’s gender neutral but stronger than the girls strongest armor and weaker than the Lucifer armor for guys) And you get two versions of each the original and a joker version. I actually used them to get through the first palace. I ran out of mana on a boss fight and bought Tsukiyomi because he had spirit drain. (And I waited till the last day)

Makoto gets a gun that makes her super strong, she has a relatable story and Jotaro hair accessories. (Her braid’s a hair band)


Wow, nice. Yeah, the first palace is hard due to the severe lack of SP you have. I had to tone down the difficulty setting for that to get through it, later setting it back to normal.

Get Satanael and all is good. :smiling_imp:

I went on a farming run in Mementos using the Confusion spell trick for around an hour and got over 6 million yen from it. That’s how I managed to substantially build up my persona compendium for the completion trophy.

Yep (regarding the braid). I know the game doesn’t have a canon romance but if there was one, I think it’d be Makoto. There are numerous signs pointing towards it.

Now to wait for the enhanced edition of Persona 5, whenever that is. I really hope Atlus puts Hifumi into the Phantom Thieves, like she was supposed to be in the original game, but they had to cut it out as the game was becoming excessively long.

Also, a remake of Persona 3 and perhaps a remaster of Persona 4 Golden for PS4 would be amazing; I haven’t played either of these. For the P3 remake, they can use the character models from Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight.


Hifumi was my first ro (I didn’t have the stats for Makoto)

Funnily enough I wound up using mostly vorpal blade to kill everything anyway. And I didn’t find out about the mp regen item till the next playthrough.

Or let the flu kill old Grimmy.


The ROs in this game… why did you make it so difficult to choose, Atlus?!

She will be a total badass in the Phantom Thieves and I would love to hear what theme Meguro will compose for her.

Vorpal Blade is awesome. I am so thankful to Sojiro for SP management. Coffee and curry are godsends.

Farm him on easy difficulty and get 72k XP per kill. Win-win.


Best persona to put in your list are Alice, Nebiros. and Belial. Keep the gay dads and their daughter together dammit!


Haven’t played P5 but still have a slight 1% hopeless hope of having fox boy as a ro in the innevitable remake… ;_; by then maybe I’ll have the motivation and enough money to buy a ps4 or vita or whatever system it will be on


Katsura Hashino (Persona 5’s director, producer and scenario writer) mentioned in an interview that they considered adding a female main character option, but it would’ve caused them to cut a significant amount of content in order to keep up with the game’s workload.

Will they add the option in the enhanced edition of P5? Probably not, Atlus would basically have to redo the game entirely.

Persona 6 having it is likely, though. It will have a new director since Hashino stated after P5 that he’s handing off the series to his successors. At the moment, he’s focusing on Project Re Fantasy with other key Persona staff, such as Shigenori Soejima and Shoji Meguro.


Gotta love how they give a legit reasoning for it and Polygon of course focuses on the headline. But I am fairly certain with an increasing trend of ensuring many games can have male or female protagonists that the next one might do so. One does have to remember that SJW trends don’t especially exist in Japan, hence why most eastern origin games tend not to be as ‘politically correct’ or have to alter to sate certain western audiences… :roll_eyes: