All DA 2 DLCs base from the description. The base game is not included but if I subscribed, it will be covered by it but I do plan to buy the base game eventually.


Okay, just checked DLC description page, to refresh my memory. I’d say that if you get only Legacy and Mark of the Assassin, you’ll be good. There’s also The Exiled Prince, but it didn’t offer much in terms of story content in my opinion. 50/50 here.

Everything else doesn’t bring anything worth of note to the table and can be skipped to save $, imo


I didn’t know we could buy the DLC separately. The site don’t have an option to buy each DLC though. :thinking:

The DLCs looks interesting though. I got the DLCs for DA Origins and so far, I am enjoying them. :joy: Thanks for the insight though!


Riiight, the game was pulled from steam. IIRC, you could buy separate DLC with bioware points, not sure how it works right now… Sorry, I won’t be of much help in this situation.


It’s okay. There are some other stuff you’ll get though so I guess it’s okay. I screenshot it here:


Yup, first three are additional story packs, the rest are just items (metric ton of 'em) that the game dumps on your head.

Should be good though, not DA:O level of quality, but good nonetheless :slight_smile:


Likewise. Too many games, too little time and money. :pensive:

Agreed. :laughing:

$29.90? Damn, that’s a lot. Hoping a sale happens sometime soon so you can get it at a better price. And yeah, DA:I has the GOTY edition which makes it easier.

@Jumo_004 is right, you can buy them with BioWare points but it’ll become more expensive as you add more and more DLC, so you might as well get the bundle if you’ll eventually get all of it.

duodsg on Reddit posted the calculations for both ME2 and ME3’s DLC using BioWare points in January:

Mass Effect 2 DLC

Story DLC

Arrival: 560 points ($7)
Lair of the Shadow Broker: 800 ($10)
Overlord: 560 ($7)
Kasumi: 560 ($7)

TOTAL: 2480 points ($31)

“Extra” (alt-appearance, weapon) packs

Firepower pack: 160 ($2)
Alt appearance for Tali, Grunt, Miranda: 160 ($2)
Alt appearance for Garrus, Thane, Jack: 160 ($2)

TOTAL: 480 ($6)

ALL DLC for ME2: 2960 points ($37)

Mass Effect 3 DLC

Story DLC

Citadel: 1200 ($15)
Omega: 1200 ($15)
Leviathan: 800 ($10)
From Ashes: 800 ($10)

TOTAL: 4000 points ($40)

“Extra” DLC

Firefight (weapon) pack: 160 ($2)
Groundside resistance (weapon) pack: 160 ($2)
Alt appearance for Garrus, Liara, EDI: 160 ($2)

TOTAL: 480 points ($6)

ALL ME3 DLC: 4480 ($56)


Story items only for ME2 + ME3: 6480 ($81)
All alt appearance packs: 480 ($6)
All weapon packs: 480 ($6)

ALL DLC for both games: 7440 ($93)

Yep, it’s crazy.


It seem I am incorrect with the pricing. When I was checking what currency I am going to be charge, it seems the Origin site default to the region I inputted when I sign up. Since I live in the SEA, the currency indicated will be in SGD, so it seems the pricing are fair enough. :joy: I really thought it was in USD. So far, basic access yearly will cost be 34.90 SGD, not USD. :joy:


Lately I’ve been trying to play the Pac-man game, but I have great difficulty with controlling the movements of the main character, but it doesn’t stop me from having fun!


Ah right. Converting that into GBP comes up to 19.61, so that’s more or less the yearly price for Origin Access Basic over here, too. It’s honestly a bargain for the amount of games they have in their vault and it’ll also give you a 10% discount on Origin purchases. Sometimes I think it’s too good to be true since this is EA after all, but so far, it’s a fantastic deal. :smiley:

Finished the Omega DLC in ME3 and it was pretty good. Nothing amazing but I did like the development Aria got in it. Regarding the main story, I’m at the point where I need to invade the geth dreadnought.

On the subject of BioWare once again, this very recent news is relevant:

"In the meantime, our Star Wars: The Old Republic team is hard at work on some amazing plans for the coming year, with new features and surprises that I think makes it the game’s most exciting year yet.

And yes – we hear loud and clear the interest in BioWare doing more Dragon Age and Mass Effect, so rest assured that we have some teams hidden away working on some secret stuff that I think you’ll really like – we’re just not ready to talk about any of it for a little while…"

So they are working on Anthem, ME and DA at the same time? Huh. Now I’m wondering what it could be. A sequel game? A remaster of the original trilogy? (only referring to ME at the moment as I haven’t started the DA series yet)


I honestly find it hard to believe that EA actually allowed Bioware to continue with Mass Effect. After all, as they were so disappointed with Andromeda (jeez, I wonder why, EA), they literally put it on hold. Now, much as I am glad Bioware may be able to continue working on ME, I’ll, for once, keep one eye on whether or not this is actually not gonna go downhill. As for DA, they been working on, steadily however, since the last DLC for DA:I, so not so much a surprise.


ME I guess is “just” the so many times postponed book. Maybe at least the Quarian Ark will get some conclusion.

DA4 is the worst kept secret of BioWare, I never had a doubt that it have a team working on it, even if small and maybe still in part in the writing stages.

I’m owever sure we’ll not get any official info about the actual games until Anthem is out of the way.


In the case of Andromeda, BioWare Montreal is mainly at fault. They spent most of the 5 years of development coming up with ideas that kept backfiring (e.g. the procedural generation approach akin to No Man’s Sky, opting to use Frostbite that had no animation system built-in so they needed to make one entirely from scratch) and the remaining 18 months is what they actually developed the game in.

As hard it is to believe, EA were offering BioWare Montreal an extension to Andromeda’s delay if they needed it, but Montreal rejected the offer. It was still a bad idea to hand one of the highest rated video game franchises of all-time to a sub-studio who handled ME3’s multiplayer and the Omega DLC. They couldn’t hand it to BioWare’s main studio in Edmonton because they were busy at work on Anthem right after they wrapped up work on ME3.

Not having the previous staff on it was a severe blow too, like Drew Karpyshyn (lead writer of KOTOR, ME1 and ME2 alongside Mac Walters). As much as I want Karpyshyn to return to the Mass Effect series, it’s basically wishful thinking at this point after he left BioWare for the second time and by the tone of his blog post. While I haven’t played Andromeda, I’ve seen numerous complaints about its writing.

About DA4’s development stage, based on an interview with Hudson last month, they are still figuring out what it’s going to look like. There’s even a rumour (linked below) that it may release in 2020 but since there’s hardly anything about the game yet, take it with a grain of salt:

I agree, official info about DA4 and the ME project coming out after Anthem is very reasonable.


I don’t get my hopes too much since I don’t know if my PC could handle it but I am wishing for the best though since by 2020, I will one of those waiting for DA4 at the pace I am doing. :joy:


Hahaha, same. :laughing:

I am really hoping I get through the DA series by then and have a PC that’s good enough to run it. DA4 is most likely going to use Frostbite so that’s even more of a reason. It might even be a next-gen (or cross-gen) title depending on how far away the release date is.

BioWare and the amazing soundtracks in their games. This alone wants me to get into DA:O as soon as possible (another wishful thought: bring back Inon Zur for DA4 and Jack Wall for the next ME game, please).


It’s really good! XD I am excited for you to play it soon!

There’s still PoE series and the Divinity Original Sin to try out so I would be probably busy :joy: Also, Fire Emblem 3H and Skyrim, I suppose. :joy:


…the main theme is a low blow, @Spectro889 …now I have to start again another game of DAO…


Aiming to start it sometime this year, but considering my snail pace when it comes to games, I am quite doubtful, haha.

I’d love to try Divinity: Original Sin. I know three friends who have it and really enjoy the game (then again, their PCs are miles better than mine). I haven’t heard much about Path of Exile but it’s a game that focuses on grinding, right? (EDIT: interpreted the abbreviation wrongly, sorry)

Do it for Todd Howard. I shall do the same in the near future.

Whoops. :eyes:

Listening to Mass Effect 1’s ending song now wants me to replay the game again too… crap.

If EA does remaster the original trilogy, I really hope they keep the music unchanged.


What I meant was Pillar of Eternity. XD I heard good things about it and there is some relationship mechanics for the second one. :joy:


Ohhh, my bad! I typed “PoE game” into Google and Path of Exile was the first result, so I assumed it was that one. :sweat_smile:

Pillars of Eternity, I see. The games are on PS4 but I may be better off with the PC version instead. It appears to be a traditional RPG (seeing several comparisons to Baldur’s Gate), though I’ve never played any traditional RPGs before, sadly. :worried:

Since you’ve finished DA:O, how was the difficulty? I’m not good at strategy so if DA:O is forgiving to players who aren’t experienced in strategy games, that would be super reassuring. If the worst comes to the worst, I’ll play it on the lowest difficulty setting and hope I can still get through it.