Well, you’re an unofficial reporter on Video Game News so…



Keeping up with video game and anime news has become a daily habit of mine, so I apologise if I’m posting too much. :sweat_smile:

Regarding the Spider-Man news, I’m really glad to hear it’s gone gold for Insomniac. I’ll definitely play it… but probably not at release. Possibly Christmas or sooner.

Now I wonder what their next project will be. I’m kinda hoping it’s a new Ratchet & Clank game.


This is an interesting commentary on Metal Gear Solid and the possibility of it being remade for the PS4 as so many hope, looking at the previous remake it received on the Gamecube The Twin Snakes and whether what that game lost in translation to the original means that a second remake needs to be cautious in how it goes about things…


That video is pointless tbh. Kojima doesnt want to make a MGS game anymore. And anygame not made by him will be trash. (MGS survive)


I am done with DA:Origins. Currently going through Awakening and deciding whether to subscribe to Origin basic access yearly or monthly.

I really want to get those DA 2 DLCs and planning to buy DA:Inquisition GOTY. >~<


Yeah. EA quite recently put out a DLC bundle for DA2 which is £21.99 over here in the UK (not sure how much it is for you). It does look costly.

I admit, this was a bit annoying for ME as well. I bought the trilogy and while it’s really nice to have the three games at such a good price, it doesn’t include all the DLC for ME2-3 so you’ll have to buy those afterwards. ME2’s DLC bundle is £21.99 and ME3’s DLC bundle is £24.99. Both of these and you’re essentially buying a full-priced game.

Luckily I bought the two DLC bundles on a discount during the Origin sale that happened around E3 2018. I don’t know when the next sale will be, though. Sales on Origin seem a lot less frequent than Steam. :neutral_face:


And the dlc it gives you varies by the platform you bought it on! (I think Xbox got the worst deal)


Oh wow, that sucks.

Did the console versions have many bugs? I encountered quite a few in ME2 and very recently in ME3 as well on PC.

ME2: Rearranging the powers in the hotkey menu, game crashes. Had Legion in my squad during the Overlord DLC and went to the final station, game crashed. It also crashed randomly during the virtual reality section in Overlord.

ME3: Was talking to Joker and EDI in the Normandy’s cockpit and after finishing the conversation, I was stuck and couldn’t move whatsoever. I had to use a save editor to adjust Shepard’s coordinates so he would be unstuck.


It’s been years since I played the original trilogy :worried:


Oh right, whoops.
I keep forgetting that this trilogy came out several years ago.

This is what happens when I arrive very late to the party. :sweat_smile:


“So… you guys like Frogger?”


“I recently got into ME1, an amazing game.”
“Spec, that came out nearly 11 years ago.”
“Oh… right. Well, I recently got The Witcher and I’m looking forward to getting into that soon.”
“That also came out nearly 11 years ago.”
“Well, err… I bought Deus Ex and that seems nice.”
“That came out 18 years ago.”


Just wanted to chirp in that Stardew Valley MP is out already. Not terribly excited with the multiplayer part, but the new contents that come with it are big enough. Well, still years away to reach the Valley’s end-game contents, though.

On the other hand, Hollow Knight’s 3rd expansion, Gods and Glory, coming August. And Gamescom 2018 is also around the corner (and with it, AC7 release date, hopefully).


Still have’t played Witcher. And I’ve only played the Adam Jenson games. Plus I’m poor so I’m missing out on a lot of modern games anyway :laughing: :sob:


Who ever says those games are old clearly forget they are still classics and as such, are hard to top. Forget if the sequels have better graphics or whatnot, there is a reason why some people prefer them over the sequels.


My defence is, as a PS and Xbox guy, how would I be able to play the Witcher as it was on PC. As for Deus Ex, only played Invisible War before human revolution and I found it to be good in my eyes, hence why I followed the series.


Agreed. As much as I want to get Spider-Man at launch, it’s up for £49.99. :sob:
I better stick with my current games and wait for a sale. Doesn’t really help that I bought both Guild Wars 2 expansions for £42.99 last week.


I have a list of games I need to get. But alas I’m a college student.


Same situation! The good thing is we get to enjoy them while the other fans wait for the new ones though at this rate, I might be joining soon. :joy:

The DA 2 DLC costs 29.90 USD. T-T I’m just glad that DA:Inquisition has a bundle.


I just realised I’m going to have to figure out when to (maybe?) We happy few on Friday. FML :confused:


$30 and that’s for story-only DLC? Or for everything?