That is a bit of an oversimplification.

Hello Games is using Steamworks for NMS’ multiplayer component like several other games do, so they were able to release the update to Steam users at launch. GOG can’t access this framework, meaning they have to redo the multiplayer parts that are platform-specific in order for it to run on GOG Galaxy, which they will be using as the back-end.

Steam’s API is very easy to use in the sense that it does a significant amount of work for you, whereas it can be assumed GOG doesn’t have this kind of tool, hence they’ll have to come up with another solution. It makes sense why Hello Games would choose Steamworks for the multiplayer component with its ease of use, on top of Steam being the most popular platform out of the two.

This post from a month ago goes into a good discussion about Steamworks vs GOG in the comments section.

You are right though, GOG are a class act and considering they are run by CDPR, that explains it. On the other hand, the refund is only available in the form of in-store funds. Several GOG players want to take their money back so they can use it to buy the Steam version instead, however they can’t this way. In an ideal scenario, Hello Games should give GOG players who own the game Steam keys, so they can play it there.

Delaying the update entirely so GOG users can get multiplayer at the same time would’ve pissed a bunch of people on other platforms off. Offering extended refunds for a delayed update, while a nice gesture, the game has been out for almost 2 years and the refund is locked to in-store credit, so they can’t get another version of the game that has the multiplayer component at launch with that money.

At the very least, Hello Games should’ve warned GOG users beforehand that they wouldn’t be able to get multiplayer until later in the year.


I picked up Pillars of Eternity yesterday but can’t play it till I get back looks good.


PoE was on my wishlist but I didn’t bought it during the Steam summer sale due to budget limit. Probably going to get it when Black Friday rolls around.


Banner saga 3 is out today! Can’t wait to see how it ends


Gog has a refund policy of 30 days. Hello Games could have easily offer the normal refund for people who purchased the game to play multiplayer this way without affecting people who purchased the game earlier. But they instead decided to do nothing at all and gog had to stepped in. No one is blaming them for delaying the multiplayer, everyone is pissed that they decided to ignore it. It seems Hello Games is woefully inexperience at PR. They should have just stick to Joe Danger.


Yes, but GOG’s refund policy is a lot stricter than Steam’s. The refund only works if the game in question doesn’t work properly. You have to contact their technical support team who will try to find a solution and if they are unable to, they’ll authorise the refund. You can’t just ask them to give you a refund right off the bat because you want to skip the attempted solution process or simply don’t like the game after playing it for a bit.

This strictness is justified, however. If GOG just issues refunds to people like how Steam does them (game is played for less than 2 hours and it’s less than 2 weeks since the purchase), the users still have the installer and can play the game through that, only this time, they are effectively playing it for free. This is why they only give out refunds to users whose games don’t function properly and no attempted solution has succeeded.

This extended refund policy is an exception given to all GOG users who own NMS. If they contact them by Sunday, they’ll get a refund in the form of in-store credit. Reiterating what I said before, it’s a very classy act and GOG deserves the praise they are getting.

I agree with you with the lack of PR, Hello Games really should’ve told GOG players a good while back that multiplayer won’t be available when the “NEXT” update launches and will instead arrive later this year.


Thank you! Forgot about its existence. I will purchase it as soon as I return from my holiday.
Again, you have my gratitude. The Banner Saga Series have been amazing and I can’t wait for the final.




Let’s see… ever play a rng game and get luck so good you feel like karma’s gonna smite you? That’s how I feel.

I still remember a video of the slap commercial but with all sonic character (Infinite being the focus) and they posted about how their boss fight was leaked.

Anyway funny story.


I was playing Mario kart with my friends. It was my second time playing. And I decided to mess with everyone. I started avoiding all, obstacles and ramps, refusing to use items, preaching safe driving. And I won most of the games like that. Until they switched to the highway map. I got stuck in traffic :laughing:


And PoE 2 is even better.(If you like making tough choices, for morally grey factions. Yknow, I think almost all of the factions are grey!)


Do I have to play PoE first before the second one?

For those interested though, PoE 1 and 2 are currently on sale over at humble bundle.


Finally got more progress done in ME3, completing Priority: Tuchanka and Priority: Citadel yesterday…

…witnessing the deaths of Mordin and Thane in the process. Goddammit. :sob:
The fact that they played Vigil from ME1’s soundtrack after Mordin was killed by the blast made the pain even worse.

The Aria: Eclipse mission is bugged for me, I don’t know how to get it completed. Told the second-in-command to take over, and I believe I saved it there and called it a day. Returning to it, the mission isn’t getting marked as complete. Oh well.


Well, you’d feel more comnected to some returning characters, and certain motivations wont be as impactful if you havent played the original.

Compound that with poe1’s a bit outdated looks and mechanics that can be hard to come back to after playing 2, I’d say give the first one a whirl if you have the time. Or at least read a summary.

If you dont care for the reasons above, id say 2 stands up fairly well on its own!


I have been playing Flipline Studios Papa Louie games for quite some time now.Its a game where you manage a restaurant for a specific type of food.

You should definitely check it out!


I have a small problem with the monk class in Pillars of eternity, first off is the fact that I always cheat so I can’t get wounds to use their powers (I can’t stop cheating so I guess goodby my favorite class).
But the second and real problem is the fact that they aren’t guys who trained so hard that they can do awsome things, they just love pain so much that they physically transcended their limits through pure masochism… yeah now I will never play monk

Anyone else feel weird about playing a Class when they have a weird or lame description?


Okay I never got passed the first bit really couldn’t get into it.

I paid, £20 game would offer trade in of £6 cex would offer £10.



Wow, that’s a massive difference. Though the PC being tested has an SSD while the PS4 is using its standard HDD. He did test the PC version with an HDD and provided the loading times in the description (quoting it below): it’s still a lot faster than PS4.

Title screen to hub on PC with SSD: 6 seconds
Title screen to hub on PC with HDD: 12.5 seconds
Title screen to hub on PS4 with HDD: 60 seconds
Title screen to hub on PS4 Pro with SSD: 18 seconds

Hub to Ancient Forest on PC with SSD: 7 seconds
Hub to Ancient Forest on PC with HDD: 15.5 seconds
Hub to Ancient Forest on PS4 with HDD: 61 seconds
Hub to Ancient Forest on PS4 Pro with SSD: 17 seconds

Ancient Forest to hub on PC with SSD: 2 seconds
Ancient Forest to hub on PC with HDD: 2 seconds
Ancient Forest to hub on PS4 with HDD : 35 seconds
Ancient Forest to hub on PS4 Pro with SSD: 8 seconds


Wait people were waiting for 60 SECONDS on PS4? That’s a long time to be waiting through loading time. That would irritate me so much. I cants stand loading time longer than 10, maybe 15 secs, with a few exceptions.


Yeah, I didn’t realise it was that bad either.

I haven’t played MH:W on PS4 but I do have FFXV, the loading times on that are horrendous. So much for “fast travel” if it takes 30+ seconds to travel between points, especially if you have a ton of side quests to do. The title screen to in-game is even worse, usually takes more than a minute to load.

I’ve thought about getting an SSD for my PS4 to replace its 1TB HDD, but seeing as I’m saving up for my first desktop build, I don’t really see much point in doing so. Plus 1TB SSDs are super expensive.


Yuki Hayashi for Insomniac’s Spider-Man. :eyes:


@Dark_Stalker @derekmetaltron (and whoever else looking forward to this game)

And there it is!