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So they are potentially planning a traditional console and a streaming device for the next generation. It’s still hard to believe this generation is nearly coming to a close.

Scarlett Cloud as one person called it, is the game streaming service that we have all been envisioning ever since Microsoft showed off a demo game streaming at its all-employee meeting back in 2013. But this time, Microsoft has a path to bring it to market.

The second ‘console’ that the company is working on is a lower-powered device that is currently planned to ship with the next generation device that is designed for game-streaming. But the catch here is that Microsoft thinks it has figured out how to handle the latency sensitive aspects of gaming.

The cloud console will have a limited amount of compute locally for specific tasks like controller input, image processing, and importantly, collision detection. The downside of this is that it since more hardware is needed locally, it will raise the price of the streaming box but it will still cost significantly less than what we are accustomed to paying for a new-generation console which should help expand the platform’s reach.

The portion of the game that runs locally, some have referred to it as a slice or splice, means that the game is ‘running’ in two locations at the same time and utilizes Microsoft’s cloud to stitch it all together.

One person familiar with Microsoft’s plans said that this may reduce latency in all aspects of the game as well. If a multiplayer game is using Azure as it’s central server, Scarlett Cloud console will be closer physically to the multiplayer server resulting in less latency.

When it comes to games, all Scarlett games will run on all Scarlett devices. Meaning, both consoles will be first-class citizens and there is not expected to be an awkward ‘this game only runs on the non-cloud Scarlett’.

Well, this is certainly interesting. Not sure how Microsoft are going to pull this off though since internet speeds are extremely variable, on top of those users who want to own their games outright. I guess that’s where the traditional console comes in as an alternative.


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You didn’t? That’s strange. Your character appears in my friend list. Hmm, yeah, you can try adding me this time and see what happens. My in-game name is Spectrore.

This is an excellent interview. Two important questions I’m going to quote:

Anthem’s shooting felt really good – I was really encouraged by that. But coming out of E3, there’s this sense amongst a particular segment of the BioWare community that this game isn’t for them; they want a more classic BioWare game with branching conversations, romance, etc. Did you all make the choice to move away from that consciously, or is that just how that project evolved over time?

I think one of the things about BioWare has been really good at it, which has allowed it to survive for more than two decades, is taking risks and trying new and different things.

Anthem has been doing things differently than the traditional model than anything you’ve seen from Dragon Age or Mass Effect back to the Baldur’s Gate part of being systems based. Anthem’s different from that, then again Neverwinter Nights was quite a bit different when it came out in 2002 and obviously Star Wars: The Old Republic was quite a bit different when it came out in 2011.

The fact that BioWare is doing something different with Anthem doesn’t mean that BioWare isn’t going to do games that skew more towards the traditional style that BioWare is known for. It’s just a chance to do something a little different. It was driven by BioWare itself, the team.

I know there’s a lot of the conspiracy theories that EA is the one behind it, but that’s never been the case. BioWare’s always had a lot of control over the kind of games it makes.

Speaking of conspiracy theories, one of the things that you see float around on the internet right now is that due to Andromeda underwhelming and EA’s reputation of having an itchy trigger finger when it comes to studio closures, BioWare will be shuttered if Anthem isn’t a hit. Is there any sense internally among the staff that this is the level of pressure on the studio at this point?

No. The more success that a studio has, the more freedom and resources that it has, so obviously BioWare wants to have success with Anthem because that will be good for the studio as a whole.

However, I think EA is looking for BioWare to be a long-term part of the company. I think EA really respects what BioWare brings to it.

BioWare is a lot different than all the other aspects of its business, so, even if Anthem doesn’t do as well – and I think it’s going to be great – but if it doesn’t do gangbusters I don’t think that’s the end of BioWare. I think it will simply be a chance for BioWare to learn some lessons and apply it to the next game that comes out.


I added you on guild wars. Weird how I couldn’t see you until I added you. but you’re able to cyberstalk me as long as you know my toon’s name.


Oh, that’s how it works. I see. :thinking:
Anyway, good to hear it’s on your friend list now.

My friend and I went ahead and bought the expansions yesterday. He got them slightly cheaper than me, £39-ish. For me, it was £42.99 but I got them direct from ArenaNet whereas he got it through an authorised reseller.

Having the expansions pre-level 80 is more beneficial to me than him since the restrictions I have for F2P accounts have been removed. I can go into Lion’s Arch and the World vs World mode without any level locks, send items through the mail, receive daily login rewards, chat/guild restrictions have been removed etc. His account is core because he bought the base game a long time ago so these restrictions didn’t apply to him.

Of course, we can’t play the Heart of Thorns and Path of Fire content until we reach level 80. We’ll get there eventually, I’m surprised how quick the levelling process is, compared to something like the WoW Starter Edition.


Re: Bioware being considered as a long-term part of EA and thus being safe from shuttering

Yeah… no. Visceral Games was founded in 1998 as EA Redwood Shores. They were an in-house developer for EA for almost twenty years, and many of the employees affected by the studio shuttering are long-time EA employees. They were shuttered after two particular games (Dead Space 3 and Battlefield Hardline) underperformed, and before their shuttering, had all their main franchises taken away from them and were being used as a second-string DICE.

Bioware isn’t safe.


That’s nice, I want to upgrade my account. But I will be buying Monster Hunter World when it comes out so i dont have the money to spend on GW2.


Nice! I’ve been looking into Monster Hunter World but from what I’ve played in the beta, I was terrible at mechanics and if I do get it, it’ll be my first Monster Hunter game. Hope you enjoy it. I’ve got enough games to deal with at the moment, haha.

I’m assuming you are getting it on PC. In that case, I was reading the PC gaming subreddit and came across this:

Unfortunately, MH:W sounds like it isn’t optimised well for PCs. Though I’m going to wait for Digital Foundry to put up a video when the PC port comes out, as I’ll trust them more than this.


Excited to play Spider-Man, though I would hope that they didn’t have to kill off Peter so Miles becomes Spider-Man as they did in the Ultimate comics. There’s enough room for team ups, double with the ladies if we have Black Cat and Silver Sable or maybe even MJ getting powers as Spinneret or something like the Renew Your Vows universe.


Spider-Man is one of those games I wouldn’t mind pre-ordering. It looks incredible so far.
But I really need to work through my backlog before getting even more games. If I continue buying new ones, I’m never going to finish. :laughing:


Also, I love the box art with its minimalistic approach.


I’m actually a big fan of MH, I’ve played the ps2 and PSP (yes I was one of the idiot that bought the PSP and thought it’ll be the king of on the go gaming. You may stop laughing now) games. Then I gave them the middle finger when their games became Nintendo exclusive. I like the series so I wanted to try it. Sucks that it isn’t well optimized, but i had a sneaking suspicion this will happen. Japanese aren’t very good at this whole potting thing yet. But they still have some times, I want to believe that it’ll play decently when it comes out.

Edit: after reading the reddit post. I’ve come to the conclusion that this person’s testing method is absolute dogshit. The game might be an unoptimized mess, but that person’s test isn’t a reliable metric.


Yeah, the fact that a lot of the games are only on Nintendo consoles deterred me as well, since I’ve never owned any of their consoles before. It’s great that they made a comeback for multi-platform. In fact, one developer (Iron Galaxy Studios) wants to port MH:W to the Switch, but I don’t know how they’re going to pull that off without significant downgrades.

Indeed, which is why I’m waiting for the Digital Foundry analysis video to come out for it to get more concrete evidence.

@resuri08 I know this is a random question but since you’re going through DA:O at the moment… how bad are the spiders in the game? I must admit, I really don’t like spiders. Not arachnophobic or anything, but I do tend to jump whenever I see one in-game and if I can avoid them, that’d be very nice.

I know there are mods available to remove them entirely but I just want to know how they are first to see if I could possibly make it through without using them. Are there any huge ones?


I’ll honest…there are lots of spiders on a specific area. :confounded: They just appear out of nowhere at times so I don’t know if you can handle it though. I don’t play DA:O zoom in though but they look quite big :joy:



Mods it is, then. Thank you! :slight_smile:

Sooo many games to get through, I’ll be lucky if I start DA:O this year. Me and my lack of focus on sticking to one game and finishing it doesn’t help one bit. Still got to get through ME3 but GW2 has caused me to stop playing it for a couple of days already.




Hello Games fucked up once again, the only difference is that this time someone else paid for it. So No Man Sky new multiplayer update was released everywhere…except for GOG. Hello Games refused to offer refund for people who purchased the game expecting to be ableto play multiplayer. GOG stepped in and offer everyone who bought NMS, no matter how when they bought it, a refund out of their own pocket.


Jesus was Hello Games birthed from the giant pit in the EA basement.


Oh no, no, not at all, you’re mistaken. It’s actually the smaller pit in the next room.


When mods are getting as good as the real games…

Bet Bethesda might be regretting that ‘No More New Vegas style games’ now… this sounds awesome and I honestly wish it was a real full game.

…also reminds me I should actually start playing Fallout 4 already… :sweat: