Not laughing, I’ve made usernames way worse than that before (and I’m not saying). :zipper_mouth_face:

Alright, I’ll add you when I get a chance to put on GW2.


Oh boi. How long 'til the sale ends?
Aah, I forgot to top up my wallet.



  • Insomniac Games leaned into how Miles Morales is portrayed in the comics. He is basically a Spider-Man fanboy. Partnership is a big theme in the game, and the scene with Miles Morales and Mary Jane kicks that off. Peter is entering a different stage in his life and over the course of the game, we’ll see that even a superhero needs help from time to time.
  • The answer to “can we play as Miles Morales?” simply was “you’ll find out on September 7th.”

The answer to “can we play as Miles Morales?” simply was “you’ll find out on September 7th.”




I’d think so since his movie’s coming up but…


Yeah, exactly.

Bryan Intihar seems like such an awesome guy, watching the interviews with him and all. The game appears to be in very good hands. Still, the thought of Insomniac developing a Spider-Man game… it really is a dream come true.


I think it end after today i think, at least thats what i see for the base game. The 55% off DLCs bundle doesnt have a ticking countdown so im not sure


They really are the best development to do it. With the way they designed sunset overdrive, they already got experience with versatility and mobility. Plus all the crazy shit they had in that and other games they have made. This really looks the ‘Arkham’ of Spider-Man games.


I would love to play Sunset Overdrive at some point but I don’t own an Xbox One. Considering Microsoft’s Play Anywhere approach for their titles though, there is a high likelihood that they will end up bringing the game to PC.

It does. And by the sounds of it, there will be more than one game. This game is already receiving enormous amounts of hype and I have no doubt this will become Insomniac’s best selling game to date. I won’t be surprised at all if Sony takes the Arkham route and turns Insomniac’s Spider-Man into a trilogy.


The DLC sales also go with the main game’s, haaagh.

Oh well. At least I can support the devs by paying the full price.


I’m still hoping for a bunch of references and costumes in the game too. Really hoping for a noir costume in particular.


They actually revealed a noir costume for it already:

As well as the Spider-Punk and Iron Spider suits:


Noir, my favorite sections of Shattered Dimensions :heart:


So guys, dumb question, what would be your reaction if I were to say I may consider buying about ten games over the course of 5 months, with the possible valuation of say…$1,184 in Australian dollars?


Looking it up that is about 1,154 dollars in Canadian. Divided by ten games that is $115 a piece.

I don’t give a shit what the game is. There is no game or franchise that I would pay that much for unless the disc was indestructible and granted eternal life to my pc or console as well once installed

Besides, with modern gaming. That still just gets you the base game and they will make you pay half the cost of the game for “DLC” features, which are actually prebuilt features in the game until you give them more money…


Which is why most of this games I’m buying kinda come with the season passes,except for at least 3 games . Why, cause I’m dumb :man_shrugging:t5:


I mean do you think they’ll last for you? Will you enjoy them?


Well, uni life plus it will actually be something new, despite the good old ‘same shit’, probably I’ll enjoy it and last, I suppose. Besides, I really need to start playing new stuff and not replay games from 3-4 years ago.


Oh that’s a common feeling with me.

But yeah over 5 months. If your budget can handle it, sounds reasonable.


Well, been in uni for 3 yrs, I can safely say that I’m good with budget indie games and f2p mobile (clash royale, vainglory, VNs, shits that come and go, etc.) which shouldn’t take more than 200$ since my first uni class.


Unfortunately, I’m not and I’m also both impulsive and dumb. Case in point, I bought a PS4 pro (which came with God of War) and Horizon Zero Dawn: complete edition in UK. If the cost was not the the reason why that was done, I’ll like to point out I had PS4 back home as well HZD. Admittedly, I’ll have them sold, but honestly I could have brought up the same things here in Australia or do the same thing here. But I did this, cause I’m that dumb.