NieR and NieR:Automata are getting orchestral arrangement albums that release on the 12th September:

Cover arts (illustrated by NieR:Automata lead concept artist Kazuyuki Koda):

And there will be a special box edition containing 3 discs: the NieR orchestral arrangement CD, the NieR:Automata orchestral arrangement CD and a bonus disc with additional arrangements:

Very excited for this.



I’m waiting for SKIRT OF SPARTAH!!!

ahem…I mean , assassin creed Odyssey ! :stuck_out_tongue:

are we there yet ? :kissing_closed_eyes:

And while…I never liked the witcher Serie . (Played the 3rd cose of friend , and once is enough . Don’t think I can get trough Geralda a second time ) . I’m keeping my eyes on Cyberpunk…since you can play a female . But will see if there is more there or not .


As long as I can visit the island of Lesbos I’m good.


pfff thats Mah line! I go first! :rofl:


Any news on Miles Morales for the game?


There was a new article posted 2 days ago about that, actually.

For those that are fans of Miles Morales, you’ll be happy to know that Insomniac Games paid very close attention to how his character was perceived in the comics. They didn’t want to take away from the fact that he was always known for being an excitable Spider-Man fanboy and they wanted to keep true to that theme in this title as well.

What makes this exciting, however, is that during the livestream, which can be seen here, the team mentioned that Miles came into Peter’s life at a critical moment. A moment where Spider-Man himself is learning who he is and who he wants to be. Pair that with our own interview we had with the game’s Lead Writer about other characters donning that iconic Spidey suit, and it seems like the perfect narrative set up for the ultimate fanboy to transcend and become his own hero.


Today, marks the fourth month of this Warhammer campaign. Making it officially the longest game that I’ve ever played, ever.

We’ve finally touched down on the planet, still have three major objectives to accomplish before pickup, which I project we will get done in 2021. The emperor mocks the advancement of the black crusade.

I feel like I could have made the campaign a whole lot faster if I just had my Heretek disable the ship systems and kill everybody. You can’t really lose, if someone else can’t win.


I got excited when I saw Warhammer. But it turns out to be 40k. I prefer the Fantasy Battle over 40k.


I prefer fantasy over Sci-fi, but I would say 40k handled the mutations a lot better. Took a lot of the random chance out of it(Still a pretty good margin, especially without pledging service to a prince.)

Of course, I’m playing Black Crusade so you want to get corruption. This is the first 40k game I played, so I’m really more of following other people’s lead and most of understanding of the game comes from wikis and player threads.


I do think 40k has a better system. But I like fantasy setting better. The biggest hurdle preventing me from 40k is the lack of Skaven. I want to skitter-leap through space and murder-kill the man-things


Been playing Guild Wars 2 recently, starting a couple of days ago on a free account and reached level 17 on my warrior. It’s very enjoyable so far, especially since I’m playing with one of my friends. Even while playing on low settings due to it running on my laptop, the game is stunning and the music is wonderful.

Since my friend bought the base game several years ago, he has a core account so there are less restrictions in place for him. Gets access to all chats, no level restrictions for areas, daily login rewards, guild bank/enhancements access and more bag/character slots. His main is a level 67 ranger, though he hasn’t played the game in years. He jumped back into it because of me.

It’s pretty tempting to get both the Heart of Thorns and Path of Fire expansions now (ArenaNet has a bundle with both expansions for £42.99), so I can get rid of these restrictions and hopefully level my character faster. Though reading on forums, it would be best if I wait until I reach level 80 on my character since the max level is required to access the expansions’ content (e.g. unlock gliders, mounts).

It may take a while to get to level 80. Heck, my friend with the core account started a new character yesterday and he’s already surpassed me in levels; I started mine’s a couple of days ago, technically getting a headstart. One of the daily rewards he received increased his character’s level by 2 - that’s why I’m starting to looking at the expansions now as it seems to quicken levelling.

All in all, it’s going great so far. I am finding it significantly more fun than the starter edition for WoW. Despite that game running better on my laptop, levelling is a complete slog.


I never could glean any sliver of satisfaction out of mmos. Which is a damn shame looking at the long list fo avaliable ones. (Ff14 looks fantastic itself)

Its mostly due to lack of proper writing and immersion. Compound that with repetitive quests and you often tire of playing even with friends. (Schedule is important for games like these, you cant just pickup and drop out.)

On another note, rip to fallout 76 or whatever. No human npcs? Wth? I am so curious with how it’ll work.


I would love to try FFXIV at some point but I have to wait until I get my PC build sorted before I can. Already tried the benchmark on my laptop, it’s horrendous.

Yeah, that’s true. Regarding the schedule part, it’s one reason why I picked GW2 actually. The majority of people say it’s one of the best MMORPGs for casual players. You could play a couple of hours a week; there isn’t any gear treadmill and the max level stays the same even with the expansions, so you could leave for a while and come back to a character that’s still viable in the newer content.

The game seems very heavy on exploration and it’s honestly very relaxing to play. It’s definitely the most casual-friendly MMORPG I’ve played to date. The community is really nice too, nearly died twice while fighting tough enemies and two high-levelled players were roaming around, coming to assist me. There are also players frequently offering help to new players in the chat if they would like it.


It definitely was a good experience for me when I tried it. Werent many toxic players and i even had a high level guy help me slog through the boring intro phase haha.
Correct me if im wrong (i only player vanilla gw2) but once you buy the other packs there arent any monthly fees? Ive always hated that. Its a bit manipulative and pressuring.

Ff14 is huge. I only tried it for a month but it was a bit overwhelming at first. Gah! If only my degree didnt require so much studying. TT


i’d be surprised if he isn’t. I’m expecting they’ll give him a cameo in-game, although players to wear his suit and possibly even release a DLC with him as the main character.


That is correct. You probably know about the restrictions already, but I’ll put the link here anyway:

It’s still a huge amount of content for free, you can go from level 1 all the way up to the max level (level 80). Whereas with the WoW Starter Edition, you can only go up to level 20. FFXIV is up to level 35 for their free trial.

There are no monthly fees. What you said is an interesting viewpoint though. To me, it’s a lot more appealing than other MMORPGs that require a subscription fee. The subscription-based model feels like I’m being forced to play the game as much as possible in order to get my money’s worth out of it. On the other hand with GW2, I’m not compelled to play it often if I don’t want to, I can just drop out and drop back in without worrying.

It does look really good in the videos I’ve seen on YouTube. I’ll hopefully start university in September 2019, so my free time will most likely reduce by a lot as a result. It’s going to be one hell of a transition for me in terms of studying, going to degree-level.


Well, depending on the uni and the major you pick, you might still get a plenty of free time.

But then, I only play rogue-like Indie games, tho.
And watching LPs to satisfy the “craving of AAA experience.”


@BoisterousBumblebee wrong reply, I swear to Gods I didn’t click on you. No idea why its replying to you.

@Spectro889 Lol what a coincidence I also just started playing guild wars 2 too. I’m only lvl 11 or 12 tho, and I’m already super confused. I’m playing a necromancer and I already have to juggle about 20 skills. But I’m having fun so far and also debating buying expansion. I’d ask for your in game name, but I’m pretty sure you play on EU.

@Szaal I like indie rogue-like as well. I just got back into Enter the Gungeon with the new update. It still kicks my butt. I just cant do bullet hell games, my hand eye coordination is just not good enough and I panic whenever theres more than 5 projectiles on the screen. The soundtrack is great tho, especially the title menu track.


Computer science, hopefully. And yeah, possibly.
Ah, I see. Don’t think I’ve played any rogue-like games before. :thinking:

Haha, indeed. My friend’s new character is also a necromancer and he likes it so far.

Yeah, I’m on the EU server. However, this server difference only matters for the World vs World mode; they don’t apply to PvE as GW2 utilises a megaserver for that. My in-game name is Spectrore (tried Spectro but it was already taken, oddly enough). What’s yours?

I’ll try to get onto GW2 tonight, even if it’s for an hour or so and add you there.


Dogmaotic…You can stop laughing now, I made this acc long ago…as the account name. My toon’s name is Mercurial Kell.