I did that to every faction in New Vegas. I was also loved by nearly every faction in New Vegas (minus Powder Gangers) Heck NV gives you a reset button too, no matter what you did before, like launch a nuke. The stealth skill is a lot of fun. That sounds like any other Bethesda game.

Ok I’ll concede to the flirty dialogue I had forgotten about.

You can date your companions remember. Regardless of sex. It was even known before the game released.

You can become a raid leader and Preston will abandon you. You can join the institute and get disappointed talks from most of your companions and lose two. Same with the Brotherhood.


All that you are commenting wasnt at launch it was further added by Nuka cola and patches. Bethesda did a romance so bad that they don’t know your gender or if you are banging rest of universe. The pre war info absolutely all assume you are heterosexual including your own diaries.

If you meta game New Vegas that is your choice. I role playing and almost can’t go anywhere if I go with legion . Etc … If you cheat the system that’s in you not in the game. In fallout 4 is not even a cheat , there is no way to role play.

I like the game as it is a good adventure game with exploring. But it has same role play as a potato.


No? Only the raiding thing was added. Unless your talking about NV, the nuke launching was Dlc :blush:

Did you expect much out of it in the first place? I mean look at NV where it was just sex with Benny, Sarah, Red Lucy and Gommorah workers. (And Cass looking to sleep with you in one ending if you were a guy) And the two of those where it was’t seduction or paid for did’t acknowledge each other. Plus I think Benny was the only guy.

:expressionless: You were just complaining about a lack of consequence present in every game. And then excuse it off. And again they give you a reset button for two main factions, no matter what you did before.


Nuka added the raids and Fuck Preston. Nuka was added admitted by Bethesda to allow role-playing as evil. They sort of admitted that they don’t add enough choices (as I said I love that on Bethesda they listen fans and try to add stuff)
Romance was broken during months You could go Institute and have Deacon and Our tin man in your team. That’s why I said it was added with patches.

Lol NV is not even in my top 3 of fallout games it has most boring map ever it is empty. And sorry NV has no romance at all. It is not even a relationship or anything and companions dialogue is bad fallout is far better. Still not Bioware yet.

Nv has a bad karma system but at least have one. 4 has none. I role-playing evil with is not a possibility when everyone treat me like I am the new Pope


I literally just said that.

They don’t go with you and they think you’re a spy for their side anyway.

Again. Evil character. Loved by factions. You’re karma did not matter to how people treated you. Plus you basically couldn’t go to where the fiends were if you wanted to be evil. And 3 had a stupid ending that treated you as evil for doing something that should be common sense. Karma systems are usually either stupid or useless in RPGs.


They aren’t useless because make people react to you and add immersion. If nobody reacts being evil is not fun and not useless. NV has totally sense for the setting You could be an ass but if you save his faction they like you even if are scared. It is faulty as can be meta gaming and break easily. But that’s a player choice I don’t do that and i can role play it.
In fallout 4 there is no matter, game gives a shit of your previous actions except at the end pick a stupid faction that doesn’t mean anything. Far harbor added more choices tht vanilla. (again a great addition based upon feedback)


You should’t need a bar saying if you are good or evil for people to react to your actions :expressionless: And even then it’s not like people can tell you’re evil just by looking at you.


Imma just gonna squeeze in between all these bioware and Bethesda discussions to say how much I love Darkest Dungeons. I’ve come back to this game every time there’s a new update. Not only that but every single time there’s some new awesome mods to try out. Right now in playing the new Color of Madness DLC with some new classes mods. Oh and the narrator is still as orgasmic as ever:


Bars ? I am a role player!!! lol I want if I know for killing and eating people people fear me say me go away and even refuse to sell me or attempt attack me on site. Not treat me like I am the baker.


Holy crap, I thought I was the only one obsessed with Darkest Dungeon.

The music, the narrator, the beautiful art style, the atmosphere drenched in terror and insanity, the balls to the walls hard gameplay that pounds you to the ground until you learn to adapt to it; it all meshes together into one glorious experience, with the exception of the usual raging (still salty about losing my Legend Vestal to the Hag Witch).

Thing is, though, I haven’t really been able to try it. Can’t even attempt Crimsom Court. I have the DLC’s, it’s just that they’re so mind numbimgly hard to get into. Specifically Crimson Court, those damn bloodsuckers give no mercy.

Not big surprise. The guy could give Morgan Freeman a run for his money.


Yeah I’m not a big fan of crimson court either. The crimson curse is like a needy child that constantly demands my attention. At least they increased The Blood drops. I like the Color of Madness though, it’s sort of out of the way so it doesnt really interfere with the usual darkest dungeoneering. Haven’t been able to try out the musketeer, she just doesnt appear for me. The Shieldbreaker is pretty fun though.


Who says they have to be mutually exclusive?


Got back into Spore again. I’m not the best at making creatures that are original or cool, but I did make this.

Behold the most timid and gentle of creatures in the Spore universe, the Ravongs.

Naturally, I intend on making them scientists.


It depends. From a roleplaying perspective, I always stuck to the same outfit (preferably NCR service armor until I found upgraded versions of it). That, added to my weapons of choice, would make me stand out, I’d say. Besides, anyone could sense my desire to help them like a superhero regardless of the task at hand.

I knew the statement was for evil characters, but still.


I’d argue that was just them sensing you’re the protagonist who they know will probably accept their fetch quest.

Nameless mook armor isn’t the sign of a hero :laughing:

I usually went reinforced leather armor. Or chinese stealth suit. My playthroughs usually started with a beeline to hoover dam.


Looks fantastic. Insomniac are going to deliver once again.

Also, a PS4 Pro limited edition bundle has been announced:


Not gonna lie, both the game and that PS4 Pro are looking amazing.

I’ve just gotten back into the game myself (I last played around when Crimson Court was released), and once again the game does not fail to impress.

Motherfucking bloodsuckers…


Even the soundtrack is getting a vinyl edition.

This whole game is oozing with aesthetic.


In an interview with The Guardian, Murray says he regrets a lot of what he said in the lead up to the game’s launch.

“The internet is really good at knowing when somebody has made a mistake. It’s not necessarily the best at determining the most appropriate response, but it’s really good at knowing when somebody has messed something up. We definitely messed up a whole bunch of communication. I’ve never liked talking to the press. I didn’t enjoy it when I had to do it, and when I did it, I was naive and overly excited about my game. There are a lot of things around launch that I regret, or that I would do differently.”

He also talks about how bad the backlash became following release. Along with death threats, the studio was receiving threats of bombs being sent to its offices, and all sorts of horrific harassment. In fact, Hello Games was constantly in contact with Scotland Yard and the Metropolitan Police.

Murray says “it was as bad as things can get… There’s a smorgasbord of things that the angry mob can do. It is a crowdsourced thing of how bad you can make someone’s life.”

He continues: “I remember getting a death threat about the fact that there were butterflies in our original trailer, and you could see them as you walked past them, but there weren’t any butterflies in the launch game. I remember thinking to myself: ‘Maybe when you’re sending a death threat about butterflies in a game, you might be the bad guy.’”

Death threats over butterflies? Seriously?
This is one of the biggest reasons why parts of the gaming community are a joke.


Well, if you’re not giving me cute butterfly content then I’ll sure give you a cute bombing because logic.