Nathan Drake: I-I don’t feel so good, Mr. Sully…


From two months ago.
This is the closest image to Drake I’ve seen with Fillion.


PSA: “Warhammer: Vermintide 2” is on sale for 18 bucks this week. This is the lowest price since the game came out. If you enjoyed L4D and L4D2, and wanted a L4D3. One, there wont be a L4D3 ever so give up. Two, Vermintide games are the closest to L4D spiritual successor that you will ever get and they’re great.


But who to play sully? Maybe Gary Oldman or JK Simons.


So Bioware has lost another Veteran developer in James Olsen. He apparently wanted to work on a smaller more personal project which is d&d related.


Yeah. He worked at BioWare for 22 years, which is really impressive:

A lead designer on KOTOR, Neverwinter Nights, Baldur’s Gate and DA:O, as well as the director of SWTOR. He also worked on Anthem for a bit.
An excellent resume indeed. Wish him the best of luck in his future endeavours (I am planning on playing DA:O after I finish the Mass Effect original trilogy and get the KOTOR games).

Steven Gilmour, David Gaider, Drew Karpyshyn (x2), Mike Laidlaw and now Ohlen. Damn, all the veteran staff are leaving one by one.

If I recall correctly, Preston Watamaniuk (ME OT lead designer) and Derek Watts (ME OT art director) are still there, working on Anthem too.

On the subject of Mass Effect, I finished the Overlord DLC in ME2 for the second time on my renegade save and it’s still as depressing as the first time. At least I can cheer myself up with its fantastic battle theme:


The rumor was that Bryan Craston was up for the role of Scully, I could imagine that one. I like the idea it would be set in the continuity of the games, just set prior to the first one (in that twenty year window where Drake and Scully were being awesome).

Also Metal Gear Solid being adapted into a movie is still a thing, which is great.

EDIT: This is still the best fan trailer I think for the concept.


At least David lives on the paragon save.

Plus I think you get more war assets for him being alive anyway.


Well it was bound to happen eventually I guess. We finally found something we agree on! :joy:


You and I agree on something?? lol That’s a real sign of the apocalypse. XD Seriously, that’s a new one. We will end being friends you and I lol :wink:


I actually chose the paragon option on my renegade save (well, really I should call it a renegon save). I couldn’t handle leaving David in that room.

Likewise in Samara’s loyalty mission, I went with the paragon option. Though there are some where I went with the renegade option for both saves, like in Garrus’ loyalty mission.

Was looking at r/Games and came across this:

This is a real shame, I loved Jinnouchi’s work in Halo 5 and he did a really good job in Halo 4 as well. But now that he’s become a freelancer, he has more opportunities available and there’s the possibility of him still working on the series even after departing from 343.


There’s no benefit to Morinth, plus the choice is stupid in the first place. And on top of that it leads to an alternate ending at most and a new enemy in 3 at least.

I left him there the first few times and nowadays I just save him.


Yeah. I didn’t really like Morinth during the loyalty mission anyway, even on my second save, so I stuck with Samara.

Ah right. Renegade Shepard is an ass, but leaving David there is straight-up evil, so that’s why I like to do a mixture of renegade and paragon options. I honestly couldn’t stomach a full renegade playthrough.


Huh? Let’s count. Punch a reporter, twice, and the a headbut. Genocide Rachni. Keep Krogan sterilized and possibly kill Mordin while at it. Needlessly kill Samara. You get to keep Zaede. Take over the reapers and be a robot overlord as a clone AI. Kill legion. Kill countless Batarians.


Let’s be real, punching that reporter is actually pretty dam satisfying.


Then not bothering to do every loyalty mission, not picking the right teammates and…

The thumbnail for this video is perfect.


That’s a stupid Shepard playthrough not a regenade. Though the two may overlap.


True that.
Good thing I didn’t get it, losing Garrus and Tali would be… yeah, just glad that didn’t happen.

The Sentinel class made the final boss in Overlord so easy. Just used Overload on the VI control nodes and then Reave on the central control node, took it down within a couple of minutes. Then again, this is still on normal difficulty since I don’t want to go onto the higher ones at the moment.
It’s definitely my favourite class in ME2 now.


I still say vanguard is the only way to play.

Having tech classes in games where they’re a lot of robot enemies always leads to inbalance. Me1 especially, and Nier automata are prime examples, 9s broke the game.

ahh I missed 4200 :sob:


Each to their own. I really liked vanguard since that’s the class on my main save.
I switched to sentinel on my second save to change things up a bit and I actually ended up enjoying it a lot more. Will be using that class again in ME3, assuming it’s still there.

Though looking around, the consensus seems to be that vanguard is the best class. That’s understandable.