A few hours ago I talked about My Bethesda collection, Well Bioware was similar for me. As I only play rpgs and graphic adventures or and interactive fiction, I tend to have the games of few serious companies that makes them. Bioware was full down since Ea bought them. Casey was a minor mind in the creation of Mass Effect with the end of second and Drew and more of real creations being fired. Casey just become a tyrant. He admitted that he changed few months before going gold the entire end the game Alone with the infamous note Expeculation everywhere He alone has destroyed the entire franchise due there is no turning back from the ending even with the confusing extended cut. And he is too proud to use the fan made speculations. So we have a non sense copycat of one Asimov foundation saga and similar Deus ex ending… Right. After his return he is even more proud of himself so I hardly doubt a good game could came with him as boss.


Nope, a interview five days prior to launch. He had the entire ending planned before. The leak was just a justification for him to change the entire franchise since Drew left. It is simply he wanted to be known as the big screen guy and that ambitious nature take the better of him. It reminds me of Molineux lol.


Ah I must have misremembered. Thanks.


I don’t think Hudson and molineux is similar at all. Hudson think gamers are a buncha idiots and lied to our face about the game. Whereas Molineux just had no idea what he’s talking about. The man always overpromise and then just couldn’t follow up with it, then he’d lose interest midway and move on to something else. Molineux doesn’t know what he’s saying won’t come true, he truly believe he can deliver on his promises. Molineux wont screw up the game, he just shouldnt be giving interviews. His games are fine as long as you don’t hear a word from him.

Edit: some one was talking about Code Vein. Sorry to say its been delayed to 2019. Reason cited because of overwhelmingly positive support (?). Ooooohkay Bandai Namco that totally make a lot of sense.


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You know, I just want to say that I liked Mass Effect 3. Yes, the ending was bad, but I mean…despite the ending I found it actually pretty good.

It just feels really unfair that despite all the vast improvements in it there’s people whose basic reasoning for not liking it is just “The ending was bad so everything about it was bad. 1/10.”


I agree with you. The game is really good, and it brings to a close Shepard’s and their companions’ journey.

Sure, the ending was disappointing as fuck, but the journey to get there was great.


it does make sense, they delayed the release because of the feedback they received, so they are polishing and adjusting some stuff


To me it sounds more like: “shite we cant finish our game before the deadline and we cant find a good excuse to delay it. People like our game right? Let’s just say we delay it cause people like our game.”

I agree it makes sense to delay a game cause you cant finish it in time. Let’s face it none of the studios are actually polishing or improving anything when they delay the game. The game just couldn’t be done in time. I’m fine with that, take all the time you need to finish the game. Just don’t treat gamers like a bunch of idiots that cant tell the real reason why the game is being delayed.


I loved Mass Effect 3 it is a great game however that made rhe whole ending more harmful for me… I still heart broken just remembering the feelings I had after the ending to the point for me the last battle never happened and game ended in The citadel dlc. Mental head canon activated


It was set for release in a month with extremely fierce competition: Insomniac’s Spider-Man, Spyro Reignited Trilogy, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Life is Strange 2: Episode 1, Dragon Quest XI western release, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 DLC, Valkyria Chronicles 4 western release etc.

Delaying it further to a month with less competition would be better for them. But of course it pisses off consumers who were looking forward to its release in September.

Talking about Mass Effect, I’ve finished the story on my ME2 renegade save and will go through Overlord, Lair of the Shadow Broker and Arrival once more. After that, I will finally head onto ME3 (with all the DLC installed). All the negative reception about its ending has me worried; I’ll be installing the Extended Cut DLC but I’m not sure how much of a positive difference that makes, since the negative reception is still ongoing. Oh well, I’ll just have to see for myself when I get to that part.


My personal recommendation to understand why ME3 affected fans back then , is playing the game first totally vanilla without dlc and extended cut. Then installed all afterwards. Why people that didn’t play the game when it came out normally don’t understand, It’s they are playing a totally different game due lot of adding with patches. So to understand the reactions of gamers you should check with the game they played. Not the desperate try of Bioware of retcon it.

Even though the directors cut doesn’t work for make the entire end decent.


Ah right. Could I play the extended cut ending anyway and just watch the original ending on YouTube? Looking around on the Mass Effect subreddit for example, they say to just go straight to the extended cut because you don’t want to experience the original. :thinking:


Depend if you want feeling in your soul why Mass effect was killed by Casey and how terrible writer he is . And How his ending has no sense.

If you played the improved version you will have a intellectual understanding of what was wrong with the old one but you won’t experience the same emotional kick that we lived back then… With people thinking that they game was broken and trying to replay it to fix it.


Honestly, I’m torn. The original bad ending is almost impressive in how bad it is. Some people defended it immediately, but it isn’t just that it’s brutal and hopeless- it didn’t make any sense. I was a bit slower in finishing than some, so I already knew it was going to be bad but it was jaw droppingly so and raised tons of confusing questions. On top of all that, the extended cut seems almost hilariously passive-aggressive about how crystal clear it is. Playing it in that order definitely made me just a little bit permanently bitter towards bioware. I still like them, but they acted like we were being ridiculous.

So yeah, it some ways it would have been nice to have missed out on that. But in your case, you’d only have to live with it for long enough to download the EC so it might be worth experiencing the original once. Then again, that means you’d have to replay the ending twice.

Personally, I just skip it entirely now.


Same here. I finished the game later than my friends, and even if they said me it was bad, I just told myself “oh, it won’t be so bad! Big expectation, and all, are just melodramatic!”.

I doubt I will ever forget the sense of emptiness and betrayal I got the first time I finished the game. It was so bad that after I saw once the extended cut, I never again done the final mission at all in any of my later run.

The extended cut polish the endings, but those are still orrible to me anyway, and I refuse to acnowledge them as canon.


@poison_mara @Punchysporkk @Willow_Felya_G

Thank you for your responses.

Yeah, this is quite a difficult choice. I think I’ll go with the extended cut and watch the original endings on YouTube to see the difference. Hopefully it improves my experience but at this point, I know I should set my expectations for the ending low based on all this reception.

Regarding the Citadel DLC, I’ve seen many comments saying that it’s the best DLC in the series (I loved Lair of the Shadow Broker in ME2, so if this is even better, oh boy), one of the best DLCs ever made and some even saying that they class that as the ending. Do I play that after I finish the game? I’m hoping ME3 is like ME2 where you can continue missions after you’ve finished the main story.


Nope, the game ends with the main quest line.


Damn, so it’s like ME1. That is unfortunate.
I guess I’ll have to look for a DLC order guide so I play them at the right times.

Thanks for clarifying that.


Citadel dlc Is a fan service magnificent job. It is like Bioware writers say Sorry for that Casey ending… Forgot about that and imagine that the ME3 ended with this dlc. Really the end of that dlc is just screaming Head canon end.

Many people just playing the dlc and say yeah, i will end game here … And everything has sense.