Honestly, I love classless rpg’s being locked into a role bothers me a lot.

Still waiting for Code Vein and God Eater 3, Bando Namcai has my love in general.

Like almost all JRPG’s.

Speaking of which there’s new FFXV Dlc, that’s supposed to give a super sappy happy ending.

Gotta say, one of my favorite skyrim mods is colorful magic.


Skyrim can handle 200 mods if the computer is powerful enough and/or the mods aren’t ridiculously draining.


Code vein has been on my hype list since 2017. Vampire waifus galore!
Too bad most ppl see it as anime dark souls haha


My PC wasn’t really that great at the time (at best I think it would have been medium range)


I mean, don’t turn Skyrim into Dark Souls with mods and your game will be pretty fine.


Let’s see, I’ve played through all the Soulsborne series and then God Eater Resurrection and Rage Burst and loved their characters.

And on top of that Code Vein is like Dark Souls but made by the God Eater devs. Must buy for me.

Though I hope they’res ng+, that makes any game better for me.

On another note, I’m a little giddy that I got lucky in a gacha game. They’re doing a FFXV colab and I got Noctis as a f2p.


Oh that happened almost 6 years ago :smile: and after I upgraded my PC I’ve been modding skyrim to my heart’s without it crashing :grin:


Is that so?
Im just afraid many people will come in expecting a dark souls level kind of combat and leave disappointed when the game isnt even trying to take up the mantle.

That is to be seen however as im not sure how it actually plays yet.


Oh, I love kingdom come deliverance … My Henry is super machiavellian… scheming to ensure he will have a title at the end . Henry is a blank page Gerald has decades of development and a set personality. It is a problem I have with set characters I just don’t feel in control at all. It feels all choices are not choices as it is nothing a character of mine will choose. So I feel that is an adventure game at least, in storytelling


I didn’t like KCD that much either.

This is cool though.


They’re definitely playing off of it being billed as difficult at the very least (but not rage inducing difficult). Plus their bosses look fun. The combat and controls for melee seemed a lot like Dark Souls but I haven’t seen much of the magic the game, mostly buffs and a blood fireball spell.


The one thing i know for sure that it’s better at is cac!

Uh well, unless youre talking about making unique abhorrent amalgamations of a man then Dark souls got ya covered!



God Eater you couldn’t make a unattractive character so… I don’t think I’ll spend a while on character creation and then be unhappy with the end result.

All of my Dark Souls character I ended up on making look inhuman the most normal one looked like he came out of the grudge.


Well…you are playing as a literal corpse with most of their skin rotted and burnt off.


Sorry, that was my demon souls guy. Which fit the grudge look much more.

Oh wait my most normal looking was my bloodborne guy. He was just emo :blush:

The dark souls characters went pale guy who’s face I didn’t want to see, a guy who’s skin color was so white he was blue and the finally emo guy who looked slightly purple purple. I think my DS1 character looked better dead TBH.


Oh wow, that’s dedication right there. And ignore those people on the forums calling you a non-fan, they have no idea what they’re on about.

Now I’m a day late with this, but:

Good, Casey is taking the ME OT remaster requests into account. Though if it does happen, I’m not sure if BioWare will be the ones doing it because they are busy with Anthem and DA4 after that.

Maybe they could get someone like Bluepoint to handle it. Their remasters are excellent.


Casey Hudson before launch of mass effect 3 “Mass effect 3 endibh ng -ngs won’t be A B c. It would be vastly different to each one in based upon your choices during the saga” Anything Casey says should be taken with a graint of salt.


Yep. I still remember that about ME3. Plus that the Rachni choice would impact a lot the story :roll_eyes:



I’m so glad I’m not the only one who still remembers the lies Casey Hudson told before ME 3. I swear it’s all I think about whenever I see his smug face.

It just kills me that they brought him back to sell Anthem. As if he has some shred of credibility with BioWare fans.


Iirc didn’t that statement occur prior to the leak which lead to the ending rewrite?