Don’t trust it unless you see 2 0s and a single 1. Not in that order of course.


It depends entirely on what type of mods you want install. Skyrim is seven years old, so even my old laptop computer can handle it modded. Except for the ultra realistic 4k textures mods but for quest mods and that is no problem. But all games you have said are awesome too


Has anyone been playing the backer builds of Phoenix Point. It’s a lot of fun. The second build added a new class and a vehicle.


Todd have to add me to his hit list as well. Currently waiting for another sale to get Skyrim but I have Life is Strange, DA:O and Divinity Original Sin to go through as well so I might not be able to get Skyrim unless I could get it real cheap. Also when FE:3H comes out, I would be probably busy with that then. :joy:


Looking at some videos with my laptop’s iGPU (Intel HD 620), it can run Skyrim at 30+ FPS if it’s on relatively low settings. Or I can just get the Special Edition on PS4 but miss out on many mods, which isn’t really ideal. It’s great to hear that it can run on old laptops though, thanks for telling me that!

I guess I’m too late. Nice knowing you, resuri.


muh Skylame…is lame lol…I recommand Oblivion though . It’s just better…


Todd is So HANDSOME :heart_eyes_cat: He is one of my idols since kid . I have Skyrim
1Original in 360 with all dlcs at launch
2Pc original at launch
3Steam pc special
4 Steam pc legendary
5Special edition on ps4
Sadly I have no Alexa or switch.

To that I should add I have

Original launch TES I, II , III, IV
Steam versions of them.

Also I have no idea where lost in time a Elder scrolls adventures…

I found rather Ironic that in Bethesda fan forums people who only have played Skyrim called me not a fan… lol Just because I am critical with some of their ideas.

Still Todd always have a place in my heart as his games have helped me a lot in different life problems.

So for me These games are more than just code for me.

Even in low settings there are mods to helping frame and other issues related that improve a lt performance.


In the RPG genre, yes, Oblivion is 10 times the RPG Skyrim isn’t.


I found very very funny all this New elder scrolls is not rpg anymore or is water down. It is true as hell that is more mainstream each edition. However, time brings perspective. Morrowind suffered same criticism after launch. MORROWIND IS NOT A RPG ANYMORE IS A WATER DOWN DAGGERFALL. And other criticism about map size and lack of cart housing etc…
Then Oblivion came and SAME people says that Morrowind is best game ever and oblivion is a water down game with a boring vanilla medieval map without spears and levitation spells… and don’t start with WTF IS MARK AND RECOIL

Then Skyrim came and suddenly Oblivion is the good old days of role playing.

Ir is true that features are simpler than it was in daggerfall, but role-playing is there still.

My personal favorite is Morrowind.


Skyrim not being an RPG does not make it a bad game. It is a good adventure game with little elements of RPG that are rather fun. So, my point of it being a non RPG still stands, though I’ve always considered it a good game.


I suppose the primary criticism with skyrim is its lack of meaningful dialogue/skill check choices?

Having played it back to back with New Vegas I personally felt it was not very “rpg like” in regards to that particular aspect. That and that quests seemed to lack choice of fufillment/completion variety.
Skyrim was p much, go here kill that sneakily or up front. End.


I personally saw it as a dungeon crawler simulator.
RPG – roleplaying game. Every run is the same in terms of no roles being assigned.

Guilds accepting you no matter of your skill?
Even if you fail their quests?

If some quests/skills were restricted due to your class/role, I’d be fine with it. Usually I had to play make believe to be immersed.


It is a role-playing as you play as a role … It could have mainstream stats (it has) But still you could make your own stories and focus to act in character many mods further that to max. For me being free to be my own character is far more important that stats or combat I love them for the freedom of exploration and doing my own stories. World is truly alive. Still for me Morrowind and Daggerfall are superior quality than Skyrim.


Thats definitely a way to see it! I personally felt it was great as an adventure game. The atmospheric music, lore, and quests to explore were fun back in the day!

Although now id rather just play witcher 3 if i wanted a fantasy rpg-ish game with actually halfway decent combat.


My exact point is that you have to make your own role. Because the game never gives a proper one. My character being a master at martial arts? I had to imagine that, because poosh, in a few seconds he could become a thief, an archer, a smith, etc. He could become good at everything. That, to me, is no role at all.


For me a witcher is NOT a role-playing game. I am forced to be this man without real choice into anything. Don’t get me wrong 3th is a great written game with great combat and world building is a masterpiece.

But all my feelings summarize in

DO i want to be in the role of Gerald?
No I don’t like him I don’t relate to him and I found him bad person.

If there is only available a choice of whom your character is there is not role-playrole-playing as you are set .


Ehhh well i would argue it is. But! it contains a different degree of freedom.

It is an rpg as you play the role of Geralt. i.e What would you do as Geralt in x y. situation.

Thus a role playing game. I understand not all will like being forced to play a set character but that does not equate to it not being an rpg I would say.

Oh! Or if you like, it can be called as an action adventure game with rpg elements.


Modding skyrim is a slippery slope


KCD does something similar. You’re only playing as Henry but can experience his different shades.


Reminds me of when I had so many mods on skyrim 2̶0̶0̶ that it crashed (I had over 1000 hours on it so I was understandably pissed)