I was contemplating for a while now whether I should get a 2DS XL or a Switch (this was before I decided to focus on my first PC build). Some said that the 2DS XL has a much bigger game library and it’s of course cheaper, so getting into Nintendo through that would be great. But then the Switch is the much more powerful console and since I have a PS4, transitioning to a Switch rather than a 2DS XL may be easier.

I know I’ll be missing a ton of games by skipping the 2DS XL but the Switch games honestly look more appealing to me. I would love to try Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, the upcoming Pokémon games and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (there are so many people in one of my Discord servers telling me to play Xenoblade, so that’s a reason xD).

Anyway, I’m making progress on my renegade save for Mass Effect 2, currently doing the dossier mission for Samara and then I’ll do Thane’s afterwards. This time, I’m skipping all the N7 missions since I did them all in my first playthrough and can’t be bothered to do them all again. Also, in terms of loyalty missions, I’ll leave Tali’s until last (which I didn’t do in my first playthrough) so when I get Legion, I’ll be able to see the unique dialogue.

On my main ME2 save (paragon MaleShep), I was a vanguard and that was fun. Shockwave is awesome and of course Charge.
On my second save (renegade FemShep), I’m a sentinel and actually, I prefer that class more. Having Overload and the Tech Armour makes it a lot easier for me.
Both are set on Normal difficulty, I don’t really have the patience to deal with the higher ones right now, haha. Once I finish ME2 again on my second save, I’m heading straight onto ME3. Now I’m glad I bought all the DLC for it from that Origin sale last month.


ME1 i played soldier on insanity, the beginning is a bit hard but it gets a lot easier after you get Immunity.


Horizon’s wonderful. I hope they announce the sequel soon.


I did do a soldier playthrough once, but I typically avoid that class because it feels like the most simplistic compared to the others and the one they expect you to use. It basically feels like the space equivalent of human male warrior.

Additionally, I’m now actually seeing where the reputation of Krogan being tough soldiers comes from. Since they can heal pretty much fully from the brink of death, spam immunity and one smack from them is pretty much instant killing, it is actually starting to make a lot more sense why the universe was so afraid of them.


People have been data-mining “The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit” (the free prequel to the upcoming Life is Strange 2 that’s out now) and they think they’ve uncovered some information about the upcoming game.

It looks like the main character is going to be called Sean, and the story is going to center around him and his little brother Daniel. It looks like at least one of them will have some kind of supernatural power. They’re going to spend a large part of the game traveling. There is at least the possibility of cameos by LiS 1 characters (Max and Warren mentioned specifically) and…

Well there’s more, but I can’t get past my disappointment over the protagonist being a boy. That’s not fair. I know. There’s no reason that men/boys shouldn’t get to see themselves in the kind of sensitive story telling that Life is Strange has done before, but…I can’t help it. I’m bummed if this is true.

It could still be great. Men, and boys have loads of issues that are largely ignored by society, but idk. Maybe I was just hoping for another story that felt like it was about me.

I don’t know if that’s right or wrong.


I’m a little on the fence with LiS 2: in one hand, I would like if the serie keep a female protagonist. Keeping the trend up, continuing adding more female protagonist in the gaming world (so maybe I would not have to search like an archeologist games featuring a female protagonist, and maybe one day I’ll find the canonical straight type who is not a widow too!!! One can hope, right?!).

But if the guys protagonist of LiS 2 happed to be gay, it would be great, since I can’t actually remember any canonical gay male protagonist in videogames that aren’t very small indie. A different point of view I would find quite interesting.

That’s from someone who didn’t even liked much LiS for personal taste, but still think it was a good game.


Same. I really need to play the Frozen Wilds expansion at some point.
Plus I hope that Joris de Man, The Flight, Niels van der Leest and Jonathan Williams return to compose the second game’s soundtrack. I loved the first one.

Definitely one of my favourite tracks from the game.


Exactly. I want the frozen wilds so badly but can’t “afford” it :frowning:


That’s a shame. :frowning:
Hopefully you can get it soon.

I traded in Horizon after I finished it several months ago (because back then, I used to trade in my games to use as credit for new ones) and this was before the expansion came out, so I never got the chance to play it. If there’s a good sale going on, I might get the complete edition which includes the Frozen Wilds.


Finally Dead Cells is coming out of EA. Been playing it since it first came out in EA and it’s definitely improved by a lot. Cant wait to keep killing monsters and eating baguettes in the full version.


Oh, been a long time since I played the game. Last time I played, they added this “difficulty mods” using boss cells. What else do they add?


Last I checked (a few months ago): more items, damage types, a lot of new sprites for enemies and npc, and most importantly baguettes.


Alright. Just cleared my insane run on ME1…imported my character to ME2 and discovered…ahahahaha…the save is corrupted. Because of course it is.


That’s XCOM, baby!
Wrong game.


Ouch! Very sorry to hear that.
I don’t think I’ll ever touch the insanity difficulty on any of the games, I definitely won’t be able to handle those. xD
Normal difficulty alone is giving me enough of a challenge.


Oh you should. Maybe not ME 1. Insanity there just made the enemies bullet sponges, but in ME2 and 3 insanity really was more fun. The enemies have more barriers, and armor. You really had to choose your squad based on their abilities, and use a lot more strategy.

I’m not usually a big fan of high difficulty just for the sake of making the game harder, but I honestly think ME2 and 3 are better on insanity.


They are? Very interesting, I guess I’ll look into insanity then. Thanks for the information! :slight_smile:
(though it’ll probably be a while until I do another playthrough of 1 and 2)

Onto other news:

Well, he’s got a point. I still haven’t played Skyrim yet, Todd’s going to kill me.


What ??? go playing it… like is even on Alexa. But seriously with mods and everything any of last 3 elder scrolls is a good purchase


I’ve been planning on buying Skyrim but I’ve got enough games to get through at the moment: Mass Effect 2, Mass Effect 3, Deus Ex, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Dragon Age: Origins and the Final Fantasy XV DLC (PS4).

Plus I need to build my PC first, my laptop probably won’t run Skyrim well with mods.


You, single handed , just brought back my scalp scalding and teeth tearing trauma from finishing that hell game on ironman. Thnx.

I mean…99% accuracy and you miss??? 99??? Also, oops! You just activated a million pods rip. Say sayonara to your precious soldiers you custom made and raised…(fare thee well bob ross lookalike #26)

So ! Despite my level of saltiness enough to re salt the entire ocean, I recommend the game!