Washington ordered it. Lee even recruited Conner’s village later in the game, which is why Conner killed his friend and the major reason Conner hates him later. It was the French and Indian war and Washington didn’t want French allied natives. Lee had nothing to do with it.

Evil tech goddess v.s trying to find your own way v.s letting everything burn
Decisions, decisions…


Here’s the thing. Classic Fire Emblem is pretty well known for the one key trait of the series. When units die in battle, they die. Dead is dead. They aren’t coming back if they’re killed in combat. Or if they are a major character they will take too serious of injuries to keep fighting in direct battle.

Newer Fire Emblem allows the option of playing on classic or casual. Casual let’s you get units back after chapters so you don’t need to worry about someone being killed off forever.

I still remember beating hard mode on Heroes of Shadow without losing any units and that’s one of the older games, so even so it’s definitely do able.

Some quick things:

It’s a perfectly viable method to just skirt the edges of the enemy range and then have faster units pull back to trigger the aggro range of enemy units and draw them into your own unit groups. Don’t be afraid to have about three units attack a single target, the enemy will have no problem doing it if you get surrounded.

Pegasus Knights make excellent mage killers and can fly over pretty much all terrain. They are hopeless against archer types, but archers can only attack if their enemy is at least two squares away. It’s possible for a PK to swoop in right into their melee range and off them without any damage.

Healer units get exp for…healing. The trick to this is that unlike combat units it means they don’t have the same requirements for getting exp. They just need to heal, so you can level them up pretty quick just by having them heal 1 or 2 points of damage while standing behind a unit.

Enemies will almost always go for the unit with the lowest hp in range. Usually this is mages, thieves, and healers and archers by default. They will look at the ones that are easiest to drop in one round without being able to hurt them so they will often attack archers and healers. This can actually be used against them when your back is in the wall to have more damaging units survive a round.

Part of it is because the one who attacks a unit first will be given the first move in battle and scores the first blow. Really important because enemies are allowed to counterattack after. It’s possible to kill enemies with a counter and for them to do this to you. If you can one shot their squishest units in the first move of the first round, it’s generally for the best.

FE loves stationary bosses that stand over the seize point. They won’t move until someone gets in their aggro range which is generally short. More often than not, they will refuse to leave the seize spot. This however, gives you plenty of time to get all your units in place and attack the boss as a group since they won’t bother moving.

Reinforcements from enemies WILL happen. This can be a problem when they end up right behind you. But…if you have a unit standing directly on top of a staircase or a fort that reinforcing spot is “sealed” and no new enemies will spawn from that spot. Just be careful of how many spawn spots there are because if you don’t have enough people to seal them all, it could risk getting units killed if they get swarmed by other reinforcement groups.

Highlighting enemies let’s you see their movement range. This is really useful to know and helps judge what to do next.

I know this is a long post, but if you can grasp these things, than most of the games will be fairly manageable.


It’s supposed to be about the first civ apparently and why this fight against freedom and order began.

I mean if the Assassins weren’t killers then the Templars would have free reign with the artifacts. Which would be a bad thing considering they wanted the Apple to make everyone think a certain way because of order. Connor had it best, if they worked together and built a compromise they would accomplish so much good.


Yes your right I forgot. Hard to remember when all he’s says is wheres Charles Lee.

She’s dead by the way. They killed her in a god damn comic book! Good job Ubisoft.


You kill off a main antagonist you set up through multiple games in a comic book? Plot 101


I would personally have enjoyed the possibilities of non-lethal approaches to these stories. Like in the Dishonored games. There has to be ways to destroy Templar operations without killing them, to remove tyrants without resorting to murder. Stealing Templar fortunes, making the Order the enemy of their allies, turning the people against Templar operations and businesses, incriminating Templars with crimes they cannot escape from, infiltrating the Order to screw them over from the inside. There could be almost be a humour to it, and perhaps be more interesting them simply ‘kill them all!’


Considering how far Odyssey is going down the rpg path we may get that soon. Odyssey you can choose to fight for Sparta or Athens because your a mercenary your heritage as a Spartan won’t matter. Obviously the Athens will still lose the Peloponnesian War, but you can switch sides whenever.
I saw a mission on YouTube where Socrates sends you to free a rebel. If you kill or don’t kill the guards Socrates will actually react and continuously question you about if they deserved to die or not.
Or if you killed the rebel you freed or not because you find out he’s a anarkist who’s a threat to your allies. If you choose to not kill him he’ll end up poisoning one of your important allies. Non lethal choice may soon be a thing in these games which is great.

“Wrong! There’s nothing more interesting.” -Ubisoft writer #32


Wow, that is a lot of information. Thank you again for giving such a detailed response.
That honestly sounds very complicated to me, though I’m not used to strategy games overall. While I do greatly appreciate the time and effort you’ve put into making this post, I’m unsure whether I’ll actually like this series.

Do you know which one is the easiest in the series? If I do end up wanting to try FE, I might go for the easiest game to see how it goes. Well, if I’m getting a Switch later on, I really hope Three Houses is newcomer-friendly.


Yeah, I am not sure how I feel about Odyssey. I have always wanted to have an assassin game were you choose what you want to do, but Ubisoft is breaking into a niche that has been served by other companies like Bethesda and Bioware for a long time. Ubisoft have a serious challenge to make a game that can rival others in the roleplaying genre, and they will have to be good at storytelling too. Creating compelling characters, developing interesting choices. I am not sure if this is territory that Ubisoft will excel in.

Still, we shall see.


And Digital Extremes delivers once again.

Also: Warframe is coming for the Switch.
I am so freaking happy, that i bought one 2 weeks ago.


So from what I’ve seen I’m impressed. The choices you make and things you do actually matter there’s not really the wrong or right choice more like grey area choices. Telling the truth and letting someone live isn’t always the best choice.

Bethesda and Bioware seem to be focusing on online experiences instead of single player rpg games like they used to. Bioware isn’t the rpg master it’s used to be, Andromeda was a complete disaster. As much as I like Bethesda games the only reason they last so long is because of the modding community.

If Ubisoft is going to be the new rpg people again from what I’ve seen I can’t wait for Odyssey.


Nice! Uncharted 3 was awesome, really liked that game. I hope you enjoy Uncharted 4 when you get onto it, it’s incredible and it’s tied with 2 as my favourite Uncharted game. I still need to get The Lost Legacy… at least it’s guaranteed to look drop-dead gorgeous since it uses the same graphics engine as 4.

I haven’t played Warframe in several months (on PS4). Before, I used to play it a lot but after becoming more of a grindfest and failing to get one Prime part after several hours on Derelict survival missions for instance, yeah, I basically gave up on it.

When I get my PC built, I might start Warframe from scratch (my PS4 account is at MR8, so it’s not like I’m leaving back much) and experience all the new changes on a new account. The Fortuna update looks really nice.


That’s a very Templar perspective to have, you know. Sure you don’t have a weakness for them after all. :wink:

But yeah, what you say is certainly true. And I did enjoy Origins a lot more than I ever thought I would. Since Odyssey is going to be much the same, and more besides, I ought to enjoy it just as much. These changes are what I always wanted for Assassin’s Creed. And what they did for Egypt was amazing, such a beautiful ancient kingdom; as someone who loves history, I relished walking around all the cities and tombs, just taking it all in. I hope Odyssey captures much the same sense of awe.

The romance options would be interesting. For a company that has never done this in any Assassin’s Creed game, what would the romance be like? Perhaps they would emulate Ancient Greek romance traditions, try to keep it historical. Or just keep it much like what Bioware have done in their games.


Lol :grin: I was describing the choices in Odyssey like in this game where saving this anarkists life will danger a life or kill him to save one.

The main romances in the demo we’ve seen is where you can romance one of two people. Problem is they’re already in a relationship with each other. The developer described it as a selfish romance because you’ll be interfering in these two people lives.
Also you can romance the ROs no matter the gender you choose to play as since the Greeks where banging anybody. And there are a handful of ROs and some flings with certain characters.


If you could borrow a 3DS or buy a secondhand, I recommend, Fire Emblem Awakening or Fates. But I recommend FE:Awakening because Fates has three versions which has three different paths and you might find three games to be taunting. To be honest, I am not yet done with the third one. :joy:
FE:A was first foray into SRPG and it was not as complicated as it looks. You just need to know the weakness of each classes and taking advantage of pair up is also the key (placing two units with each other).

I got the feeling that they would make it newcomer friendly just to drawn in new customers. They put casual mode for FE:A and Fates so I don’t think they will remove it anytime soon.


I know, I just wanted to tease a little. chuckles

That is certainly different. I don’t think I have come across that in any other game, and could create some interesting dynamics to the story. Sounds promising. I do wonder what else they have in store.

chuckles That’s the stereotypical hot-blooded Greeks for you. All passion. Alexander the Great himself is speculated to have had a romantic relationship with his close friend and general, Hephaestion, though perhaps this is the product of wishful thinking than hard evidence.

It surprises me there hasn’t been a CoG or Hosted Game of Alexander the Great’s story yet.


Oh, so now I’m playing Mass Effect 1 again, and doing this play through on insanity starting from level 1.

So far, completed the Liara recruiting part and the bulk of Citadel quests.Died quite a few times but not a lot. You know it’s hardcore when you can still get instant killed in the MAKO. But overall, not so bad yet. My main advantage is carrying over the ability to equip shotguns to my sentinel. Put that with barrier and overload and.,…yeah.

To be clear, I PERSONALLY haven’t died a lot yet. Wrex and Garrus on the other hand…


Whenever I play Mass Effect I go to Vanguard, I thought it was fun in one than two added biotic charge… though enemy biotics in one were a nightmare starting out in one, before you get to do the same to them,

Though I do like Andromeda’s leveling system better, I don’t like hard classes.


Vanguards are the best class in Mass Effect.


Vanguard and Infiltrator are my preferred classes(Never liked Adept that much really), but there’s a reason I went with a Sentinel to clear insanity.

Barrier gives absurd amounts of sheilding so it offsets the fact they can’t use heavy armor. Overload breaks enemy shields and now with the Sent promoted to Bastion, she has got her stasis improved.

Bastion Stasis is a nasty ability that freezes a target for about twenty seconds AND lets you STILL shoot at them. Then…with the fact that my particular Sent has shotgun training and the money to buy the specter master SG…even for enemies on insane that is not a good time for them.

And Bastion Stasis works on any hostile too. Geth Destroyers, Amatures, Thresher Maws…it makes me think Shepard probably could have done the barrier in 2 had she/he really wanted to. But Shepard just wanted to let the other biotics feel good about themselves is all.