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My head…

@Frosty I need to play the FE games at some point, received a lot of recommendations from friends about it. Well actually, I’ve never owned a Nintendo console before so I have a ton of series to start playing.

Later down the line, I’ll buy a Switch. But first, I’m prioritising on saving up for my first PC build.


I would like to recommend FE:Awakening since this was my first FE game but more veteran players might recommend the older titles. To be honest, I haven’t played the old titles and Echoes of Valencia since I like being able to choose my MC’s gender and S-support. Do you have a Nintendo handheld? If you are saving up, maybe wait for the FE:Three Houses to come out since you will be buying a Switch down the line.


I love FE, don’t get me wrong. Even though I do, there is stuff I don’t fully care for. Pretty much all FE games have the same storyline. Royal prince whose always kind and trusting takes on doomsday villain big bad who generally controls or possesses some king or monarch to wage war.

Nine out of ten times, for FE, you will be accompanied by a mysterious girl who has the personality of…being a mysterious girl. You go and make allies with other nations to take on the big bad, and surprise! Mysterious girl is a holy avatar/related to big bad. You will obtain the legendary relic to seal away the evil one, it won’t work for the first fight but the power of friendship will boost it to be stronger and then you win and seal the evil away.

I play and adore FE games DESPITE their main plot however. Much like the Elder Scrolls and Dragon Age. I don’t think I could ever give them points for having a particularly brilliant or original main quest, but it’s easily forgotten when compared to everything else about those games.

Your first ally will be an older great knight as kind of a crutch character while you build your levels. The thing you actually want to do in games where it’s possible is change the Protags class as early as possible into something…useful. Not all games will let you do that, but the Lord class is fairly balanced at best…and in terms of FE, going to be a complete joke to nearly all other classes equally leveled.


Additionally, I’m also planning to buy a switch when I have the money to do it. With Smash Ultimate and a new FE title, I pretty much have to.

Still on the fence about ever getting an xbox one. There’s just not enough games for it that I’m actually interested in playing to justify the cost of a new console, in my mind.


Does anyone play Assassin’s Creed? There is something I was thinking about regarding the franchise.

Have you noticed that none of the assassins seem to have a problem with killing? In all of the games I have played, I have never come upon any kind of reflection on the part of the characters, about the fact that they are murderers that kill to further their ideological goals and yet they are meant to be the good guys. I mean, wouldn’t some at least have regrets about what they feel they are forced to do, for the greater good?

I suppose that an assassin who struggles with the act of killing another human being is not much of an assassin, but I think it would show a bit more realism into the franchise. Surely not everyone of centuries past were so blasé about murder, even upon people that arguably deserve it.


The people they kill are Templars or work for the Templars who have wronged them usually.

Altair was already an Assassin and pretty arrogant he even killed an innocent old man in the first 10 min of the game.

Ezio’s father, younger brother, and older brother were hung by the Templars and shamed his family name. Vengeance was literally the only thing on his mind.

Connor’s village set on fire and mother burned alive by the Templars and he trained to kill from Achilles.

Edward was a privateer turned pirate so he had no problem killing people.

Arno’s father was killed by Templars and his adopted father later which he was blamed and sent to prison for.

Evie and Jacob were trained to be Assassins at birth from their father so they had to learn to kill from a young age.

Bayek’s son was killed by the Proto-Templars when they wanted the the location of pieces of Eden.

The new characters from Odyssey, Alexios and Kassandra, are Spartans trained to fight and kill from a young age, but are outcasted, thrown off a cliff, and raised as a mercenary.

The whole being an Assassin is killing your targets, making a character not like killing but does it still the entire game wouldn’t really work and would be hard to believe they don’t like it. The Assassins are warriors at the end of the day and to quote Kratos
" To be effective in combat a warrior must not feel for his enemy, the road ahead is long and unforgiving. No place for a boy, you must be a warrior. "


The one guy who did have a problem with killing was also the one who you were allowed to kill civilians with, Shay Cormac. Plus he was a Templar. :laughing:


I think you can do that in the new one coming out as well since there’s no creed to follow but theres like a GTA wanted system and you’ll get hunted down by other mercenary’s.


Unfortunately, I don’t own a Nintendo handheld; I haven’t owned a Nintendo console in my life at all, so I’ve missed out on all of their games. I hardly played games (mainly PS3) in my childhood so that didn’t really help with that either.

The Switch will probably be my first Nintendo console so if I want to start the Fire Emblem series, Three Houses would be my best bet, I guess. Likewise with Breath of the Wild for Zelda, Odyssey for Mario, maybe Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee or the generation 8 games for Pokémon etc.

Thank you for the detailed explanation. It does look interesting but one part that is holding me back is the strategic element, since I’m not good at strategy. Are the games difficult or could someone like me who’s a strategy noob get into it still?

The Xbox One is gradually intriguing me but if I’m going to proceed with my PC build, I’m thinking it would be pretty much pointless to get the console after that. I already have a PS4 and my next console will most likely be a Switch so I can finally get into the world of Nintendo (after getting my PC, of course).



Well, let us take yourself, for example. If you found yourself in a situation in which you are forced to join a shadowy organisation of assassins who kill to further their ideological ends, would you really not take issue with this? Even if, truly, you would not, could you see why someone else might?

Perhaps some of the more experienced assassins are well past the point where their work could affect them, but those protagonists that join the brotherhood as part of the story of the game, surely they must take a more innocent view of what the assassins do. Even if what the assassins do is truly necessary, for who could throw down the Templars if not the assassins, surely some would struggle with the idea that killing them is the only way.

Yeah, it could argued that Shay did take issue with the killing, given it was the brotherhood’s inadvertent murder of many thousands of people in Lisbon that drove him out of the brotherhood. And that game did show a much more better version of the Templars.

The Brotherhood is pretty simplistic in it’s operations. They are there to kill Templars, and kill anyone who seeks to do what the assassins are ideologically opposed to; subverting free will. But Templars are not always about subverting free will, nor do they have to be. Templars are also builders, inventors, entrepreneurs. Shay wiped out the gangs in New York, and worked to revitalize the economy of the American Colonies. More modern way Templars created the Animus, and revolutionized the games industry in their world. How amazing is that?

Personally, I would like to see Templars more in their better years, when it is not crawling with monstrously evil people who care for nothing but furthering their own schemes. Where are those like Shay and George Monro?

The Templars are still killers. I would not dispute that. But they are, at least, not just killers. They are something more than that. And there are ways one can become a Templar by doing things other than killing people. Like the modern-age protagonist of Rogue. Templars do not have to kill, they just have to further the Order’s ends in other ways.


Warframe is getting pilotable multicrew spacesgip combat.

On the topic of AC, it’s important to keep in the back of your minds that the purpose of ACs story is not to tell a story, but to provide context to an endless string of sequel sandbox games. There will never be any resolution to this conflict until the game’s stop making money, and they generally will not take risks because they don’t want to alienate their fanbase and cause them to stop spending money.


And you left out hoverboard? Cant wait to see my Trinity/Mirage Prime on a hoverboard


They’re not forced to join the Assassins if they want no part of it they have a choice to walk away. The protagonist hate the Templars they join because they want to kill them not because they’re forced to.
Probably the only Assassin that had this idea was Connor. When he found out Haytham was his father he actually talked to him and worked with for a common goal for a while which made him wonder if the Assassins and Templars worked together how much good they could do. But of course Haytham finds away to fuck it up by continuing to work with the man who burned Connor’s mother and village because it would further the Templars goals.

Again to further their goals of finding artifacts and keep people in their control. They’d kill any body who got in they way of that. They were willing to let the 2012 solar flare kill most people on Earth because they wanted the Apple. Desmond had to sacrifice his life to save everyone.

Their better years are them kidnapping and murdering children because Bayek wouldn’t tell them that location of the artifact. They’ve always been like this. Lying, murder, and manipulation to get what they want done doesn’t matter to who.

A group of people who don’t care for innocents and want control and will do whatever evil possible to get it done. One of the reasons AC Rogue is a terrible story is because the Assassins in the game are so out of character it’s ridiculous. They blatantly break all three rules of their creed. They try and make the Templars seem like good guys when most of them were slave owners and they’ve burned down Native American villages. Shay talks about saving innocents when he’s helping the people who harm them complete their goals.

He was held at gunpoint to finish what they wanted. They literally admit to killing some innocent technician because he wandered into the wrong room. The protagonist is told if they escape or don’t finish in time they die.


Also the protagonist wouldn’t make sense or be believable if he complained about killing people the whole game but still continued to do so.
Also at the end of the day it’s a game. Story isn’t really Ubisofts greatest area.


Finally catching up with Uncharted, wooh! About half way through the remastered 3 and hopefully I can get on with 4 and Lost Legacy soon after. Still have a soft spot for Scully, the lovable SOB.

Have to debate whether to play Last of Us soon in case I feel like playing the sequel. Either that or catch up with the Dishonored or Bioshock games…


? But Conner was working with the one who did that, Washington. Haythan revealed that it was George and Conner felt that he let it happen and was using the info to manipulate him, and abandoned both of them. After mistakenly believing it was Lee, because he was a jerk.

I mean it’s kind of hard when it’s your family, Desmonds whole backstory was that he ran away from his family because of the whole assassin thing.

And release evil magic tech goddess upon the world. Plus let’s be honest, why would you expect someone to give up their life for others?

Washinton was not a templar, his brother was and Shay killed him, plus Rogue is the one game where assassin’s are in power. Heck Lee the templar had good relations with the natives, which was largely ignored in the main game and only seen in comics (and the real life version)

And they weren’t super villainous either. Nor were the templars super heroic. It just seemed to be the “stop Templars at any cost” idea and ran with it. It even shows Shay killing Arno’s dad. I mean Unity seemed to have the same idea of humanizing templars, and made some more bad assassins and nice templars, even moreso than Rogue, since with that you can tell they’res coercion and misunderstandings with Rogue. (One of them said they planned to kill Shay if he said no, and knew he was an assassin from the start,
while the event that triggered his defection was a huge misunderstanding)

I like the trend of making more good Templars, I mean back in Ezio and Altiar days they would make a lot of famous people who were cited as nice Templars and change their story to make them evil.


Ubisoft is taking an incredible risk with Odyssey. The Brotherhood was founded in Egypt in 47BCE, but the story of Odyssey is set hundreds of years before that in Greece. Odyssey is going to be a very different game to all previous games, mostly because it has to be. They are purposely changing the game to include more roleplaying elements, with choices and romances. Such is a great departure from the first game of Assassin’s Creed.

Initially, I figured that Odyssey must be the origin story for the Templars, given that we just had the origin story of the Brotherhood and that it is set in Ancient Greece. Even if it is not the founding of the organisation that is the Order of the Ancients, I figured that it would be the beginnings of the philosophy that the Templars hold. But it seems like, from all I have read, it will not be that. It is instead meant to be the origins of the Templar-Assassin war… in a time long before Assassins existed.

Yes, they do hate the Templars, but, even without that, what choice would they have? They would know that a shadowy and powerful organisation is out there, and that this organisation has placed said protagonist as their enemy. I really wouldn’t consider going it alone in such a situation to be a choice. More like suicide.

I do not dispute the crimes of the Templars. This organisation seems to always attract a particular type of person, and not the best type. Time and time again, it is filled with the worst of the worst in humanity, and certainly another group has to exist to match the Templars and see them defeated. Even if the Assassins are killers, they are necessary, though their work is still distasteful. I just take issue with the blasé attitude of assassins to their killing. Real people would be affected by this course of action, which would be considered rather extreme even in centuries past.

And, by better years, I do not mean some concept of ye ol’ times, I mean when the Templars have done good and wondrous things. It is just the point that, despite their pathology, they are not always about murder and oppression. There is something more to them than that. And they do have far more capabilities to help people than the Assassins ever could. But the Assassins will always be killers, and they will never depart from that.


It’s kinda funny that the assassins whole thing is killing anyone who they deem a threat to the integrity of something no one can even prove exists. Basically it’s violent religious extremists versus amoral big business.


No Lee did it. Washington was doing it to Connor’s new village.The he moved to after the fire happened. Connor wasn’t around the he stayed at the homestead mostly so he didn’t know what was happening.

The Templars did that. Desmond got away he wasn’t in that fight. They dragged him back in when they kidnapped him. His father left him alone, but had to come back after the whole Abstergo thing.

Either that or let everyone on Earth burn to death.

Yeah I like this to since they’re not mostly good vs evil fight. Its to different morals fighting against each other. Some with good and bad parts of them.