Yeah it did, i still have to watch it though


I didn’t know about the anime. I may look at it while waiting for the game…even if part of me doesn’t want to spoil the story :sweat_smile:

From what I’ve read, it’s been added quite a bit of stuff: new characters, female protagonist, more story.


Smash Bros Ultimate is something I’m looking forward to a lot. Every character ever in one game including new ones.

However two things:

  1. Roy. Lucina, Marth, Ike? Falco, Fox, Wolf? Mewtwo, Lucario? Dr.Mario, Mario? Gannon, Captain Falcon? Link, Young Link, Toon Link? Pit and Dark Pit? Daisy and Peach? Lucas and Ness?

And Nintendo still wants to avoid adding more characters on the grounds “They will be too similar to each other?” Because that’s something that the Smash Bros series has avoided completely up until now.

  1. All Stars mode will be a complete freaking nightmare with the amount of characters. I still would want to see more playable but it’s going to be rough even as is.

Edit: Luigi is at least actually unique with a move set you can justifiably call his own, mind you. But the examples above are barely different from the other.


I got interested when they announced this but didn’t religiously follow it. Didn’t know that this will be releasing this on Switch as well so that’s a plus for me and being able to play as FeMC like in P3P which I like. XD

I don’t know if another version of P5 will be released like they did with P3 and P4 but I am still hoping a port version (if any) P5 will have a FeMC.


I know P5 had a female protagonist choice as option in early stages, but with both how the developers choosing to spend resorces in more waifus than her, and how they willingly decide to ignore even the existence of P3 female protagonist (she isn’t even in the dance game! Not even as dlc!) I dobt it.

I would love to play P5 with a female protagonist too!:cry:


As much as I love Atlus, they treat original protagonists and character customization like it’s a disease. Many J-RPGs focus on story more than character creation, but honestly?

I sincerely believe there isn’t really a justifiable excuse for modern RPGS to have no character creation at all. I’ve purposely ignored tons of new modern RPGS solely because the main character was a generic male lead whose only real trait is that “He’s sort of nice. And he cares about his friends. He doesn’t have much personality…or any…but the girls sure are all over him.”

Like for a small group of developers? It might be a little much to do. But companies like Bioware, Atlus, Bethesda, EA, have the money, staff, and resources to do this easily and make it feasible. So when they choose not to, I’m never even going to bother touching a game case of whatever their new release is.

Case in point, the last two Fire Emblem games, Awakening and Fates had the ability to make a custom avatar. Sure, they weren’t much in the way of ground breaking with their personality or origin stories but, you could make them your own. Then they made their next release which actually went BACK on this and back to the “Blue haired prince” character like all their other games. I never tried or touched it. It might be a fine and exciting game, but I wouldn’t know.

They demonstrated they were capable of doing this, did it twice, fans loved those games because of this, and then they choose not to do it for that and Warriors(Which the only reason I was interested in getting it in the first place was because I thought you’d be able to to do that.) It’s just trying to shell out things for cash when they proved they are capable of doing more.


There goes my dream to romance Yusuke. sigh

I hope we have an option in the future though. P3P was my favorite because I was able to play as a Female MC.

I am in the same situation as you. Before I don’t mind it but recently, I don’t play much RPGs because of I want to play as my gender. That’s probably why I recently buy more CoG/HGs titles and don’t bother much with my consoles and handhelds.


That’s really disappointing!!! I played fire emblem: Awakening not too long ago, and as clichè as it was, I had lots of fun with it!!!

Really sad to see it go back to the monoprotagonist.
Same for Dragon Quest. It have some chapters with character creator, but than trow it away.

Same with Digimon Story spin off. I would not be too annoyed if at least from time to time the MC was either a very charismatic-well developed character, but is usually this silent manequin who just exist, plus if from time to time was a female.

But no. Is always the same dude template. I’m very sad about these things, because I like the JRPG style, I usually like the stories and the occasional sillyness, but the lack of character creator or st least decent female protagonist have me back away from most of the genre games.


Is this confirmed?!?! I don’t think it’s confirm that there’s no MU.

Edit Just check the Serenes Forest (one of the frequented fan forum of FE) and there is no news that FE 3H has a gender locked protagonist. :thinking:

I think you might be jumping into conclusion. ^^;


Hmm, some quotes from Hidetaka Miyazaki (director of Sekiro, president of FromSoftware).

“One reason we’re working with Activision is they hold our creative vision in the highest regard. From has editorial and directive control over the game and the game’s contents; after you press the start button, it’s all up to the From team.”

“That said, we do need help with some things and we are getting advice from Activision, but they do 100 percent respect our vision and they do not want to mess with that core fanbase and that core gameplay concept.”

It’s quite reassuring to hear this from Miyazaki, but I know a lot of people will still remain sceptical because this is Activision after all, who knows what they’ll try to pull.


I thought the idea of the whole Warriors spin-off thing was “play as any of the iconic characters from the series while killing as many enemies we can fit on the screen” like Hyrule Warriors and it’s from a different developer so i don’t think it affects the main series in anyway but who knows, like @resuri08 said there is no confirmation yet


Blue haired prince? I know awakening had that but which game had it after? Was it warriors?


Except the company that does the Dynasty Warrior games has character creation in basically every last one of their games, meaning they simply choose not to bother other than giving the ability for characters to change their moves to be slightly different.

I meant this one. Technically, in very loose terms, you do have the option to “pick” a character but you can’t change anything about them. On top of that, there’s barely any supports between units. This was following after Fates, with much of the same development team working on it who decided “Nah. People don’t like making their own character for some reason.”


I don’t know but to me the idea was “Play as any iconic character from the series” so i can understand why there is no character creation. And FE Echoes is a remake of the second game of the series, they kept the whole thing faithful to the original and just updated a few things


You can look at it that way, but here’s the thing. Character creation existed in FE before Fates was made. In Heroes of Light and Shadow this was possible to do, as well as use any class for either gender once you beat the game on hard. This was also a remade game of it’s original but instead of playing as Marth, you played as his bodyguard(My version of it is the Japanese translated, so the U.S/EU version could be different.)

Point is they had that years before Fates was even in it’s production stages, meaning the rest of the time they just purposely stuck with mono-protags.


Isn’t that the one where they butchered the story making Marth completely useless? But true, they have the resources to make the games with a customizable character and chose not to, still in defense of Echoes they either had to make you create two different characters or maybe an observer since you switch armies all the time if i remember it right


For heroes and shadow? Sort of. The Lord class was never exactly the top tier class in most FE games(Supposedly because you are supposed to rely on teamwork and friends) So it was never going to be a one man army class. But then, the Shadow hero which you play is strong.

But not just strong. Basically one of the most powerful FE protags in the franchise. Ever. Who outside of hard mode is capable of pretty much demolishing everything on it’s own. Comparatively it makes him look like a serious liability if he’s not there to talk to units to recruit them.

It’s a lot like Chrom and Lucina in Awakening who were…supposedly great fighters. On paper. But you don’t really see it as much in game play and it’s really more an informed ability when you compare it to people like the Avatar and Morgan who could essentially qualify as wargods in their own right(Even then neither, probably still wouldn’t quite cut it against a properly built Hero of Shadow)


:confused: Don’t most of their dynasty warrior games, and then warriors of Orochi and Samurai warriors, not have it? With the empire series having more of a focus on it? And many of their licensed games like Beserk too.


Well some don’t and it’s more developed in Empires, but it is something you can for a number of the regular series games though not all of them.


An announcement for an announcement.
What a timeline we live in.

(please stop this trend)