Not really, CDPR doesn’t really do a lot of PR. They get a pass because their witcher series were cult classics, and the third one was a very good AAA with none of the usual AAA bullshit attached to it. Not only that they also owns and operates GOG, which is a platform that streamlined and probably saved a lot of classic games from just being forgotten (it’s still pretty hard to find a copy of some old games). They also supports the fight against DRM. GOG games do not have DRM and none of their game has DRM. So gamers has reasons to give them a pass because they have a good track record. We don’t hate EA because of some arbitrary reason either. People keep making it like we don’t give them a pass, but in truth we gave EA multiple passes before and they kept disappointing us. That’s why CDPR get a pass and EA don’t.


They actually don’t. I’ve been reading and watching some Cyberpunk stuff online and people are pretty annoyed. Especially with the fact they won’t show any of the gameplay we’ve been hearing so much about.


Yeah that’s classic CDPR, it’s just the gamers that don’t follow the industry are getting mad. They’re used to being lied to with flashy trailers from AAA publishers and expect everyone to do the same. Most indie developers just kinda has a “it’s done when it’s done” mentality. They’ll show gameplay when gameplay is done. They’ll show cinematic every now and then to keep interest. Hell, CDPR only shows the cinematic in e3 cause people were crying for it. And now wlthat they did people are crying for more. Things will settle down after a couple of months


These are people who follow the industry and it’s not only that. It’s the fact that this game was announced in 2012 and apparently it’s still in Pre-Alpha and they won’t show gameplay, but a CG trailer that tells you nothing.


Pretty much par for the course for PC focused gaming, and CDPR is a PC focused dev. Hell, look at Bannerlords, even Kingdom Come Deliverance started in 2011. Also remember the last dlc for Witcher 3 came out in 2015, so not until then can CDPR started putting everyone onto Cyberpunk. The teaser in 2012 was just them saying hey this is the game were making next. There should be no reason for people to believe that development started then. Though I do agree reading it back in 2012 was a bit early when development probably didn’t even start yet at that point in time. My theory is that they had a bunch of CG artists sitting around not doing anything on Witcher 3, so they told them to make a teaser for the next game.


That’s true. Cyberpunk was announced before The Witcher 3 anyway.

It’s good that CDPR have opened a third studio in Wrocław to further assist in Cyberpunk’s development. Not to mention the Polish government giving them $7 million for research in animation, cinematics, city creation and seamless multiplayer.

But yeah, it’s still a very early announcement, especially because the game won’t launch until 2019 at the absolute minimum, particularly because it’s still in the pre-alpha stage.

In a report, it mentioned that CDPR is planning to launch 2 “AAA story-driven” games before 2021, one of them most likely being Cyberpunk. This is intriguing…

(I still need to play the first Witcher which I have in my GOG library, lol)


I don’t.
My option is practically limited to watch these games’ LPs or play potato-friendly games.

I don’t think flight sim games suit my taste, either. But I’ve to admit that I enjoy the challenge of landing your aircraft in Lethal Skies 2 (or Sidewinder V for eastern version, iirc).


Pretty sure Blood and Wine released in 2016 and then they focused on the pre-production of CP2077. They probably released the teaser back in 2012 to gauge interest or something but i agree they did it way too early. Gamescom is next month and they will probably have the demo there more open to the public.


Yeah, that’s likely. Marcin Iwiński mentioned that Cyberpunk will be shown at Gamescom with a different video to what was shown at E3: “Of course do not expect a totally different demo please… but we will show maybe something different, maybe some different angle.”

Even though the trailer was entirely in CG, it did look amazing. CDPR’s music taste especially is on point.


I’m struggling just to understand why people are expecting more. Do they think trailer means the game is done?


I think it’s more that the game was announced in 2012, they had to wait 6 years for an E3 trailer and it was entirely CG with no gameplay, being confirmed in the pre-alpha stage. CDPR said the E3 trailer is the most polished part of the game at the moment and it’s “not close to final yet”.

Quite a lot of people are just annoyed that they announced the game way too early and should’ve done it closer to the game’s release date instead. Though many games have this issue, The Elder Scrolls VI being one of them - it’s in pre-production and will come out after Starfield which is regarded as a next-gen title.


CDPR never said when the game will come out. It’s not like they’ve missed a deadline or anything like that. Games take a long time to make. Some took less time, but most of those aren’t any good. There are so many good games coming out that it’s just doesn’t make sense to feel upset about a game that didn’t even promise that it’ll come out soon. Even back in 2012 most people already knew the game wouldn’t cone out any time soon. It’s just the vocal minority whining about it again I suppose.


You’re right, CDPR never mentioned the game’s release date.
But announcing the game in 2012 before The Witcher 3 was even announced, then Cyberpunk going into pre-production in 2016, I just don’t see why they said that so early in development.

I know games take a long time to make, but they should’ve done it when Cyberpunk actually resembled a game rather than just showing a CG trailer 6 years after the announcement saying “Oh, this is the most polished part of the game, it isn’t even close to being finished yet”.

Square Enix gets a ton of shit for this with Final Fantasy VII Remake. But that was announced at E3 2015 and its next trailer at PSX 2015 actually had some gameplay footage.


If i am not mistaken the problem with the FFVII Remake is that they announced it way back in the PS2 era along with a remake to VIII and IX but it never happened


They did? Huh, that’s very interesting.
I know it was a highly requested remake and when it was officially announced in 2015, everyone went wild. But I didn’t know they had planned to do one all the way back then.

On the topic of FF7R, I’m glad Uematsu is confirmed to return. Though I’m wondering what he will do for it, considering the soundtrack has been remastered and performed multiple times already. Square Enix might even decide to bring other composers to do some compositions/arrangements, who knows.


I remember some reviewers saying that the vita version had some issues and some parts of the story not being very good, never had the chance to play it though. If you like anime there’s one as well.

The first two personas are awesome.


Haven’t heard of this game until recently, and I only notices because the devs promised a major overhaul and DOUBLING the story content. That’s a huge promise.


What game is that? Was it already mentioned here? If it was, then my apologies.


It’s a jrpg called Caligula Effect: Overdose, @Willow_Felya_G posted the trailer here


Oh right, thank you. Didn’t even notice that, whoops.
I absolutely loved Persona 5 (haven’t played the other Persona games) and looking at some gameplay for Overdose, it looks neat. The combat especially looks quite intriguing.

Also, didn’t that series get an anime adaptation recently?