Excellently said.

Anthem does get a ton of Destiny comparisons but many of them are valid.
I mean, Patrick Söderlund (EA’s VP) said that Anthem’s launch will be “the start of maybe a 10-year journey” for BioWare.

Mark Darrah said some time ago that it’s likely they will just do one game for Anthem, so are they really going to support it for 10 years?


Yeah you can’t trust game critics when it comes to reviews at all because they have a relationship with these companies to get games first. Then you have a race to get the first review out there from them while they don’t really play the game and just rush through it. That’s why I usually just watch people like Angry Joe since he doesn’t care what companies think of him and takes his time with the games. Any way what’s been shown of Anthem so far has honestly been just average at best and has been done before.


Where do you see the future of Mass Effect lying? Is it another game, or will it just be comic books from here out?

Mike Gamble: I don’t know - Casey [Hudson, BioWare boss] and Mark and I and EA leadership have to sit down and work out what that looks like. You’re very near and dear to it - so are we, as creators, and we want to make sure there’s a future. But that comes after Anthem, after all that stuff we’re talking about. That’s future.

Would you say the success of Anthem is crucial to the success of BioWare, going forward? Is it vital to the success?

Mike Gamble: No, I wouldn’t say it was vital. Any game is important to the future of any studio - name any of our contemporaries, if they’re working on a game and it doesn’t do well, it sucks for them. However, there’s no - ‘if it doesn’t do well, it’s the end of BioWare!’ - that is hyperbole.

That does not help us, back at the studio. That makes us go - [loud sigh]. All we want to focus on is making a great game, putting it out, and seeing what people think of it. So no, I wouldn’t say it was vital - BioWare has many teams, many projects, as well as Anthem.

To people worried this is a template for future BioWare games, is there still an audience for the more traditional Dragon Age and Mass Effect experiences?

Mike Gamble: Yeah, absolutely. No one should worry this is a template for anything. We’re making a different type of game with Anthem, we made a different type of game with Andromeda, and a different type of game with Inquisition, and I can go all the way back to Baldur’s Gate.

We make different types of games every two or three years since. We’ve made an MMO, we’ve made open world, we’ve made [ME spin-off] Jacob’s Story for iPhone. We’ve made so many different kinds of games and that will continue. We don’t have a new template for a new type of game, we just have a template for a great game. Or, at least, we’re trying.

We’ll just have to see how truthful this ends up being.


That’s really true. They did make a full blown mmo once. A full blown mmo that had story integrated into the action, npc companions, romance options, and a long, rich deep narrative for each of 8 different character classes that you could not only experience entirely solo, but that were actually specifically intended to be played solo.

So what im saying is their actual mmo is still more of a bioware game than "mmo-lite’ Anthem.


Yeah, that’s definitely true.
(I’m not too familiar with BioWare games, but are you referring to SWTOR by any chance?)

Reading up more about it, Anthem started development right after BioWare Edmonton finished Mass Effect 3. So it’s been in the works for a long time now.

BioWare is known primarily for one thing: well-crafted, branching stories. Through series like Mass Effect, Dragon Age, and Knights of the Old Republic, the studio has carved out a lucrative niche of making choice and character-driven role-playing games.

On the surface, BioWare’s next game, Anthem, looks like it goes in a completely different direction. It’s a shared online world, where players can team up to take on missions and gather loot, Destiny-style.

But the studio doesn’t see it as a drastic departure. Instead, BioWare looks at Anthem as a way to fix one of the problems with massively multiplayer online games — namely, that they rarely have a compelling story to dig into.

“It is solvable,” BioWare general manager Casey Hudson says of making a narrative-driven online experience, “but you have to design the game from the ground up to deal with that.”

Also, there’s this:

Hudson says that the idea of being able to respond quickly to players was another big reason BioWare wanted to pursue a game like this. It’s something that’s not really possible in a single-player RPG.

As an example, Hudson mentions Garrus, a Mass Effect character who became so beloved that fans started clamoring for the option to romance him in the game. “We built that into the next game,” explains Hudson. “It’s just that it took us two years to have the opportunity to do that.

In Anthem, we can get a sense of what people want. We can plan something out for two months from now, but plant a seed right now. That’s a lot of real-time interaction with fans we want to have.”

This kind of narrative freedom is also one of the reasons why BioWare decided to build a new property from scratch.

The studio already has access to two beloved science fiction universes with Star Wars and Mass Effect, but it was easier to build an expansive world for players that could regularly change without the baggage attached to those franchises.

The action-oriented gameplay of Anthem was another reason to start something brand-new. “There were things we wanted to do with our next game that we knew we couldn’t do with either of those two licenses,” Hudson says of the decision.

There are some interesting points made, but it’s going to take a damn lot of convincing people after the development catastrophe that was Andromeda (Jason Schreier’s article on this is fantastic) and now this which most perceive as a Destiny clone by EA.

I’ve even seen a few people saying that CD Projekt Red should just take over the Mass Effect series. :man_shrugging:


I’m Hyped for Skirt of SPARTAH!..cough…I mean assassin creed odyssey :kissing_closed_eyes:

as far as Anthem is concerned , it can burn and crash . Its the reason why I have clones of a clone in MEA . Boo!

Dunno about cdprojekt…right now it’s see and wait…

I’m a big fan of the shadowrun games , so maybe .


Agree on Assassins Creed Odyssey.
Cyberpunk is still in Pre-Alpha according to CD Project. I hate when they tease a game that won’t be coming out for years.


tell me about it lol thats why I live under a rock…so when I come out something is close to release :stuck_out_tongue:

saw this earlier :


I still need to play AC Origins. But considering I loved Black Flag and the same team was on it, I’m definitely going to get it sooner or later.
Odyssey from what I’ve seen so far looks great too. Ubisoft have been impressing lately.

Agreed with Cyberpunk as well. It was announced back in 2012, an E3 trailer comes out 6 years later and it’s still in pre-alpha. Why was it announced so early? FF7R gets a lot of flak for being announced too early but CDPR seems to get a free pass. I get they are a really good developer, but still.


If this was another game developer people would be pretty angry for just getting a CG trailer for a game announced 6 years ago still in pre alpha. For some reason CD Project get a pass.


probably cose of Geralda…:rofl:


That’s the power of good PR. Something I think the likes of EA, Activision Blizzard and other big players need a reminder of.


Nah . Thats just the old ‘peoples will always have their favorite…that can do no wrong . And one that even when it try their best…is always wrong’ . When EA did the same for DAI…peoples started saying they just ‘buy review’…shame on them . So EA by default…is hated . Be them done good or bad .


So, PR?.. That’s how public image usually works. Company works to establish good rep with customers and it then serves that company in the long term, so long as interests are up, the investments are being made and no uber major effups occur. Do the opposite or disregard with keeping a good image after you’ve climbed to ride the “high tide” and of course eventually a lot of people will give you flak. Or do you think, say, EA did not deserve what they got now?


Uh…you lost me there . I got nothing against PR . What I said was that peoples like X because they do…PR may help . But there are cases like with EA where even PR won’t change a hater mind . If it wanna hate…they find reasons to .

And I aint defending EA or anything . Just saying how I see it .


Um, they’ve been shamelessly parading their greedy and manipulative intentions these past few years, showing zero respect or consideration for their customers. That kind of behavior naturally leads to cynical distrust, wouldn’t you say?

And while I neither support the directed hatred-spewing nor care for it much, I’m not surprised EA now has a dedicated hater group against them, they did nothing to prevent or minimize it.


no thats true . Never said they didn’t earn it fair and square .

Was talking about how these kind of haters and their opposite…will choose and pick what they hate and what they love .

The question was why cdprojekt get a pass . my answer was : like EA got their hater groupies , cdproject got their ‘you can do no wrong’ groupies .


And in the meantime, here I am, sitting alone in the corner watching a Western take on Japanese’s Macross and Yukikaze.

Mind the framerate, though.


You play DCS, @Szaal?

Got Hornet some time after early access launch, yet can’t find the bloody time to sit down and fire the thing up. Skimming through the flight manual is a weird kind of fun of itself though :slight_smile:


Rewatching this footage again, it looks spectacular.
The shakuhachi performance by Cornelius Boots (one of the few living Grand Masters of the shakuhachi out there) at the start was breathtaking.

The music and visuals from 3:38 and 9:29 onwards… just wow. I’ve played the inFAMOUS games (except First Light) and I enjoyed them a lot, but this is such a huge change for Sucker Punch. In the interviews I’ve read, they’ve stated that they are heavily influenced by Akira Kurosawa in this game.

I’m really looking forward to Ghost of Tsushima. An open-world samurai game by Sucker Punch? Sign me up.