Yeah, it’s a shame indeed.:slightly_frowning_face:
No problem though.

Hmm, have you tried GOG? They have discount codes for Gwent players (well, I haven’t actually played Gwent, I just have it in my library), one of them being GOGGWENT75.

DA:O Ultimate Edition is discounted by 75% using that code. I got it for £3.79.

Sorry, ignore this, I found out that it was only valid until 3 June. So sorry about that.


So…like in any multiplayer game ever in the past? I still don’t see why it would be so terrible. Annoyng, maybe. But is like wanting to use the saves from, say, Skyrim on PS3 and wanting to trasfer them on the Switch, or on the xbox.

At least, that’s how I see it.
Anyway, Sony have said that they are thinking about making some changes in their policy, so let’s see.


Some comments on YT mentioned that Sony basically put your non-PSN account into a detention, that is PSN itself, if you linked that account with PSN.

And Sony did that without warning or consent of the account’s owner.


Yeah, we’ll see what they will do to their policy.
Fortnite is getting the most spotlight for this because it’s a massively popular game, if not, the most popular game right now. Sony have also blocked cross-play for Minecraft and Rocket League with Xbox One/Switch players.

Nintendo even released a video recently for Minecraft cross-play with Xbox, as well as making tweets relating to this, essentially firing shots at Sony after the recent controversy:

Correct. It’s like Epic and Sony had an agreement where Fortnite would be allowed to release on PS4 if they locked their accounts to that platform. They wouldn’t want to reject that agreement because PS4 has such a huge install base and potential customers.

But they should’ve clarified this with users beforehand. Users should have been warned about their accounts being locked to PS4 once they link their Epic account to PS4.


“For Dragon Age and Mass Effect, we want to get back to them as soon as we can. Mass Effect is certainly a game I want to get back to. […] It’s my baby. I helped start Mass Effect, so of course we intend to get back to it at some point.” - Casey Hudson

I wish the next Mass Effect game had Drew Karpyshyn back as lead writer, but because he’s left BioWare for the second time and doesn’t look like he’s returning based on his blog post, it’s unlikely. Casey Hudson and Mac Walters could return to direct and write it, though.

DA is a series I need to get around to starting after finishing the ME original trilogy. Hudson also mentioned this:

"I would say a majority of the people at BioWare are working on Anthem, but we do have people who are figuring out what a next Dragon Age would look like.”

Considering Mike Laidlaw left back in October 2017 and he mentioned that it’s likely BioWare went through a “redesign phase” for DA4, yeah… this isn’t coming out until 2020 at the very earliest.


My little hope is that DA4 “redesign” meant exclusion of MMO feelings and MP, but I hightly doubt it…

I’m quite reassured by Patrick Weeks as lead writer for DA, so the story should be hopefully good. But the rest…I have little faith. I still hope for the best, prepare for the worst.


I hope so too, but I think it’s more likely that they’re trying to figure out how to put more of them in.


Finger crossed that they remembered how angered people was even for the dragon decor locked behing MP (I was frankly annoyed too)

The day this franzy toward MP at every cost will end, I will be a happy woman.


I know that multiplayer games like Fortnite, and Overwatch and so on make piles of money, but they’re fundamentally different from video games like Mass Effect, and Dragon Age.

Buying a studio like Bioware, and asking them to make a game to compete with the multiplayer giants is like buying a film studio and asking them to compete with NFL football.

Honestly it’s kind of a shame that they all get lumped together as “video games.” It might be time to recognize that story first video games, and challenge first video games are actually different media.


Publishers and big companies need to realize that games can fundamentally be separated into two categories: single player focused and multiplayer focused which includes mmos and some co-op games. Bioware has always been designing games of the first kind. They may be different kinds like a third person shooter or a rpg but essentially the same type: single player. You push developers to do a completely different type of game like multiplayer and you’ll encounter problems. They need to realize this to have their developers be successful.


Bringing up these since it’s relevant:

Hmm, “live elements”. Seems like they’re already planning to go that route.


Speaking of BioWare, this just came out:


E3 best action game? According to who? From what I’ve seen the collective sentiment toward anthem at e3 was: “meh”. Wasnt impressive, but didn’t look like a dumpster fire either.


At this point that’s what it looks like until it’s in the hands of the gamers. They haven’t shown anything great but nothing terrible either. I’m actually really glad pvp is not in this cause that would make it so bad.


From what I’ve seen…I guess this looks okay? But I wouldn’t give it any prizes either.


E3 2018 Game Critics Award. Anthem won Best PC Game and Best Action Game.

Same, I’m not a fan of PvP at all. I’m looking forward to the pre-launch demos, whenever they come out.

Yeah, it does look decent.

In terms of those two award categories, these were the nominees.

Best PC Game

Anthem (BioWare/EA)
Battlefield V (EA DICE/EA)
Metro: Exodus (4A Games/Deep Silver)
Rage 2 (Avalanche/id/Bethesda)
Total War: Three Kingdoms (Creative Assembly/Sega)

Best Action Game

Anthem (BioWare/EA for PC, PS4, Xbox One)
Battlefield V (EA DICE/EA for PC, PS4, Xbox One)
Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 (Treyarch/Activision for PC, PS4, Xbox One)
Metro: Exodus (4A Games/Deep Silver for PC, PS4, Xbox One)
Rage 2 (Avalanche/id/Bethesda for PC, PS4, Xbox One)


Call of Dutys on that list. That should tell you how much to take it seriously.


Eh. As a rule, critics are typically pretty bad at knowing what gamers actually want. The way they measure quality is pretty much by sheer production values and size of companies. Because that’s what pays them to say mediocre games are good when players think this wasn’t worth spending any money on.

Critics bashed Cuphead for being too difficult, said Monster Hunter was just okay, and knock just about anything not made by a major franchise. They even said Paper Mario 64 was bad(Which I will fight anyone who doesn’t think it’s a masterpiece.)

They also called Dragon Age 2 one of the best games of the year(I didn’t mind it, but come on.) Just about any COD title is promised at least an 8/10 score minimum and you can always expect any Street Fighter game to be considered great even if it has less features and more frustrating controls than ever before. They will dismiss it as minor problems.

The important thing is to try games yourself, or at least see Let’s Plays of them happening so you can see them for yourself and form your own opinions. Critics really can’t be trusted for reliable reviews of things in most cases.


That’s the thing that bugs me about it. It does look okay. If it was from any other studio I’d be kinda looking forward to it. But Bioware made so many of my favorite games. In my mind Bioware games are almost a genre unto themselves. Anthem looks like it’s not even trying to be a Bioware game. It’s trying to be an online looter shooter with just enough of a story to sucker people like me into buying it.

Maybe that’s the thing that bugs me. The dishonesty in promoting it. They talk constantly about the focus on storytelling, and how it’ll still be a satisfying experience solo, but everything they show us indicates the exact opposite. They’re not trying to sell me on what the game is. There trying to trick me into buying what it isn’t.

I might have to stop talking about this. I think I’m starting to sound a little crazy.


Meh. I didn’t see much exitement about Anthem…but I may not look in the right places (the Destiny-oriented players).
Anthem doesn’t look bad, and I would be pretty exited if it was a single player game…but is MMO, so my interest have disappeared.

But I’ve just see something that is intriguing me:

I feel Persona wibes (but is expected: I think the writer was the same of the first two Persona.
Anime style, female protagonist, dystropic future. I’m interested.