Miranda’s face always bothered me, I never went for her.

I used to always go Ashley but I just really didn’t like her.

I remember the good old days of slapping omni gel on everything. My ME1 character beat the game multiple time to get maxed intimidate and persuasion without investment. And then maxed level as a vanguard. I had nothing to fear really. Hated his face though.

So you’re into a turian who knows his calibrations :smirk:


Understandable. I didn’t really like Ashley in ME1 either, that’s why I left her to die on Virmire.

Yep. When you had like 700+ omnigel from converting unwanted weapons and other equipment from your inventory, not having to worry about using Unity or repairing the Mako. Good stuff.

Of course. :smirk:
Garrus is my favourite character in the series and a complete badass.

Speaking of which, Drew Karpyshyn wrote three ME books, right?
When is he going to write Mass Effect: Calibration based on Garrus? I’d buy that book instantly… after doing some calibrations.




Named my character John Shepard in my sixth playthrough of The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book One. This is going to be fun. I should’ve called him Garrus Vakarian instead, they’ll all want to be calibrated by him.

If I had to compare the female MCs from Wayhaven to Mass Effect though based on personalities, hmm:

  1. Ava will probably be Miranda with the whole commanding aura.
  2. Farah, well, maybe Kasumi because they’re both the most fun out of the lot, in my opinion.
  3. Nat, either Liara or Tali.
  4. Morgan, definitely Jack.

Haha. The Mako needs significant calibrating, but it’s so bloody ridiculous, I love it.


Horizon Zero Dawn, where 50% of my game time probably consisted of using the game’s photo mode.


God that game was gorgeous.

The story too. I really can’t think of a version of the “machines rise up and destroy civilization” story that was more plausible or more powerfully told…I’m gonna go play that game again when I get home.


Nice landscapes! My photos were pretty much just postcards featuring Aloy and Talanah with hearts everywhere :laughing:


Hahaha, nice. I haven’t took any screenshots with the postcard effect on it, sadly. :neutral_face:
Traded it in quite a while ago. I should get it again with the Frozen Wilds DLC I never got the chance to play.

Another game that I found as beautiful as Horizon has to be Uncharted 4, which I also spent a ton of time in its photo mode.

Oops, I’m going overboard here, I’ll stop now.


Speaking of beautiful, there’s also God of War.


Indeed. I still need to play that but I’ve got enough games to get through as it is already.
I’ve seen many screenshots of it though, as well as video footage, it’s drop-dead gorgeous. Sony’s first-party developers are incredible.


Mmmm. The Uncharted games have always been gorgeous. Can’t wait to play Horizon Zero Dawn one of these days…


I’ve finished again recently Uncharted 2. Still great even to this day.
I have yet to play Uncharted 4 and Legacy. But from whst I’ve seen, both are really a feast for the eye.


Definitely. It surprises me to this day how big of a transition Guerrilla has made, from a futuristic first-person shooter to an open world post-apocalyptic ARPG. It’s an amazing game, I hope you enjoy it when you do get a chance to play it.

Also (on a slightly unrelated note), I recently read the first chapter of Choice of Rebels: Uprising and it was excellent, the worldbuilding especially is exceptional. I am very excited to read the later chapters when I get a chance to go back to it.

Uncharted 2 and 4 are tied for me as the best Uncharted game, both of them are incredible games. Bluepoint did a superb job remastering the first three games in the Nathan Drake Collection.

I haven’t played The Lost Legacy either, though it does seem interesting.

Henry Jackman’s score for Uncharted 4 is :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:


So I’ve been playing Dynasty Warriors Empires 8 again, which is easily one of my favorite games of all time. While I have tons of custom officers, these ones are probably my favorites and the ones I use the most. They all have their own interesting stories, which is why I love Empires and custom officers. It’s never playing the same game twice.

The top one revolted against Cao Cao(Which he had coming. Dude never gave me any respect for all the work I did) but his wife, Diaochan was killed in the revolt sadly, and even though he took over all of China, he was alone.

The second, was loyal to Meng Huo because the Meng dynasty was always good to him and he served as their strategist proudly. Even to the point that he married Zhurong, Meng Huo wasn’t even that mad about it(Historically that would have been Meng Huo’s wife.) They even became sworn siblings after that. Their child was a loyal officer to the dynasty as well.

The third was a freelance raider queen until she started her own faction, taking Xiaohu Dun and Lu Xun with her. They wiped the floor against revolts.

The fourth, was the marshal for the Yellow Turban Rebellion and helped fight off the imperial invasion, allowing the Yellow Turbans to take over China and inadvertently prevented Dhong Zhuo from ever rising to power(Lu Bu was executed in this timeline on top of that.)

This is why I love Empires. While it’s supposed to be historically accurate, it’s just so easy to get everything derailed gloriously from the true history. Plus, custom characters who have their own personalities, marriages, and large scale destruction?

It’s my kind of game.



Was reading this article and the comments just now, I have to agree:

As a PlayStation fan myself, even though Sony are very strong at exclusives, they are very anti-consumerist and this is one of them.

I mean, come on, still no name changes? (setting the PSN ID as the primary key was a stupid decision in the first place) No cross-play because of arrogance, not to mention locking people out of their own Epic Games/Fortnite accounts on other consoles so they must stick to PS4? (this is an all-time low)

One person in the comments brought up the great point about Sony stopping EA from putting EA Access on PS4 because it wasn’t good value for PlayStation users. The users themselves can determine whether or not it’s good value, thank you very much.

It really is embarrassing. I have been thoroughly impressed by Microsoft’s stance towards gamers lately, such as having backwards compatibility, the Xbox Game Pass, Play Anywhere, name changes, the Xbox Adaptive Controller, the allowance of cross-play etc. I’m so glad Phil Spencer is their leader, he really does seem like an amazing person.

I am actually tempted to move to Microsoft in the next generation if Sony doesn’t improve from their anti-consumerist stance.

“For the Players”, they said. Sure…


While researching DA:O stuff, I noticed that some people mentioned that DA:O Ultimate Edition is currently part of Steam Summer Sale. It sucks that it was not available on my country’s Steam. I don’t suppose EA’s Origin have sales on their DLCs perchance?


As someone who can’t care less about MP in any form, I don’t really care. Sony is still more consumer friendly than, say, Nintendo. PS games are non region locked, for example.

I frankly don’t understand all this cross platform thing anyway. If it was something like the chance to play a game on multiple platform without having to buy a copy for each platform, I would be interested, but just to play online with people on other system…well, it would be cute, I guess, but surely not something that important.


Origin had a big sale last month, around the time EA had their E3 2018 conference. I’m not sure when their next sale will be. I bought the Mass Effect 2 and 3 DLC bundles at that time because I wasn’t sure how long I would have to wait until the next sale.

That’s fair. The Nintendo Switch’s online service sounds disappointing so far - no virtual console, no alternative backup solution other than cloud storage which is locked behind the paywall and so forth.

I do agree with you, but the main issue in this Fortnite controversy is that Sony are locking people from using their Epic Games accounts on other platforms. By that, if you were to play Fortnite on PS4 once and linked your Epic Games account to PSN, then you decided to buy the game for the Switch and log into your Epic Games account there, it won’t let you, showing this message:

Players who have spent a lot of time and money into Fortnite on PS4, and want to go to another platform like the Switch for convenience, can’t use their Epic Games account. So they’ll have to start from scratch on the Switch and that’s where the frustration lies.

It’s a very dirty business move by Sony. Their response to it was terrible, too. Hell, even Microsoft and Nintendo are joining in with this debacle.


=( So sad that I missed out. I just have to wait. I wonder if they have 4th of July sale… Thanks for the info anyway.

In regards to the Sony, I hope they would just allow it. I still prefer Nintendo though since I could play my DS games on my 3DS unlike Sony’s. XD I just don’t like the online thing behind the paywall though for the Switch.