The learning curve of CK2 is not even a curve. It’s a slanted backward straight line.
But yep, every single scenario run you do is basically a randomly-generated IF stories.


Enough with the pre-orders!

On the xbox store right now you can pre-order Life is Strange 2. I discovered this while DLing Captain Spirit, and got really excited for about 30 seconds.

There is actually no information about the game on the order screen apart from how much of my money they want. Seriously nothing about setting or characters or gameplay. Even the screen shots are just the pre-order bonus patches and a picture of grey fabric… that’s probably the backpack the patches go on.

Who would ever buy a game based off that complete lack of information? I mean like nobody. I hope.

And why would a game company try and sell a game this way? Call me paranoid, but I can’t help feeling like they’re trying to get our money before we find out it’s not good…or something idk.

Gag! Sorry. Rant over. How’s everyone else today?


It’s a sequel to a popular game people will pre-order it on that fact alone


I’m several years late but I’m currently going through the Mass Effect original trilogy for the first time and my god, it is absolutely amazing.

Finished Mass Effect 1 in 50 hours for both my paragon and renegade playthroughs. That was such a good game. The story, characters and music were all on point. The game itself has aged extremely well. Also, that ending song… just outstanding.

Now I’m playing through Mass Effect 2. I’ve already finished the story and DLCs on my paragon Shepard save, imported from ME1. At the moment, I’m doing a second playthrough on my imported, renegade Shepard save. My entire ME2 playtime so far is at around 45-50 hours.

ME2 has now become my favourite game of all time. Persona 5 had this title for a while until I played this game. Now I know why it garners all this universal acclaim. Now I know why everyone loves this series so damn much. Mass Effect 2 is a masterpiece.

I’ve also got Mass Effect 3 since I bought the trilogy from Origin, along with the DLC bundles for ME2 and ME3. I’m really looking forward to playing that once I finish my second ME2 playthrough.

In a previous Steam sale, I picked up the original Deus Ex and Human Revolution. Through a GOG discount code, I bought Dragon Age: Origins. My backlog includes Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, the Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition DLC and Borderlands 2, all on PS4. I’m really making things worse for me here, lmao.

In terms of upcoming games I’m anticipating, Anthem is at the top of the list.

At first, I was quite sceptical about it, but with all the comments from Casey Hudson, Mark Darrah and Michael Gamble - stating that Anthem will have no lootboxes, story DLC won’t be locked behind a paywall, microtransactions will be restricted to cosmetics only and BioWare’s active engagement with the community, saying that they are learning from their mistakes from Mass Effect Andromeda, on top of everything else they’ve said so far has skyrocketed my excitement for the game.

I’m not expecting Anthem to reach the same quality as the Mass Effect original trilogy, but I am very excited for it nonetheless.


So I got back into playing Yuigoh. At least one of the “older” generations for the ds. At first I looked at the starting deck in the game and thought “These are complete garbage. What the hell I supposed to do with these?”

But after playing long enough to get some worthwhile cards…well…I found my answer:

“You’re in Silfer Red. You barely passed the entrance exam and are in the lowest class of duelists in the academy.” Yeah…I’m calling bullshit to that system. I refuse to accept a system that places Sirius at the bottom and puts freaking Chaz at the top tier.


Oh I’m jealous of you playing those games for the first time. I wish I could forget them all and experience them for the first time again.



All the major good choice benefit you more than the regenade ones in 3

Whenever I play a Yugioh game I gravitate towards a Red Eye Darkness Metal spam deck.


I just bought DA:Origins a few days back and now that I have upgraded our internet connection, I was able to finally played it last night and it was a new experience for me. I was used to playing turn-based RPGs. :joy: I better crank it down to easy just to master controls.

I heard good things about this as well. I’ll probably picked this up once I am done with DA first. XD


Whenever I play a Yugioh game I gravitate towards a Red Eye Darkness Metal spam deck.

From what I can tell this generation is before the time where you could just use crap like endless recycling decks that use cards that make waiting for your enemy to finish their turn, like waiting for the next ice age. (Looking at you, plaguespreader zombie).

I don’t have a lot of knowledge about the new gens. I don’t really know what the hell a pendulum or Chain Link is, but I have played up to Synchro and XYZ.

Which are amusing generations in a way, because I remember back when I was younger when the god cards were considered the most OP thing in the game. Now you got Dragon of the Ice Barrier, Goyo Guardian, Blackrose dargon, and pretty much most of the XYZs itself are basically broken as hell compared to other card types, with the only thing that can manage to deal with one is another XYZ or a Synchro.


Pendulum monsters go to your extra deck when destroyed.

And instead of summoning them normally you can put one low number card down and one high down ( in two special slots) and you can summon monsters with levels in between from your hand or pendulums in your extra deck with no limits (besides the fact you can do it once per turn)

I have no idea how to use chain links.

The last show I watched was 5d’s. Feel bad those guys got screwed after the Dark Signers.

This was one those decks where you could fill the field with high level monsters.
In real life my deck is based off of Darkness Neosphere as I don’t have enough strong dragons for red eyes.


I never really followed the show to that point, but I did play the 5ds game which is a piss off in it’s own way. Yusei being like “You’re too weak to fight a Dark Signer” And I’m like…“Didn’t I wipe out your entire gang in a row?”

Also I can see how the protagonists win for that show. It’s not so much good tactics or superior planning as it is, just giving them cards that makes it virtually impossible for them to lose. Black Rose Dragon was a huge source of grief for me in that game.

There is a point where you need to fight four clones of yourself, all in a row. Your lifepoints don’t reset during games and they have access to banned cards. By far the most difficult segment. Then the final boss? Jack.

Jack who has moves like…summoning mystic tomato in attack mode. Letting it die. Then NOT using it’s ability. The only real thing he has going for him is his synchro dragons which he never even had a chance to get on the field because he was beaten in three turns.

Crow was pretty tough, but then it wasn’t so much because of his master ai. It’s just that blackwings are a load of horseshit.

Ironically, Yusei himself, just kind of has a crapish deck and never took too much trouble.


The first part of the show was great, and then turns out some of their actors were involved in a cult , an incident with a cult just happened and they had a cult sub plot going on, so they scrapped it, which also made all the important girls get replaced as they were all involved with it, which got the show a huge backlash before everything was found out (especially considering they were pretty popular in comparison to the earlier ones) and they had to make a entirely new plot on top of that.

Yeah Akiza, Dark Signer Carly and Crow are always the hardest. Maybe Trudge if he get’s his Goyo and you can’t handle it

I would’ve figured her field spell was more annoying.


I didn’t watch yugioh past the first series, I prefer when Yugioh just straight up murder or send people to a mental hospitals anyway. The card game just seems kinda bullshit to me. Yugi and the good guys always loses in every facets of a card game, then they just happens to top deck the only one card they need to win the game. Skills my ass.
Anyway, then the card game got unnecessarily complicated and i stopped playing that as well. I don’t want to read a 10 paragraphs essay just to know what my card does.


It’s pretty easy to be the best character when you can always pull the exact card you need at any given time.


Haha, I don’t know why I waited this long to play the series, but at least I’m going through it now and I’m having a blast.

That’s great to hear! Swap the two series around and I’m in that situation, I’ll start DA once I am done with Mass Effect first. xD

I’m looking forward to 3 even more then. :slight_smile:

ME1’s renegade Shepard was an asshole, ME2’s renegade Shepard is a bigger asshole and I’ve heard ME3’s renegade Shepard is basically Satan, lmao. This is going to be interesting. Though I’m struggling to do a full-on renegade playthrough so even whilst playing as a renegade, I’ll make some neutral/paragon choices along the way. I much prefer being paragon but I want to see how both sides are.


A lot of 3’s choices are “can I do the best option?” and since you played the first two, yes you can. It says something that it defaults to reg choices when you start a save in 3.

Anyway there’s a war assets system that attaches a numeric value to your choices, there’s one major evil choice that benefits you more and it’s not that evil (not at all) Another one gives an illusion of benefit but it doesn’t.

The only major evil choice I remember would be the genophage cure, and you can save Mordin this way… or kill him yourself

I think ME2 Reg Shep is the meanest. Me 1 and 3 are given more reasonable circumstances from what I remember. While me2 has the most options to be overtly evil. Like disregarding the lives of millions of Batarians as you blow them up or leaving an autistic guy on a human rights violation of a machine


I see. That new system sounds intriguing. I’ve also heard that ME3 is the most polished in the series when it comes to gameplay and combat, so I’m excited to hear that as well.

Holy. Shit. ME3 is going to be one hell of a rollercoaster then.

Yeah, you’re referring to the Arrival and Overlord DLCs, correct? Overlord especially had a depressing end, even as a paragon. Damn, that was hard to watch. And it’s a good thing I played Arrival dead last (post-story), since it seems it sets up ME3.


Yeah all the other major choices tend to have a third option that you can do with a past save.

Don’t worry you’ll meet those brothers again, if you let David live, otherwise it’ll just be his brother.

Also, Jack’s the best.

Definitively, mini games are still annoying though.


I see. That new system sounds intriguing. I’ve also heard that ME3 is the most polished in the series when it comes to gameplay and combat, so I’m excited to hear that as well.


In terms of actual combat? It’s probably better…until…

ME3 really loves pulling this, even when it’s obvious that you killed the person about eighty times over but it’s just “Noooo, no, no! I still get to live, because I’m just that super cool and talented! Didn’t you see the way I masterfully got shot in the face by a sniper rifle?”

Seriously. Fuck Kai Leng.


Nice. Yeah, there are so many good romance options in this game.

On my main save, I’m sticking with Liara for the trilogy, especially after doing the Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC. That was badass af. Before I bought LotSB, I had Miranda as my LI but after getting the DLC bundles on sale, I luckily wasn’t locked in and went back to Liara. I need to stay loyal and not piss her off. Rejecting Tali was extremely hard to do, though.

My renegade playthrough is with female Shepard so I’ll go with Garrus as the LI.

Indeed. I could’ve modded the game to bypass the minigames in my second playthrough, but I didn’t bother and kept it on vanilla. Planet scanning is a pain in the ass but at least they gave me a lot of minerals and credits for completing ME2 once, as well as importing a relatively high-levelled ME1 character.

Oh yeah, that kind of mechanic is pretty annoying. The example you gave is gold, hahaha.
If that was Garrus shooting the sniper rifle, he must’ve also been pissed off. :smirk: