Fallout’s dialog is undergoing an “evolution” (ironically). So, in truth, it is a regression. It’s very frustrating to somehow be able to fail at implementing that system for an RPG game.


So, I just read the “Big Bioware Interview,” and I’ve made up my mind. I’m not buying Anthem. I hope I’m wrong, but the more I hear Bioware talk the more it sounds like they’re saying, “We know what the fans want, and we know we’re not giving it to them, but please play it anyway it wont be so bad.”

I hope two weeks after the game comes out the reviews all say that this is the best thing Bioware has ever done, and I run off full of regret to give them my sixty bucks…but I don’t think that’s what’s going to happen.


Anyone here who was absolutely jazzed by the announcement of Sekiro until it was revealed Activision was the one publishing it? The only good news I can think of is that Sekiro will not be console exclusive, and knowing Activision, I can think of plenty of bad news.


I did. I mostly think this is…

The following explanation is accessible with the season pass. Pay 30$ to unlock the content as well as a bunch of armors you’ll never use.



One more indie game I’m recommending: Wizard of Legend.

Do you feel like being a badass ninja wizard? Do you like top down action games with procedurally generated environments? Do you like pretty pixel art, smooth control schemes and rocking soundtracks? Do you like games with couch co-op thst nevertheless don’t sacrifice a satisfying single-player experience? Do you love puns? I can confirm that the game provides all of these, and is well worth sixteen bucks.


Seconded. It’s not as long as Isaac or Enter the Gungeon, but it’s still pretty fun.


I just watched some preview footage of Assassin’s Creed Oddysey. Now I’m excited for an AC game for the first time in… ever I think.

If Bioware is going to stop making Bioware games maybe Ubisoft will start.


Ok this unreleased game looks like Deadpool the Game. It’s called My Friend Pedro.


A Plague Tale: Innocence looks really interesting, dealing with a historical period and concept only a few games like Assassin’s Creed 1 and Dishonored has dealt with before, and the developer likened the threat of being devoured by rats as equally scary to being eaten by zombies without actually using zombies, plus it has a nice brother-sister sibling dynamic.


Just completed my first playthrough of Detroit become human all three characters dead… very disappointed in myself especially as Kara only died because I didn’t see the message not to move and the drone shot her. At least I got Alice to safety and she has Luther to protect her.



I’m not sure how much that information holds up now, but according to what they’ve revealed, it seems like Sekiro is the action RPG with a Souls-like setting. The reboot’s prime candidate is Armored Core, but they could throw us for a total loop and end up giving us a reboot of something obscure like Shadow Tower (which I’d be 100% okay with) or Another Century’s Episode (which I wouldn’t be okay with, because licensing fees would mean I’d never get to see it). I’m really interested in the brand new IP though, if it happens to not be Sekiro.

Even if Armored Core isn’t coming anytime soon, at least I can enjoy The most American game to never get a North American release.



Fallout New California is looking great. Can’t wait to try it out


Thank you so, so much for sharing that! Hadn’t heard of it before but huge NV fan - definitely keeping an eye on that!


@muffy also check out Fallout The Frontier, another great mod for new Vegas. Both should be out layer this year.

@OP: My Friend Pedro is definitely one of my favorite game from this year e3


Thanks for the tip! Much appreciated :ok_hand:t6:


So this is a fairly controversial opinion in my experience but anyone else think fallout 76 could be decent fun?


I don’t think it’s a major problem that most people really have with the game, outside of a vocal minority. They have already confirmed that it can be played solo if you want to, though it’ll be more fun with more people. The nuke throwing aspect is probably the only thing I am a little concerned about…


I’m convinced that Fallout 76 will be an enjoyable and at least somewhat well-crafted game, and unlike many Bethesda games it seems they are actually changing pace a bit and doing things like “testing for bugs that we will remove.” What I’m not convinced of is if it will be the kind of game I would like.