The least bizarre entry in the Metal Gear Solid series was the first one, where you were a government agent who was also a clone and are fighting rogue government agents that include a sniper that keeps wolves for pets, an Inuit shaman jacked enough to carry a man-portable Vulcan cannon who implies magic is real, a psychic that screws with you (the player), a shapeshifter who drinks people’s blood to transform and another clone of the same guy you were cloned from, but he looks different because he has “dominant genes.” You also fight a cybernetic ninja with no connection to the previous group. And you’re doing all this to fight a walking mech that shoots nuclear missiles.

The fact that it only goes downhill from there is telling. Death Stranding seems to be even odder, but I guess Kojima’s gotten jaded with “normal” levels of weird.


Eh. Frankly, as long as the service are just DLC I’m fine. I only buy story related stuff, and I have no problem waiting for a price drop, or anything. Cosmetic stuff I just ignore.
But I have to be able to play offline, and not have people in my game.
As a woman, there is a hight chance I will be arrased, flirted or ridiculed by stupid guys.
Plus, my internet connection is not good. Ididn’t have a chande to connect my PS4 to internet in two month, now.
One of the reasons I favourite play games on console instead of PC.

Back to BG&E2: I’m really exited for the single player storyline (a bit of a fan of the first game here!)


Don’t forget Fission Mailed and replugging your controller.


Fission Mailed is the second game if I remember correctly (which absolutely blows the first out of the water in terms of times I’ve asked myself “what is even happening?”) and unplugging your controller kind of falls in the “psychic messing with you (the player)” category. The fact that you need to find a codec number on the back of the physical, real-world game case might also count, or just be an annoying case of old-school DRM (which Campbell just subverts anyway if you annoy him enough).

This obviously isn’t getting into the other entries, which include ghosts, lightning powers with literally no explicable origin, pretty much everything about Vamp, and a group of bondage-themed mechs whose pilots have such ludicrously tragic backstories it goes from sad to outright self-parody.


Man, they really went all out on the new Assassin’s Creed DLC. It’s good they remembered their lessons and stopped releasing one game per year!

… What?


They confirmed you can create and customize your character


Yeah, but so I could in Elex and Tecnomancer (just the first names that came to mind, I know of other games too)…but it could only be a customizable male character.

I know I’m too diffident, but I’ve been burned in the past, and until is actually spelled out by CDproject, I’ll not take it for granted.


Well they did say create your own character in the “secret message”, so i am assuming you can pick genders.
And it seems their french website confirms it:

“Vous êtes V, un(e) cyberpunk”


You play as V, a hired gun on the rise, who just got their first serious contract.

From youtube trailer description. If it was a male only, I’d presume they wouldn’t use neutral pronouns. Also from the same trailer there’s a screenshot of a possibly female protag who’s wearing the same jacket as male MC.

Doesn’t prove anything, but still strongly suggests gender choice imo.


So Fire Emblem Switch finally has a official title…

I wonder if I could play as a female protagonist. If I could, I suppose it’s time to buy a Switch like I always plan.


“Games as a service” refers to subscriptions, cloud gaming, micro-transactions kind of deal. The whole cloud service model has remade the IT world so I’m not surprised to find it appeals to videogame company executives (you can look up infrastructure as a service and software as a service if you’re curious what it might mean for gaming).

I detest it, personally, and it will most likely be the trend that pushes me out of AAA gaming altogether.

I also want to echo your point about online gaming culture, because I hate it. I’m in my mid 30s and have been gaming since I was a kid.

My experience of online gaming started with Ultima Online and consisted of dudes following my character around trying to hook up, or losing things to griefers. I played WOW, same problem (well, griefing was more of a problem on PVP servers, but the RP servers were all horny on main).

The times I have dipped into MP, like with Read Dead and ME3, I lost interest quick for similar reasons.

My experience with online games has been a mix of griefing, sexual talk that I do not want to hear from strangers much younger than me, sexual harassment, and occasionally having fun with cool people (which doesn’t make up for the rest of the slog).

Not to even mention my problems getting consistent wifi near my PC. I don’t want to play games with a bunch of rubber banding, lag, and dropped connections.

Unfortunately for me, Fallout 76 and Anthem are going to be a hard pass.


Just saw the gameplay of ghost of Tsushima and I can’t wait! Really hope it has good story because the combat already looks perfect


Fallout 76 at least seems to have dedicated solo content, and might have an online mode even. Anthem looks more and mire uninspired by the day, and us confirmed online-only. I need to waut until 76 is out and confirm it, however.

I had no internet for a few months, and the fact that I couldn’t even attempt to access For Honor’s offline content was what led me to ultimately return the game within three hours of buying it. Certain other mainstream games like Dark Souls make you miss out on a good portion of the game for not having internet, but at least you don’t miss out on the whole game.

That, and the bland committee-driven standardization of Ubisoft’s variois franchises has left me a bit of a bitter taste when it comes to even the less offensive of the currently abysmal AAA scene.


The problem with “games as service” is that in order to maximize the “recurrent consumer spending”, you need to maximize the time people spend in your game. And you only have so many hours in a day.

Now, if every major publisher were to produce a “live service” that is supposed to have a “lifetime value”, guess what would happen. With finite number of players and finite amount of free time those players have, market would end up choosing one or two major “services” that they will spend most of their time on. The better part of
the rest will crumble into oblivion, because there will be THE “service” on the market that everyone’s adhering to. You could think of it as WoW all over again. How many serious competitors did that game have?


Todd Howard confirmed there is no offline mode for Fallout 76, you can play solo but in a multiplayer environment at least you can set up private servers


Well, looks like my wallet votes no once more. “Save the Single Player” my butt, Bethesda.


More confirmation for gender choice in Cyberpunk 2077 and even classes.


I swear I’m going to become a youtuber just for the cool stuff alone


Wake me up when they announce another Armored Core.


Have fun sleeping forever then. I don’t think FromSoft remember that franchise happy with my MechwWarrior though.

Edit: idk why people hate the new speech system in fallout games. I think they’re just fine, especially the one in Faalout 76

Edit Part 2 Electric Boogaloo:
Here’s more info about Cyberpunk 2077:

CD Projekt describes the game as a “first-person RPG.”

Gameplay is in first a first-person perspective, but switched to third-person during a cutscene.

You play a character named V (as in the letter). V will be wearing a Guy Fawkes mask and work to incite the people of the UK to rise up and overthrow their totalitarian government. Also, everything after the first sentence of this paragraph is not true.

V can be a man or a woman.

The stats you pick it the start include Strength, Constitution, Intelligence, Reflexes, Tech, and Cool.

These stats are all pulled from the original tabletop RPG.

You can drive cars in the game, and seemingly toggle between first and third person during this.

While driving in first-person, the U.I. appears diegetically on the windshield.

CD Projekt also described Cyberpunk as a “mature experience intended for mature audiences.”

Like Witcher, you take missions from NPCs and have dialogue options in conversations.

It’s an open world that you open up more with “street cred.” For example, a specific jacket might raise it by 5%, allowing you access to new places.

Completing a quest levels up your street cred.

The UI in the demo is extremely minimal at – just a light compass and a small quest log.

UI expands during combat – enemies have names, health bars, and what appear to be levels.

Some enemies have question marks instead of levels, possibly meaning they’re much higher level than you.

Damage numbers pop up during combat.

There’s a bullet-time-like ability that allows you to slow down time.

CD Projekt keeps emphasizing that choices have consequences, in the moment and to the world at large.

Obstacles have several solutions depending on your skills. For example, V got to a door, but his hacking skill was too low. However, his engineering skill was high enough, so he could open a panel and bypass the door.

There’s an inspection system lets you look super close at items and learn more about lore.

You use an inhaler to heal.

Gunplay feels slower than Doom or Borderlands, but faster than Fallout 4.

CD Projekt showed off some late-game abilities, including mantis-like blade arms and wall running.

We saw a boss fight against a dude in an exoskeleton. This included sliding under cars and taking cover.