We gave them a chance on Battlefromt 2, we gave them a chance on Andromeda, we gave them a chance on Dead Space 3, we gave them a chance on Sim City, we even gave them a chance on that mobile Dungeon Keeper game. I think they’ve had enough chances already. Oh not to mention they publicly murder and rape the corpse of Command & Conquer on stage.



Male and Female character look


AC: Odyssey looks good. But it’s ironic that even though it’s a game series about people reliving their ancestors and has a series of godlike beings with fantastical powers that the bit of the footage I didn’t like was the minataur at the end. I miss when it was more history than mystery. But maybe I need to pick up the series again. I haven’t played one since AC3 (I got 4 on release but have yet to play it.)


Hyped for the PC Gaming Show starting now. Will we finally, actually get Bamnerlord? New Mechwarrior 5 trailer? Artifact or something else from valve? YESSSSS, it’s Day9 again, love the dude.


They stepped away a little from it being completed historical since Origins. The games were historically accurate but after 10 games it has to be mixed up. Our character are direct descendants of Leonidas an have First Civ DNA which is basically demigod blood. And theres no hidden blade you have the Spear tip of Leonidas which is a Piece of Eden which is advanced technology, but everyone else is gonna think its a gift from the gods back then.


Ah I see. Thanks. I really need to catch up on the other games.


Jesus fucking mother of Christ Sega! Shenmue 1 and 2, Valkyria 4 AND Yakuza on PC? I can only get so hard!

Edit: sighs, Star Citizen…who put this pyramid scheme onto E3. No thanks, I don’t have US $27,000 to give you Star citizen.


The Last of Us Part II. Oh. My. God.



So I guess I need to keep up with the news more but I just saw that Anthem doesn’t have any romance options now too? So no companions, no romance, limited RPG elements. Essentially, Anthem is the game I thought Mass Effect would be after spending the previous ten years playing mediocre, shooty, bang-bang games. I just… I am so ticked off about this. I realize that it’s Bioware’s game and they can do what they want, but Bioware reinvigorated my interest in video games. They gave me something more than just shoot ‘bad’ guys, better graphics, and multiplayer. They gave me narrative, characters and love. They gave me something to invest myself in. Anthem gives me guns, enemies, more guns, explosions, multiplayer instead of companions, combat, and did I mention guns?

There’s nothing wrong with people wanting to play this game for the beautiful graphics and combat, but I’ve got dozens of other games that can give me that. Bioware games were unique but I guess not anymore because that doesn’t make them the big bucks. As sad as it makes me, no more Bioware games for me. They aren’t even the same company anymore.


Never thought I’d be so excited for an Assassin’s Creed game, or so utterly neutral to a Bioware release. Oh how the tides have forsaken us.

Bethesda doing great things, Starfield looks particularly aces, TLOU2!!!, (not E3 per say but) I can’t wait for TWD: The Final Season in August, but most importantly -

-Heck. Yeah. :exploding_head:


What became of No Man’s Sky has made me understandably cautious when it comes to my expectations for open world space games. Combine it with the fact that Bethesda struggles to have a stable working product when they don’t have to worry about the vast logistical hurdle that is space, and well…


So far, in my opinion, the conferences that have done well

  1. Sony
  2. Bethesda
  3. Microsoft
  4. Square Enix
  5. EA

(I know Nintendo hasn’t shown, but since I unfortunately stopped playing them since I was a kid, don’t necessarily rank it)


Least we’ll have press coverage if the demo and continues info here on out. The 5 years waiting for it was excruciating.


Bioware games mostly! but super excited for cyberpunk 2077!!!


I am still waiting for the Nintendo one since I don’t have a PS4 but the PC releases looks good. I wonder if my PC could play them, that seem to be my only worry. :joy:


I’ve been a big fan of Bioware since the original Neverwinter Nights and KOTOR. Anthem scared me ever since I heard about it. But I was going to give Bioware the benefit of the doubt as hey it’s bioware.

But the whole single player in town multiplayer out of town really put me off as there was no mention of enemies scaling to the number of players so playing solo could end up being much harder. But still I thought maybe they’d surprise me after all this is Bioware right?

Then just found out that limited conversations, no companions or romance options…that is literally the final nail in the coffin for Anthem for me. I’ll be giving it a miss.


Frankly, Ubisoft this E3 has given me a more RPG game to look forward than BioWare. I would have never thought it would happen.

But Anthem have nothing interesting to offer to a single player gamer interested in stories like me, so I’ll pass. I’m just happy that is finally almost out, so BioWare will go back to Dragon Age.

Very hyped for KH3 and Ghost of Tsushima. The last of us is great looking, even if survival horror aren’t my thing.

Very curious about Beyond Good & Evil 2, but I still can’t find out if is a single player game or not. If is not, I will not bother.

Cyberpunk is very interesting, but it still is impossible to get a definitive answer to the question “will I be able to play a female protagonist?”. It’s frustrating. Is a simple question, and I don’t underdtand why it have to be so sectretive.


I’m hoping they’ll be able to restore their reputation with dragon age. Bioware earned my respect with KOTOR and later on with dragon age and mass effect but I guess pressure from EA isn’t making it easy on them. Anthem could be interesting I admit but one can hope I suppose. Also has anyone been able to figure out Death Stranding?


Ubisoft, I feel, wouldn’t go far enough to strip away all single player content in the sequel to a single-player game. Unlike EA, they have at least a vague concept of how much their fans can take. I wouldn’t doubt they’ll be pushing their “games as services” garbage in it, though.

Everyone’s figured out Kojima wrote it, so its plot is going to be nonsense either way.


Thing is I’ve never played one of his games aka metal gear solid but people always said he’s intentionally vague in trailers. Case in point I literally saw one of the earliest trailers of what eventually was part of the beginning the metal gear solid V. Still how bizarre can one get with a game ?