Speaking of chuckle fish does anyone think their spellbound game will appear at e3 or be released? I can’t wait for a magic school game after that dumpster fire of a Harry Potter game

Also never forget that if you want a good vampire rpg vampire the masquerade bloodlines is one of the best one around


We talked about it upthread, but the Spellbound game has actually changed its title to “Witchbrook.” Not sure if it’ll make an appearance at E3 (my guess is no since they’re such an indie studio) but I hope so!


nah, im good , im mostly into rpg, indie or vn’s anything with a decent story. thanks for the offer though

happy gaming ^^


If you’re more focused into the story, Orwell and Orwell: Ignorance is Strength probably will pick up your interest.

However, if you don’t mind with gameplay-heavy games with stories, there’re RIVE, Aegis Defender, Furi, Celeste, Hollow Knight, and Slay the Spire. And all of them are Indie.

BTW, there’s also Project Wingman, an indie arcade flight-shooter that borrows heavily from Ace Combat.

I don’t play many VNs, though. Can’t recommend any.


thanks, will try when i get the opportunity. :slight_smile:


I want to get Vampyr but in the middle of talking to GAME because they seem to be misadvertising it.

Adding the game to the basket on their Website automatically adds the DLC where it says the DLC has a price of £20 and I’d get it for free which on surface value sounds a decent deal. BUT I’d already saw the DLC on the PSN store and it’s only £2.49 which is a £17.51 difference. Which seems to be false advertising making it out to be a much better deal than it actually is which annoys me.


The Hunters’ Heirlooms DLC? £2.49 on Steam as well.


Here’s the Fallout 76 mural they just finished in LA for E3. Someone posted it progress throughout the week on Reddit and this is the finished product.

Edit: saw it the other day when they were halfway through with the middle one. LA near E3 is pretty interesting. Still a shithole though.



Waow EA, so you brought a pre-rendered trailer that tells me nothing about the game and a goddamn slide show to E3 for Anthem? Doesn’t really instill confidence, have something to hide? Afraid that people will realize that Anthem is literally every game ever made?

Edit: ok they got some gameplay. Also confirmed, it’s every game ever made. Sooo original. At least it looks pretty.


Yeah EA was rather disappointing. The only thing that caught my eye was Unravel 2.


Hey so which rpg do you guys prefer

  • Tyranny
  • Pillars of eternity 1

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I liked tyranny better because it was more condensed, clear cut, and had more freedom of choice. Also felt like the story was more important to the world, a group of cultist that take souls or try to stop or help an evil overlord that would make sauron piss his pants. I really hope they announce a sequel at this year’s e3


I don’t have a clear answer. PoE is a more technically impressive game, with a bigger scope than Tyranny. Whereas, Tyranny has a more interesting premise. But the actual game falls short of expectation and tlthe ending feels abrupt, almost in a rushed way.

Edit: Sea of Solitude is the only good thing that came out of EA conference. The game looks good and the presentation is good too. Props to the presenter. And the public agrees


There’s no neither option?


Anthem doesn’t look that bad. I was more worried about them separating the story and combat/missions. The whole your own story progresses when at the town then when you leave it’s where you can meet other players. I really can’t see how it’ll work well.


I forgot about Sea of Solitude! It looks pretty great as well.


Just read RPS impression of Anthem extended gameplay video on the conference floor. It’s goddamn Destiny, it’s literally goddamn Desitiny. Jesus, is it that hard to make an original AAA game these days?


I’m most excited for the new Assassins Creed. We won’t be playing as an Assassin and thats awesome because it’s time for something new.

Apparently there’s gonna be choices that effect the story and ending, customization, and the ability to play as a Male or Female. We’re an outcast mercenary rejected by our Spartan family.

This is the synopsis by the way from IGN.

“Take control of your destiny and write your own epic odyssey as you journey to become a legendary Spartan hero,” read the description. “Live incredible adventures in a world where every choice matters. Rejected by your family, you must embark on an adventure form outcast mercenary to legendary Spartan hero to uncover the truth about your past.”


Well, we finally got some news on Cyberpunk 2077. It looks fucking amazing.


Great cinematic trailer with no gameplay = nowhere near finish. But I trust cdpr’s track record so I’m not worry about this game. Not much from their official statement either. It’s mostly vague statements. It’ll be a while yet til this come out, this trailer is just their response to going dark after the first teaser.