Been playing for about 5-6 hours with side missions and here is my consensus
So far it’s okay, the whole drinking blood of the civilians to get stronger can be avoided with skill and practice.
Combat system is a little cluncky with enemies having unstoppable counters when spam is basically forded on you but it gets better when you learn the signs. The story is okay but I have no idea how it changes if you drain civilians so it deafinitly has replay value there. The charecters all have some personality but still react a little blandly at some points. The clue system is good and interesting mechanic that makes you want to find secrets and interact with charecters no matter the path you take. So far it’s a 7-7.5 out of 10.


i gave up after 2 hours, fortunately my friend brought the game (thanks to him for being my scapegoat)
we played the first few mins with great intensity but later it quickly got boring, combat was dull. and i gave up buying it.

gaming nowadays is not as it used to be, my golden years were from 2010-2014 top notch games were made during this period.


I’ve been playing the game too. i think the game is actually really hard, especially with the teleporting enemies…because the camera is like a goddamn schizophrenic with seizure! Jesus Christ the camera in this game is so bad that it make the already mediocre combat even worse. Doesnt help that the combat is just a shitty Souls-like system. Pretty meh so far, but ill stick around for the NPCs part of the game.

@Black_Wraith_Panthom have you tried playing non AAA games? Gaming is pretty great the last couple of years with a bunch of great games coming out like Pillars of Eternity, Nier, Divinity Original Sins, Battletech, Cuphead, Dark Souls 3, Stardew Valley, Beat Saber,Shadow Tactics, Vermintide 2, Persona 5, Planet Coaster, City Skylines, etc… All great games from a vast span of different genre. i feels like a lot of people complaining about games not being good are just not looking hard enough, no offense. Just letting you know there are actually a lot of great games out there.


i understand. but past few years were not in my favour, thats when i shifted to more indie, casual and text based stuff. among all those you mentioned i played only dark souls 3, its not like i only play AAA
if something catches my eye i take it, earlier i thought in apps purchase was only a playstore or app store thing but didnt notice it will become a major drawback for games. like “you want to use this rifle? buy the rifle pack for 4$” (–____–)

more or less i remain unfazed if a new game comes out nowadays. and the future of gaming doesnt seem very bright (for me of course)

the only game im looking forward this year is metro 3 , and ride 3


These years have been good for my gaming life, between older games rediscovery and new ones. I think I never finished so many titles as in 2017, some new, some old.

My problem actually is this year: I’m waiting for my friend to pass me God of War, I’m preparing myself to buy Detroit: became human, and I’m going to get surely this autumn Kingdom Hearts 3.

But this E3 may kill my wallet if this year is going to release Ghost of Tsushima, the last of us part 2 and the Medievil remaster.
Than Death Stranding is a very interesting unknow, too, but I don’t think is ready to be out.

The Spyro trilogy is another big temptation, and I’m resisting buying Shadow of the Colossus.


I doubt it, Naughty Dog and the other company whose making Ghost will probably release it next year; The other company cause it’s too soon and Naughty Dog cause they’ve only shown two trailers, meaning they going for the long haul.

Speaking of E3, it would appear that EA has placed ads about Anthem on YouTube when I’m watching videos. Trying to drum up interest I see.


Sucker Punch have been working on Ghost of Tsushima for almost four years now…so I would not exclude its release this year.

Naughty Dogs have been working on the Uncharted serie until last year, soI’m more scheptical. But I guess we will see.


Couple of tips for He combat problems, go to wider or open areas so the camera doesn’t freak out, lock in on enemies only after they attack or teleport so the camera doesn’t spaz, dodge roll till the cows come home when the enemy teleports or starts an attack. Also if the enemy has a shiny mess to their sword or looks terrified by you then they are countering and that’s when you should use an ability


Seriously? That’s awsome but, do we have any idea who is going to be the next protagonist? It’s hopefully not drake as he is too old and a flashback game would be a bad move


Well, for the last game Chloe and Nadine played their part I still have to play the game, so I don’t know if they will be good for another game, or if their story if finished…my guess is Nate and Elena little girl once grow up would be a good new protagonist.

That, or other spin off, maybe in the past with Nathan’s mother, or Sully.


Can’t when the game forced me into a building and is like “boo hoo this npc will die if you leave so you’re stuck here to fight the game’s final boss: the camera person.” And here I thought Manus from Dark Souls is hard.


Coming on here to plug indie games I like once more. If anyone here’s a fan of top-down dungeon crawlers and/or merchant games, I recommend Moonlighter, which launched a few days ago. You sell items during the day to fund your expeditions at night. The pricing system is a bit more opaque than Recettear, but you have to worry about pleasing the market instead of each individual customer. The actual dungeon crawling portions are fun, too, with a lot of rolling around, backstabbing and general dynamism to the whole thing.


What kind of games do you like? I might be able to suggest some games that is guaranteed-or-your-internet-points back to be good


Is no one here excited about Octopath Traveler or Necrobarista? Or Wargroove?

Also Vampyr sucks. #changemymind


Finally, I’ve been harping on and on about Necrobarista for a year now. Thought no one care. That game seems interesting, mainly because the creator said it’s a game inspired from his love-hate relationship with anime. Which is exactly my thoughts on anime. Not sure what’s going on with the game tho, it’s definitely missed it’s initial release date, and the lack of promotion is also a bad sign. Least their social media is still active. And yeah vampyr sucks. The character system is the only decent part of the game. The combat is hot trash.

@OP: Im also curious about Phoenix Point, looks promising from what I’ve seen


If you don’t like it, that’s your choice. Not going to hate you for it. Liking it so far. It’s not amazing by no means but I’d give it an 8/10.


Yeah it really does and it’s a shame cause we don’t even get alot of rpg vampire games nowadays.


Agreed. I had really high hopes for Vampyr but…nope.

I haven’t heard a lot about Necrobarista recently, but I’m definitely still going to get it when it releases. It’s not very popular, unfortunately, which probably contributes to the lack of promotion. Also, there’s the budget.

Right now I’m spending most of my time playing through the Ace Attorney series again, since it’s been a while. Despite what others say, Justice For All was an amazing game and definitely not the weakest in the series. #cHaNgEmYmInD


Yes I am, yes I am, don’t know.

googles Wargroove

It’s a Chucklefish game, I’d be excited if they were capable of actually finishing games.


Wow sick burn :joy: Guess they do have a bad rap though.