not a storybook fan eh?

believe me at one time when the protag was surrounded by enemies near the bridge i was pressing WASD and mouse clicks to fire or beat them, then after a second i realized its a vn XD
i was really dumb at my own actions (Fruit of GRS) (that was when i started playing vns , around a year and half ago)

ahem, everyone has their own choices, though if you ever want VN suggestion dont forget to lookout for me or try VNDB site

@Natman1025 idk saw some footage of the game last year, the thing that you need to kill and feed on npc (some are important for certain quest) seems a little bizarre to me other than that it looks good


Have you guys seen the review online of the game Yakuza by actual Yakuza members? So funny.


cough katawa-shoujo cough
Sorry, think I have something


No, but that sounds hilarious. Link? Or maybe I have and just don’t remember it. I think I saw one on a Japanese tv show.


katawa-shoujo? hmmm hmmmm i see (huehuehue) now i need to replay it.


Remember me wasn’t a DontNod game? Cute gameplay, but a little clunky at times, expecially with the quick time events :expressionless: I hated and loved the big androids…


THAT WAS DONTNOD? I never knew! I thought Life is Strange was their first game, for some reason. I remember critics saying the combat of Remember Me was pretty mediocre-to-bad, but I never played it myself!


The combat is okay, it’s the normal hit-hit-dodge thing, the story was okay but needed major suspension of disbelief, it really shined in the memory manipulation where it was just fun to see tiny details changing a whole outcome of a scenario


Yup. And I guess one of the reason they had gone all pushing the lesbian relationship. They had to cut out even a scene with Nihilin kissing a guy because publisher didn’t want to make the ethero man uncomfortable :roll_eyes:

Anyway, they had quite a few problems with finding a publisher with a female protagonist in an action game, being a small studio.
It actually saddened me that they went with the “classic” male protagonist with Vampyr.
Expecially knowing they have Remember me 2 already written but not in program to ever see the light :pensive:


@a_shoggoth Here’s the link:

It’s only text, but really funny and interesting text.


Turns out the Yakuza series is even more realistic than I gave it credit for. They really did their homework.



Ha, that was hilarious! I love how they were talking crap about foreigners and when he learned his favorite parts of the game weren’t in the us version he was sad for them


Yeah…the fallout 76 announcement was a roller coaster.

New Fallout game
Extreme yay!!

Cautious Yay?

Focus on Multiplayer
Depths of despair…

Okay that really wasn’t much of a roller coaster…I guess just sort of the first big drop. I liked building the settlements in 4 though so if the focus is on rebuilding the wasteland…it could be fun…


That would be really nice, you know, co-op building a settlement. A new kind of experience.


From what I understand. It’s still going to have a single player focus, with online elements. Let me direct you this video. In which the guy who originally leaked info for it, clarifies on what he meant.



I actually massively enjoyed Fallout 76…empty announcement twitch stream. That was some quality entertainment


@a_shoggoth @Natman1025

Yeah it is pretty realistic! My favorite part of that interview was:

S: I don’t know any ex-yakuza running orphanages.
K: There was one a few years ago. A good guy.
M: You sure it wasn’t just a tax shelter?
K: Sure it was a tax shelter but he ran it like a legitimate thing. You know.

Closely followed by this:

S: Why doesn’t he just shoot them?
K: That would be unrealistic. Nobody is going to waste a bullet on some street punk, like the ones that keep bugging Kiyru.
M: If they wanted to make it realistic, he’d pull out a gun and shoot it and miss! Or the damn thing wouldn’t fire. That would be realistic. (They all laugh).
K: Shooting people sends a message.
M: So does shooting anything. Shooting people gets you sent to jail.
K: That’s part of the job description.

Soooo funny. I wish I knew these guys :joy: And the “SEGA USA sucks” quote was golden


Feel like there is an inherent danger we are overlooking.
But seriously it would be cool to talk and walk around with yakuza all day, learning how they work and all that


So what is this Vampyr like?
I wanted to play a vampire game and the idea seems pretty interesting but I see people saying the combat is bad and the game is boring