Speaking of Indie, have you checked out Slay the Spire?
It’s a card-roguelite-ish game, and its 3rd character is recently out. I believe they’ll leave early-access pretty soon, later this year.


I have, pretty fun game. I like how it’s a card game with features that can only appear in a single player card game.


I was really interested on Fallout 76, but then I heard it’s going to be multiplayer, so yeah, that lowered my expectations

I kinda hope for a Horizon 2. And a possible XCOM 3 teaser or something.


im not sure if i should ask this but should i pre order battlefield 5? im dazzed after seeing huge amount of negative reviews not to mention its going to surpass dislike ratio of COD infinity warfare soon on youtube, im a huge fan of COD and BF series since 2007. but is the game worth buying?
even though everyone hated cod IW i was not happy or sad but it did left a hole in my wallet.

opinion guys?


Why rush? Just wait for some time, see the videos of the game on YT, more reviews, maybe ask your friends what they’re going to do.


I’m not into fps of any kind, even less multiplayer, but most of the grumbling about Battlefield 5 seem to be about the woman on the cover? And something about “historical accuracy” (always related to woman inclusion somehow, but not abour weapons and such?) But Ihaven’t see anything about actual gameplay.

If you have no problem with having more fighting women in your game, I don’t think you should have problems: it seem the usual Battlefield/any shooter I remember stuff to me from the trailer: badass soldiers in a very romanticized battle shooter game with pleasant aestetics and action a la Michael Bay.
Seem fun.

As a player, I think the better approach is to wait for review from less biased sites as possible (like, the bro type would just ramble about character A having a vagina and not the actual gameplay) and watch some gameplay video and decide for yourself.

I did it for Detroit, and after some gameplay video I’m going to buy it.


my point is not towards having a woman take role in war. my worry is will it be a 3rd rate trash which only has multiplayer, lootable boxes and such, i want a decent single player camping for story,

much like you i aint interested in multiplayer any more~ (coming from a former WOT veteran)

man i really miss the era where there were less multiplayer bullshit and more enjoyable, deep single player camping .

if your making a multiplayer make a complete multiplayer like call of duty did with black ops 4 but putting SP and MP on same plate degrades a game’s quality (in my opinion).

anyway thanks for the swift reply, will wait for more reviews.


I know single played campain is present in Battlefield 5 (the trailer was mostly about it, I guess), and there (should) be no lootboxes. But I’ve learned to take every marketing speech with a grain of salt nowadays.

I’m tired like you of MP pushed everywhere. I think only Naughty dogs did it right: multiplayer is just a bonus, and is in no way connected to the single player experience. I never touched it since it was introduced on Uncharted 2, and I never had any reason to try it, and best thing, it never go to ruin the single player experience locking stuff out or pieces of story, nor it take away resources from SP.

But the industry, no matter how much single player games still make big numbers, and are much more famous than mp stuff, don’t seem to realize that SP is still very loved, and push MP everywhere.

That’s why I’m going more and more toward indie games.


have to agree, when i heard they made titanfall 2 with SP i was overjoyed. the current most trending theme is battle royale which is if im not wrong your last man standing type of MP which i hate the most, they (devs) are reducing the co-op mechanism slowly from MP. soon there will be no “multiplayer” but “Go online” “battle online” or "Fight against the world " modes

HELL even the battlefield theme is replaced with some shady music , the BF 1942 theme was one of the most ironic themes which was smartly used for bf 3 and b1’s success

only one thing i can say for myself “sucks to be a 90’s person, as i cant stand the modern gaming with chains that bind me to the dlcs. lootbox, premium currency, season passes and god knows what”.


Eh, I’ve always been a narrative-based gamer. Since when I played almost by accident FFIX with my cousin. Until than, I only played fun games, but with basically no story, or a very simple one, like Spyro and Crash.

Since than, I only played story heavy videogames. Many point and click adventures, RPGs, JRPGs, action, and so on.
All battling with my mom who was against my hobby, that she considered not for girls and just for little kids.
I’ve been called childish more time than I could count.

Internet only came to my house toward the end of the PS3 life cicle, just in time for me to get my very first DLCs with the Mass Effect trilogy.

But playng with others had never been in my mind. I enjoy playng with my friends in the same room, be it with two pads, or taking turns. But I never liked playng with strangers on the net.
Probably because I never had internet to use on MP, so I never got into it.

For me videogames are still this great narrative potential that can tell great stories, so without one I have little interest in playng. I don’t mind building and farming games a la Stardew Valley, but is more a “relax time” for me.


Battlefield V (cause Winston Churchill’s “V for Victory” I guess) will most likely have a single player campaign and no lootboxes. Right about now y’all probably rolling your eyes and labeled me as a naive gamer that doesn’t know what he talking about. But let me explain why I think that will be the case. If you look at Battlefields strategy in the last few years, you’ll see that they tend to just do the exact opposite of whatever CoD does. Since CoD confirmed that they won’t be doing SP and will probably have lootboxes, we can assumed that Battlefield will do the opposite.
Also all the low reviews are just idiots boohooing about the female character and “muh historical accuracy!” Ignore everything you’ve read since the game isn’t out yet. Generally as a rule if thumb, ignore pre-release reviews and comments from the masses, and Polygon, and IGN.


My only concern with BF V is just its MP part going to follow the trend of MTX/Battle Royale. Other than that, it’s still a sick game with solid mechanics.

As for the female soldier, I don’t get why ppl are triggered with it. BF never stated they’ll make a historically accurate game (like KC:D), so it’s not an excuse to put all the SJW hate to it.

@a_shoggoth my only trusted gaming news outlet is just RPS. They’re quite funky, but then, all the negativity towards Hollow Knight :[


till date i play mostly story heavy games,

my main focus is on story so doesnt matter how good a game it they rarely match againt a good text, RPG or visual novels <----thats right visual novels are my staple diet other than that my next fav genre is text based games (my reason for hooking up on choice games and hosted games) and then mostly JRPG and RPGs then the rest of the gaming genre

the japanese sure know how to write good stories weather its a comedy, romance. that doesnt mean all masterpiece are from japan some are from other places too but for vn’s —> japan (OwO)

wait wait, for tragedy i think the chinese vns are better, they make you cry so hard.

still thanks everyone for their input regarding bf 5.

BTW does anyone know when age of empire 4 is coming? just saw a teaser back from 2017


CoD is doing battle royale mode, so I don’t think Battlefield V will be doing it. Cause, again, they ain’t no CoD. And I like RPS, even though sometimes their Britness confuse me. As for the hate toward female characters, it’s just the vocal minority. Most people couldn’t care less about the cover. We have more and better things to worry about, like when the hell will they port Yakuza to PC.

@Black_Wraith_Panthom I like a good story game as much as the next person. But I just can’t get into VN. I’ve tried a few, like Danganronpa 1 and 2. But I couldn’t finish them at all. I really like the stories for those games, but pressing spacebar forever is not my type of fun. Even Danganronpa gameplay isn’t enough for me, so VNs with even less gameplay are even less appealing to me. I need solid gameplay to go with my story.


I enjoy a bit of everything but story heavy games like RPGs (jRPG, cRPG, etc…), point and click and strategy games are at the top of my list, and racing games at the bottom. I am a bit of a “try hard” when it comes to certain multiplayer games like OW, dota 2 and fighting games, most of my friends share that “try hard” mindset so we all have a good time playing (not so much if we start losing a lot haha) and the ones that don’t share it i play more casual multiplayer games with them, or i play some board games.

2020 maybe? Nothing official yet though, maybe they will announce at e3


fruit of grisaia? if my heart had wings? or The devil on G-string? <------these are quite the ones i always recommend of course you can get these on steam too (if you want censored version) or you can start with small vns like wolf tails ( quite short- 5-8 hrs) or fox hime zero or if you want someting other than romance novels then you can go for dengeki striker (action) or the letter (horror)

Yakuza eh? i hear this after a loooonnnngggg time i almost forgot it, way back in 2011 when i went to tokyo i saw those ps discs in game stores at that moment i though its just some replica of street fighter or something, guess i was wrong.

happy gaming ^^


Yakuza is YUGE in Japan and has a large (and increasing) cult following in the West as well. The series is known for wack ass mini games and very realistic depiction of the more shadowy areas of Japan. The series is also known for its immersive stories. Very much reminiscence of old Yakuza movies.

As for the VNs, I think I’ll pass. None of those looks like it’ll give the players a lot of agency. I don’t doubt the stories are good, I’ve heard of grisaia, but it’s the gameplay that I can’t get pass. I don’t mind reading LNs, but it’s just hard for me to do VNs.


Anyone else excited for vampyr? Comes out on the fifth and I can’t wait for it.


I’m intrigued. But since I haven’t seen any gameplay whatsoever, I can’t get excited. It’s DontNod so it’s going to be narrative driven, which is a genre that I enjoy every now and then. But yeah it looks interesting.


I’m excited for it! To my knowledge I don’t think Dontnod has done combat in a game before, so it’ll be interesting to see how they execute it. I’m a little nervous that it might be spooky, but I love the idea of an “open-world” London with seamless districts and over 60 NPCs with their own relationships, dialogue, routines, and effect on the world!