Well, the leitmotif already borrows a bit from the Unsung War’s leitmotif.

I mean, compare this

with this

PA showing their magic, again :]
Or Keiki, in this case.


I dunno, I think their games were actually stories right from the start with various choices that were there just for the flavor and didn’t add much to the plot itself. Detroit has its flaws compared to Telltale’s games too; I think as visually stunning it is, Quantic Dream’s work is not worth that much. It’s around 10 hours of content at maximum and the replay value isn’t that great. Yes, countless branching options, but almost non-existent gameplay. So, for most people, TWD looks like more of a game than Detroit, which can be counted as a movie.


I think the replay value for Detroit is there, especially when compared to Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls. I’m still finding out all the crazy ways that the story can end, and I admire that the story will just keep going if any of the three main characters die at any point. The QTEs did take up too much of the gameplay experience, but I loved the detective work and whatnot of the other sequences–Kara’s escape from Zlatko’s mansion was really fun! And I find the story-telling much more compelling.

I would agree, largely Telltale was already still telling the same story from season 1, but I do think choices had more of a noticeable effect back then (determinant deaths really had an influence if a person stayed alive Ben), whereas now if you keep a person alive, they’re just silently in the background until the next time they can die. I would also say that TWD has become more of a cinematic experience and less of a game, at least since Season 1: you used to be able to explore a lot more, have a hub-world, solve puzzles and etc., but I noticed this was really lacking in Season 3.


Detroit would have a better replay value, I keep finding these little secrets determined by certain hidden factors. (Hank trying Connor’s coin trick is pretty funny).
I also prefer its characters over Telltale’s. I’m going to be honest and people are probably going to kill me for it. I liked Clementine as a character but I didn’t really get attached to her. The drastic change in the personality as seen in Season 3 kind of put me off too. Recently TWD’s choices have just been “pick this choice and just make up its consequence in your own head cause the outcome is the same”. It’s like someone from Telltale heavily abused *fake_choice. (:laughing:)

Quantic Dream’s games also take more time to develop and are more expensive so it’s reasonable to say Telltale’s games are more accessible.


Everyone here arguing about the importance of choices in narrative game and all I could think of is when can i blow stuffs up as a giant robot


Story of Seasons, Fire Emblem for Switch

Though I haven’t a Switch yet. XD I have a PC though while I usually wait for sales since I am on a budget.


There’s going to be a new SoS announced soon?


When the Switch was announced, there was a logo of the Bokumono series in the developers part of the videos. It’s still all conjecture tho if h since there’s no news yet from Marvelous xD


Not even remotely close to E3, or a FPS game, but are any of you as interested as I am in Ooblets and Witchbrook?

Ooblets is like a studio Ghibli, Pokemon, and Animal Crossing lovechild. It just looks precious.

And then Witchbrook, formerly Spellbound, is basically Stardew Valley set in a wizarding school. Cute pixel graphics and apparently an emphasis on npc relationships by the same company that published SV. (Though separate developers completely.)


I saw this before and I totally forgotten about it. Thanks for reminding me. I am looking forward to this!


Ooh, I didn’t know Spellbound had a new title! I hope we hear something about a release date! I’ll have to check out Ooblets!


Cyberpunk 2077… like everyone else.

I think Don’t nod is supposed to be there to talk about LiS 2. Which I’m excited about.

Idk if they’re actually going to be there but I’d love some more info on Greedfall.

And…sigh… Anthem. I know it’s probably going to be a boring repetative cash grabby Destiny clone, but I can’t help it. I’ve loved Bioware for too long to not hold out a little hope.


I’ve just checked it out and it look so precious! Put it in my Steam wishlist.


Kynseed seems similar to SoS. You can farm, forage, have kids and actually grow old with the other villagers and die then your kid takes over.


Basically all I wanted from the sims and that I can do only until the sims 3! I’ve put the game on my wish list. Seem very interesting!


Searched Kynseed in Steam and it’s not released yet. XD Thanks for info, put it in my wishlist!


Kynseed is a gem! If you back the kickstart you get access to an early build. I will tell you it’s even more beautiful, somehow, than the screenshots let on and I can’t wait for the release.

In a similar vein, since I want to recommend all the Indie games I possibly can, Orange Season is another Stardew Valley / Harvest Moon esque game that is upcoming and shares many of the same features.


It seem very cute too! I had spent more hours on Stardew Valley and the sims 3 that I can count, and these games seem to be exactly what I would love too! Thanks for the condivision!


Yessss more hm-like games where I can befriend/romance npcs


Oh goodie, another year of marketing professionals throughout the gaming industry loading up their shotguns and shooting a massive bleeding fake smile on their face, to misinterpret a whole load of stuff onto our faces until we want to buy it, and then telling us we cam’t have it until fall next year.

Vampyre has always caught my eye, most likely due to my desperation for another Bloodlines, so I’ll keep an eye out for that. There’s also that new Pokemon game for Switch which I’m so horribly interested in, even though it still won’t motivate me to go buy one. And I haven’t seen fuck all about that werewolf World Of Darkness game, so some closure on it would be nice.

If I’m going to be honest, though, the majoirty of my attention will more focused towards the indie games. No specific ones that I’m excited about, I’ll just browse through the ones that are being showcased and see which one tickles my fancy.