If I die before this game comes out, I will be the most pitiful vengeful ghost to ever exist. It’s not confirmed to be at E3 but there is a good possibility and plenty of murmurs from the rumor mill. Anything new would be wonderful because I’ve re-watched the trailer a shameful amount of times.


Cyberpunk 2077, MK XI, Soul Calibur and the RE2 remake


Vampyr sounds neat, original and interesting. I really don’t know of any confirmed released dates for 2018.
(Bannerlord… but I doubt it).

Bannerlord releases this year in the upcoming autumn.


Death Stranding. Can’t wait for it to be out. :star_struck:


I’m just waiting for any glimpse of hope for AC7 :[


More news about the main series Pokemon games, for one. Releasing in 2019 and we don’t have any clue what they’re about.


Apparently one of the locations it might be is in World War 2.

  2. Anything from Arkane Studios
  3. Death Stranding
  4. Ghost Of Tsushima
  5. Spiderman

Any new IP are welcome, new Arkham/other super hero from Rocksteady


Steam says Vampyr is due to 5th of June. Or did they move the date again?

As for E3, Cyberpunk 2077 and see what Croteam has been up to.


No, the date hasn’t been moved, I don’t think.


Oh yea i forgot about nintendo, hopefully they will tease something about the new pokemon rpg and metroid prime 4 but their focus will be on smash 5 and the splatoon tourney i think


Just Cyberpunk 2077. Nothing else interests me presently.


I’m really interested in Kingdom Hearts 3 (I just need a date!!!)
Ghost of Tsushima and The Last of Us part 2, a remaster of Ico, and news about Medievil.


I just realized how underrated this thread is.

I’ll go show some love.


Nah, not Assassin’s Creed. I meant Ace Combat 7 :sweat_smile:
Doesn’t mean I’m not into Assassin’s Creed, though. It’s just that Assassin’s Creed has lost its charm these years, although Origins shows some good steps into “fun” by reducing the mundane part of previous titles.


Anything from the PC Gaming Show if they’re doing that again, you never know what’s going to come out of that. BattleTech was a pleasant surprise a couple of years ago. Necrobarista seems interesting, even if they’ve gone radio silent for a while now. MechwWarrior 5 would be amazing and it seems close to gold. A port of Yakuza would be really nice.

There’s also Valve, and before you start snarking, there’s a high likelihood that Valve will be in E3 soon. Maybe not this year but soon, they started making games again, and no not just VR bullshit. With Artifact, their new acquisition of Firewatch studio, their new office and the new hiring website, Valve is back in making games. No HL3 tho, it’s financially stupid to release it at this point.


I’m hoping against hope that E3 will have SOMETHING on the Final Fantasy 7 remake! That’s the only thing I’m really interested in. I would also be intrigued/excited by:

  1. Another weird Death Stranding trailer
  2. A mainline Elder Scrolls game (unlikely with the announcement of 76…)
  3. A Bioware game (specifically Dragon Age) that’s not Anthem
  4. Animal Crossing or Fire Emblem (there are rumors of something called Fire Emblem: Memories)…
  5. Life is Strange Season 2
  6. Word on the last Walking Dead Telltale game
  7. HIGHLY IMPOSSIBLE but something about a Persona 3 remake :sweat_smile:


I totally fucking forgot about Ace Combat 7. THERE better be references to Wardog and Razgriz or so help me!


Personally, I was already tired of Telltale’s BS “your choices actually matter”, but after playing Detroit, it got worse. Seeing as how the game always has consequences for your every action (almost) and a tiny bit of dialogue for each minor outcome, Telltale’s games don’t even look like games. I don’t mind Telltale’s stories. They’re often fine and sometimes good. But I don’t like the fact that devs keep pushing their work as a sort of a game that “remembers your choices”.


They’re so rushed in their development window that the number of true branches they can make is severely limited. I agree, after Detroit I’ll never look at them the same again—I was already tired of it by season 3 of TWD—but I’m too invested in Clementine’s story now! I’m willing to play the last season, but I agree that they’ve become inferior in the narrative video game category. Which is a shame, because I considered them big trailblazers!