Man Detroit is good, it has a lot of cliches and the gameplay is meh but the story is just so damn fun to go through and actually has emotion in it


I don’t mind the gameplay as I enjoyed Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls. I’m just blown away by how beautiful the graphics are. It’s times like this that make me glad I got the ps4 pro.

Also playing Knockout League on my psvr and that is so much fun but tires me out lol


I made the mistake of triggering he end of the cycle in stellaris and fast forwarding 180000 days

It goes at about 75 ticks a second
I have about 45 mins to go


Extremely prolific video game critic Total Biscuit died on Thursday. Lots of people expressing their grief on twitter… and a few assholes dancing for glee…


Hey so tyranny is on sale for 66% off on steam, but the summer sale starts next month. Should I get thranny or see if others come up because the sale ends today


66% discount is pretty huge. But if you’re looking for another game, or you’re not really itchy to get your hands on Tyranny, maybe you’d like to wait for the summer sale.

I don’t play Tyranny since potato, but I’ve heard that it has a good story with grey morality thingies.


I had been looking forward to this game for many years. Now having played it, I feel it was worth the wait. I loved every minute of it, also really liked the characters. How did you feel about it? Please share, I will check back after another play through, or two. So my choices aren’t influenced by the optimal sounding outcomes, that may be discussed here.


I really like it but I can see why many people can’t get into it. It looks like more of a branching movie than a real game.


How would you describe gameplay? Heavy rain level or more interactive?


The game, compared to Heavy Rain, is more branched out. I think the gameplay elements come off better because of Connor’s role into the game. (Android Investigator). Of course, Heavy Rain had a character similar to that profession, though there it felt more linear.


Loved it! I cried like a baby. Especially with the relationship with Kara and Alice


I’m not done with it yet, but so far I think it’s the best of quantic dream so far.

Kara’s story is my favorite. The only thing I’d change about the game is to make it all about her. Not that I don’t like the others, I just love her story, and I’ve been waiting to play it since 2013.

Spoilers below for the title screen? Can you spoil a menu?

I actually just turned it off for a break. The android who greets you on the main menu asked me if we were friends!! I said yes of course, and she seemed happy, but then her expression changed from its usual neutral to just exactly what I was feeling about the story. I dont know if I’m just protecting. Or if the game analyzes your recent choices. Either way every part of this game is playing with my feelings.


I just had that menu thing (her name is Chloe I think) happen to me, too! She seemed happy but is consistently looking more and more troubled as time goes on: probably to imply that she’s becoming deviant along with the game’s androids, too?

I love the game so far and agree that it’s Quantic Dream’s best by a long shot. My only teensy complaint (being spoiled from CoG) is that options sometimes don’t let me know exactly what they mean, especially in conversation. There was one instance that I can remember where the choices just said “work,” “equality,” or something else, and choosing “work” made my character say something I wasn’t expecting at all and regretted immediately. :joy:


I had the exact same thing! In the exact same spot.

I love the game too so far. I hope it never ends.


For those, like myself that like the menu girl Chloe. if you set her free once you’ve completed the game. The menu screen becomes very lifeless, and boring… I set her free, and immediately regret it, since she leaves to do her own thing


To be honest, Connor is bae


YES, Connor is my favorite! I wish I were an android who could romance him! :joy:


Hey do you guys play pub mobile? (incoming comments about how mobile sulks, PC or xbox is the best etc.)

Ik it isn’t as good as PC but 1) Free! 2) Friends play it and 3) Easy


This is the most pc gaming thing I’ve seen in a while


E3 is nearing and our excitement is climbing higher with each new development. To all my fellow forum gamers I wanna hear what you have to say about this year’s E3. With the current teasers released and the most recent being Fallout 76, I’ve been wondering how everyone else is feeling about this year’s expectations?

What games are you hoping for with this year’s expo?

What previews have really caught your attention?

What rumors do you hope will come true?