Pretty much GoT in space. And Mechs can absolutely get one shorted. Heavy and Assault Mech can pack so much heat that a full salvo grom them will blow parts of your mech to the scrap heap if you’re not careful. The armor and HP you see on the hp bar is the TOTAL amount of armor and GO everywhere on a Mech combined. Each part has their own armor and HP that you can see in game. You don’t need to strip armor off of everywhere on a Mech, just need to strip down the armor where you want to.


That game seems to have a harder learning curve, so I’ll stick with XCOM.


I found XCOM to be pretty hard. I had to turn it to its easiest difficulty. I’m more of a Total War or Europa Universalis player though.


Yeah, I did the same. Easiest difficulty. Still got my ass kicked but finished the game victorious. It’s not that I couldn’t have done better, it’s just that I’m not used to much planning. That being said, I didn’t dash my guys into the battlefield right away, though. I’ve never played EU but I am a player of CK2 if it counts for something.


Those Chryssalid’s though. Shudders. CK2 is fun. Bit more intrigue than I was used too but starting Crusades against people was fun. You should try the After the End overhaul mod if you haven’t already. Post apocalyptic feudal America is pretty crazy.


Chryssalids? LOL. I remember a council mission I almost lost because of them. You had to blow their nest up on a ship or something. Even when dashing, these little (just as an expression here, they were pretty big) bastards caught up to my soldiers quick. They got two of my soldiers down and the reward was really bad.


I remember that mission. Those things are straight up evil. I remember trying to sprint away from them as quick as possible only for them to be like, “NOPE” and kill all of my best team members. Man I hate those guys.


And they turn all the trash into zombies. And by trash I mean the civilians. Cause that’s what they are.
Base defense of XCOM was really fun though. 6 unimportant defenders died that way. (The generated NPCs who you don’t have in the barracks).


Battletech is out on Steam.


I bought it on gog on release. I try to buy from gog as much as possible.


Lol ok, well here’s the GOG link for anyone who wants it! :smiley:



I’m just waiting to receive the backer build of Phoenix Point, been patiently waiting…yes…waiting patiently.


good to know battletech seems to be a good game. it was one of the few games I backed on kickstarter…pity my laptops out of commission for now, I’ll grab it later though


Devastated to hear that TB cancer is terminal and he doesn’t have much time left. Best wishes for his family and friends. It sucks since I’ve been following him for years now. Hands down the most objective, non-biased PC game reviewer ever. Truly one of a kind, no one else will be able to filled his shoes.


I play with proxy, the connection is more stable. It provides a secure internet connection. It’s not so expensive and helps to get access to any blocked website too. Good speed and a huge variety of private services. So it fully meets my needs.


I can’t decide which game I should get

  • State of decay 2
  • UFC3

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I love both equally and I keep finding reasons to sway towards the other every time I find a positive


Well, I’m more a survival gamer rather sport-fighting, so I’ll choose SoD2 any day.


Well this is embarrassing, turns out UFC 3 was 20% off if I had 2 so I’m gonna get it. :neutral_face:


I became a fan of Counter Strike. It is amazing, because there’s just so many options.
I’m not that big on FPS but the game has such a huge variety of modes that you’re bound to find something that you like. Surfing, zombie escape, bunny hopping, deathrun and jail break. Also it’s more interesting to play in a team. This platform helped me to find my dream team and develop my skills.