Not really IMO. 3 was probably the high point. 4 added a few fun things and stayed true to the same principles as 2 and 3 but didn’t add anything that excited me. After that I felt it all went downhill.


Nah, not a lot happened after 3…i mainly just played because I’m a collectaholic





I hate console gaming. I’d like to play Persona 5, it’s a year old game but the price barely dropped. EBay is the cheapest but I don’t trust eBay that much. If the game is on steam, it would be discounted through the floor by now.


Not quite, that game is popular enough to warrant rpg of the year so even on steam it wouldnt be that much of a price drop, and they don’t do major sales for giant games like that until about 2 years. It might down to 45 if it was on there. I’ve seen it at Walmart for about 48 so try there if you can


Random Question: Did anyone struggle on Mario Kart Double Dash’s Rainbow Road? I mean, today I just managed to complete it and I was so proud.

The newer version (Mario kart Wii) is easier in my view.


The price is still high because it only released out side of japan this year and has been extremely successful.


Still, I’ve seen great games getting discounted on steam a bunch. I got Nier Automata for like 30. Still, my point of console gaming sucks still stand. I don’t get why anyone would pay 60 for a subpar version of a game. Man, why can’t studios just port shit to pc? Or better yet, just develop for pc and then port it to consoles.


There is more money in the console market.


True, even if technically, there are more money in the pc market. But PC gamers tend to be more aware of the industry and less likely to become a whale. PC gamers, I believe, are more financially independent. That how they can get a pc that cost about as much as a small car. Also, I’ve seen people sunk a lot of money into a pc game. Personally, I’ve sunk at least 500 bucks into dota, a game that I only play got less than 5 hours a week.


Yeah. A lot of big games (cod, battle field, fifa etc) are aimed at younger people or people who view gaming more as a past time where as the PC market is older and more serious about gaming. I personally think that exclusives are stupid but I have both a pc and PS4 so It isn’t really an issue for me.


Well a couple of good things for console are
1 not everyone is able to make a super pc by themselves and those can cost up to 5 times a single console
2 it’s a simple plug in and play compared to the 27 steps to setting up a pc
3 exclusives are a thing
4 the controls feel all the more natural for some people compared to keyboards


Very true! I love the dual shock 4 controller and depending on the game (anything that doesn’t require precision) will use the controller because it’s so nice and natural to use.


I mean, I have a ps4 too. But it’s hard to justify any game purchase for it. Whenever, I see a 60 bucks ps4 game, I just couldn’t help but think that maybe I’ll finally get PUBG for half that price or something.

@Natman1025 nah it’s not that hard. A completely new person like Terry Crew can do it so you can too. Plus it’s not that expensive, mine is about 650. Admittedly mine isn’t the most powerful but I’m pretty sure it can stomp a ps4 or xbone into the ground. It just take a bit of digging around.


I can’t do it at all, and I’ve tried for about a year. Harder for some then for others.
I’ve gotten some help but even with a $400(at the time) graphics cards it couldn’t even beat my xbox when playing ark


Fair enough. I have the mentality of do I want this game? If no ignore if yes buy. I am terrible with money but on the bright side I regret very few of my impulse buys.


When it comes to building a pc the best thing you can have is patience. It took me a few months to get all the parts for my first pc and that was just a case of searching for good parts on sale at different times. It was worth it in my opinion anyway.


OMG i love playing league of legends.
This game really improved my brain a lot.


New death stranding trailer
Weirdness will ensue, you have been warned

If you understood this then you are a genius
Ps don’t look at the comments it’s just random people all saying “im confused”

And here is some explanations to what you just watched


We all know even hideo kojima is confused about it.