I’m gonna guess that by alterd you mean something horrific

I seriously wish they changed the magic system, it was the main reason I stopped playing ff15


All magic is weaker than Noctis’s and you get one offensive spell which can change based on skills equipped (either weapon or a king skill). You heal, which can change base on king skills (in one case forgoing healing for a buff) And you get a block button, same deal. That’s you’re magic.

Oh I also fought Noctis’s buddies, Ignis was the easiest, like a blind man without a cane. Promptos was the most frustrating but not threatening. Gladios got parried and died.


Did anyone see that skyrim vr is out? I can’t wait to play it!


This sounds interesting, especially for fans of pirates, anthos and shifting about gender, species, appearance and the like.


Uncharted series, The Witcher 3, Dying Light - my favorites. However, I may play Betsoft software too. And what do you think about Space Rangers 2?


I just love God Eater and Dark Souls, so I’m waiting for the GE: 3 and Code Veil… oh and I’m holding out hope for Dissidia but I haven’t heard amazing praise for the new one coming out but that was beta at least. And maybe I’ll pick up X remastered, since that was my first Final Fantasy.


A large portion of indie games that I don’t have access to due to having no comp at the moment. I’ve also found a bunch of games on the PSN Store I love, including Armello and Rebel Galaxy.


I hate Armello. Mainly because dice and me has a rocky relationship with each other. Other than hat it’s a fun game to play with friends that like board game.


I’m excited to be able to play the Nintendo switch I’m getting for Xmas!



Likely going to show my Age/Generation/Console Preference here… :stuck_out_tongue:

Fav Fun Game:

Fav Story Game:

Fav Game for Atmosphere:

Fav Controller:

Fav Platform:

Near Perfect Game:

Fav Male Character:

Fav Female Character:

Fav Game Soundtrack:

First Video Game:

Will agree that Journey is beautiful and near perfect though.


You have amazing taste my friend.


Thanks. I would mention that Bugs is the first game I owned and I did play SNES games at a friend’s house and I was fond of Super Mario World and Super Metroid, but I never owned them so I was much more of the late PS1/Early PS2 Generation. I also had these games early on, all of which were favs of mine.


Wow, Crash Bandicoot Warped really takes me back and even after so long I still want to play the old Tekken games (if your wondering; yes i still do have an original PlayStation Platinum and i love it more than my family)


this is the first Cabinet game i played when my parents took me to the Arcade for my birthday one year, guess i’m showing my age also lol


5 years on and still going strong huh, seems like games will always have a place here.


I’m not sure if I mentioned it here but over the last month I have really gotten into the elder scrolls online. Not really for the gameplay it’s mediocre but I joined a rp guild and that’s where the game really shines for me.


Wish i could still find some old arcades about in my area…


I never really followed the Tekken games that well after 3, not sure if I’ve overly missed anything significant in that series…

Warped was awesome. Got Crash: N-Sane Trilogy with the PS4 remasters on my Christmas list! :slight_smile:


My first tekken was/is 7. My second favourite fighting game ever.