I was actually beginning to respect EA again but thats gone now.


It seems this is EA new motto:

"Welcome to EA games, how can we help you in taking your money and ruining your love for video games ? "

Much as I respect EA, even I find this too bloody cruel for any gamer. Not everyone plays it 24/7 or rolling with dough.


I kinda like the Ubisoft club thing Ubisoft is doing, getting people to play games and get the most out of them with rewards for doing so


I understand people are frustrated and feel betrayed but I don’t think the EA/Spacey comparison was at all accurate or appropriate…

Edit: actually I don’t understand making the comparison no matter how hard I try to empathize, that was dishonest of me and I apologize. I was trying to be nice since I don’t think this breaks any rules and I don’t know your background.


It’s not a comparison to Spacey, more of a meme stemming from the fact that Spacey thought coming out as gay/minority will somehow magically deflect accusations toward him. The point is that it’s ridiculous anyone would think coming out as anything would clear their wrongdoings. This would works just as well if instead of gay it says jewish/9-11-survivor/furry/atheist or any other oppressed minority. People just use gay because Spacey did it first.


I really don’t care if it’s a meme. It’s tasteless and crass.


Still not sure if i should get Battlefront 2, not being into online multiplayer not sure how long the story is if it’s short might not bother getting it.


Uplay was something that encouraged me to get achievements/trophies for once. I loved it. Except when I didn’t have internet… for three years.


I feel nothing for uplay/Unisoft club. It is a thing I ignore and I feel that the games are neither worse or better with or without it. I suppose it’s good if you can be bothered with it. Thankfully it’s unobtrusive.


Ubisoft club/play gives me incentive to chase achievements. You can get some cool stuff from that. Meanwhile EA is hellbent on crushing the gaming community with micro transactions. Basically, EA is the devil and we the gamers are the poor souls he tries to entice.


Fair enough. I chase achievements if I like the game enough.


Does that make wallet warriors the little imps?


There’s a ranking system to it. Like I said, we gamers are merely the corrupted souls they feed upon.


That too. If the games not fun then there’s no point.


I was playing FF 15’s comrades dlc, my guy glitched out, his eyelashes turned white, then his face became the sun, then blackface, then green, then blackface combined with green (eyes and neck) until I reedited him and fixed the problem :laughing:


How is comrades?

I really really enjoyed the base game (I played and enjoyed the original chapter 13). So is it worth getting?


There’s a greater focus on parrying in combat, which I liked, except for certain monster being weird with it. There’s less weapons (and types) and you have to repeat missions a lot to progress, and you need to know the map to know where to progress. No lip movement. I like the upgrade system (beside the reforging mechanic because you need weapons to have certain stats by the end of their leveling to progress to the next and can’t keep adding stats and skills) Though I’d say overall it’s fun (even with all my complaining making it seems otherwise), keep in mind I’ve been soloing so I don’t know how the online is. Character creation: not many options to start with but you unlock more as you play and the starting clothes look cool. Also to note I’m not done with it.

Apparently everyone still has magic from the kings corpse though.

There’s katanas, mace/clubs, daggers and crossbows. Dodging is blocking now. You get a spell depending on equipped weapon skills and heal with magic.


Thanks. Just one more question when is it set? Is it during the king’s glaive movie or during Dark world


Sounds more like a nightmare then a glitch

Wait so they fixed magic and didnt just make it sucky grenades? Did they also fix magic in the main game in a update recently because I saw an option for that in the update poll once and that would be a miracle


It’s near the end of the base game. Up to right before the prologue. One of the trophies mentions you get to see Noctis come back You’re basically restoring electricity to everywhere.

The magic system’s different for the dlc. On another note you get to use the powers of the king weapons without life drain… some of them, some are altered.