Would you say that its replayable, and that the story’s good? And are the ROs good?


Semi Spoiler, nothing plot but don’t read if you want to go in blind


The game deletes itself after you’ve played it, and from what I know you don’t even really romance anybody. It’s a horror psychological trip it isnt really a romance visual novel


Hm, thats weird, I thought the game said you could romance people. Oh well, it sounds worth the buy anyways. (Though other opinions on whether something is worth the buy is always appreciated).


It’s all a lie, false marketing to bring in that sense of dread when it hits the fan but is still definetly worth the buy as it is free. Katawa shoujo is good if you are looking for a beautiful romance vn


RIP Visceral, another victim of EA


Bro, I buy every single game relesed (unless it’s really bad).

I don’t have the time for a full review, but it’s pretty good! I played through… 3 or 4 times maybe? There are a lot of options. You can be a policeman (or the equivalent), you can be a complete monster who hangs people randomly or even a master mind only in it for the money.

So yeah, I recommend it! If I had to give it a note just like that…

Story: 3/5 (it’s mostly short cases with the main plot becoming important in the end).
Stats: 4/5 (it’s original but there aren’t a bunch and it’s easy to follow)
Characters: 3/5 (some are cool but I still think they are mostly cliché)
Replayability: 4/5 (you have very different paths to take, so if you want to see everything, you’ll have to play through a few times)

Total: 14/20 (potentially 15) It’s not the game of the year, but it’s still a good one, and I feel like it’s worth the price.


Thanks man, I appreciate you taking thr time out to help me decide.


On the one hand, ticked about EA killing off yet another company and the likely messing about with Visceral’s Star Wars single player open world game they were planning which could have easily been this generation’s Knights of the Old Republic, and if released at all will probably be turned into another Destiny clone…

…on the other OMG THAT NEW STORY TRAILER FOR BATTLEFRONT 2 IT’S LOOKING SOOOOOOO GOOD. If you haven’t seen it watch it here! Very excited at seeing the events following ROTJ and leading up to Force Awakens from the Imperial perspective.


From what I’d read Viscerals star wars game was a single player linear game so I assumed it’d be like uncharted or last of us or Tomb raider. I’m kinda hoping what they were saying about what they want to do was make it more like kotor.


I have played some more pillars of eternity. It just Hasn’t stuck. I normally love crpgs. I think the issue is the combat.

On the brightside divinity original sin 2 is amazing.


Take Pet Pal. I don’t care what else you do, but for the Lucian’s sake, take Pet Pal as early as possible.


Starting perk bud. Starting perk.


Just Geralt doing Geralt things


Bendy and the Ink Machine is literally my LIFE right now!



I kinda want to try doki doki lit club. But anything with this much memes is definitely dangerous


You should try anything that comes with a horror tag and a content warning right at the beginning despite its appearance. :blush:


Sooooo is anyone playing the new .Hack video game? Just came out today. I was a pretty big fan of the series when it was popular.


Here is the most downvoted comment on Reddit. Fuck EA.

Edit: Reddit link here.


Update: about 300k now