I started playing pillars of eternity. I feel like im playing wrong. Im on normal mode but i keep getting destroyed in combat. Am i just starting encounters or am i playing wrong? Can anyone who has played the game offer me tips?


If there is an easier difficulty, pick it. Pillars of Eternity is an incredibly hard game to just play, you need to be able to consistently utilize spells and abilities, and constantly pause.


I played the hell out of it this weekend and I was happily surprised with the scenarios they accounted for. I had an orc who was blood brothers with another orc that I didn’t want to recruit, so I ordered mine to kill his blood brother. Instead of betraying me like I expected, he did it, while complaining about how cruel I was.

I got rid of an orc I didn’t care about called “the record keeper.” He came back as “the machine” and he was just the worst. He was a mystic assassin meaning he could instantly close the distance and one hit me, and he didn’t give a last chance. I killed him five or six times, and each time he came back with less of himself and more machine parts. He was missing both legs, an arm, and 90% of his face last time I saw him. I haven’t seen him in a while and I worry I killed him for good :frowning:

I like that necromancers are officially introduced, explaining how these guys keep coming back. One of my orcs is a necromancer, it’s fun setting him as my bodyguard and going around with a zombie orc army.

Fun story but BIG spoilers for the Bruz quest line: After I mega shamed Bruz and broke his mind, I got tag teamed by a pair of Olog-hai blood brothers. They told me they were out for revenge for what I’d done to Bruz. I killed one and shamed the other, who became deranged. Then he immediately came back for revenge for his brother, but introduces himself to me as Bruz.

Re: lootboxes. I mean, I’d rather lootboxes weren’t a thing, but if you have to, I’d rather this than Deus Ex: HR. It doesn’t take away anything from the game, and arguably doesn’t add much either. I did buy a bunch of silver boxes because I had 40k mirian and nothing better to do with it.

Edited to add: I forgot to mention the guy I killed by poison and came back with his face all melted off and a poison weapon of his own. That was amazingly gross.


O put the game on easy and i think my biggest problem was the fact i was missing the fighter companion lol.


I just got my keep and i just wanna know how much effect will my decision s have on the world?


I’m back. I finished Undertale. If you haven’t played and are clicking on spoilers out of curiosity…I’m that person, too. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: But seriously, don’t with this one. Just go play it! It’s only $10, and not that long. ~15-20 hrs, depending on how thorough you are. Do it! :crazy_face:Got the second ending, I mean. Completely agree with this, now I’m trying to get my brother to play… :grin:

My favorite games are the ones that tell stories in a way that only a game could, though I usually have to bring up examples in a few different games to make my point. Now I can just point to Undertale. :blush: It wouldn’t really work if the choices weren’t yours.

Oh and the characters! I mentioned in another thread somewhere around here that my favorite characters are ones with layers, more complicated than your first impression without contradicting it. Dichotomous characters. That was basically every character. Sans is probably my favorite, but Undyne and Alphys kept surprising me when I thought I had them figured out. Especially Alphys on the second play thru! It’s interesting how the game plays hard into certain stereotypes but ultimately shows them to be very human. Why was breaking to a character that anime wasn’t real as tricky for me as that big choice in the climax!!??

I’m still a little confused about the background of the character I named. My roommate made sure I found the VHS tapes in the True Lab on my second playthru, but that just gave me more questions! Do the buttercups mean what I think they do? I know I could play it again and get the genocide ending, and maybe get more information, but now that I’ve seen the game I realize it’s a lot harder than it sounded. Farming rooms I can handle, but killing Sans? Napstablook? :sob::fearful: Haven’t decided if I want to yet.

What I really want to do now is watch someone else play it for the first time…

Okay, I’m done. You can keep talking about Shadow of War and loot boxes now…


Play Doki Doki Literature Club, they said…

It’s just a cute and innocent anime VN, they said…


I thought it was interactive hentai. How close was I?


Not even close, imagine if you got high, started seeing cute anime charecters and then halfway through it turned into a bad trip where reality was tearing itself apart

Personally I’m more of a katawa shojo kinda guy


Not even
(20 characters)


You actually don’t have to kill Napstablook for the genocide ending, for some reason, he doesn’t count towards it. Sans however… :cry: :cry: :sob:.

Fun fact though, they are not buttercups, although they commonly get mistaken as such. What did you name your character? Mine’s always called Izanagi.


I came pretty close to playing it. But all the Steam reviews tipped me off that something wasn’t right. Wasn’t in the mood in for some anime fuckery at the time so decided to pass on it


I hated all of the characters to be honest, they were either too self-righteous or cowardly. The genocide run is my favorite. Killing Papyrus and Sans was the best.


That’s the wrong reaction…


My My, Me senses the Bone-chilling Undertale fandom crawling up to the surface of the Forum…Trust me ye newbies, once you enter you shall never return unless you have enough Determination to return…
EDIT: P.S, Undertale is the best game of my life…after Monster hunter of course…


Monster Hunter is amazing. You getting monster Hunter world’s?


Whaaat, why on Earth would you think that? Seriously though, I know most people didnt havd that reaction, but I just thought most of the characters were insufferable. Especially Papyrus, Sans and Undyne.


I literally only played it because I saw the horror tag. I was kind of hoping for multiple bad endings…

!@&$# best girl Just Monika.

You just write poems and make a few choices

The closest thing I played to Monster Hunter was God Eater and Arcana.


So, can anyone tell me if Trial of the Thief Taker is worth it? Preferably with a score on how good the story is, the characters, and things like that. (Maybe @Harroc wants to chime in if they’ve played it?)


I’ve played it but found the way the language is that I couldn’t understand a thing. Like I’d spend 30 minutes trying figure out what a couple of the words mean, translate them into modern English then go back. That’s the only complaint I have about it.