I like the game so far but the only problems I have are two things, 1
it suffers from the bordum between missions that allmost all open worlds do, I don’t even think the grunts I brand even do anything besides disappear after I leave
And 2
I think that they could have done something more with captain relationships. For instance they can now betray you but all that it does is essentially force you to give them a slap in the face then you can recruit them again, and there is no known way to make them not betray you besides promoting them, of which I can only promote the one who I want to be overlord. You can’t choose war chiefs and that really pissies me off.

I think I imported my nemesis but he changed so much
(He returned from death about 20 times so he looked more like a slab of meat then a enemy) that I barley even registerd that it was him until he directly stated it.


Just out of curiosity, has anyone tried the game Cuphead ? I have been seeing youtubers play it. Looks like an interesting game, if you’re patient. Which reminds me, has anyone ever rage when playing games, be in single player or online


I raged one time in dark souls losing 5 level ups worth of souls so hard that I cracked and dented the table I was playing next to


The running animation for the NPCs is just too funny. Laugh every single time.
(Mean humans).


On the video they posted about it, they said just the highly levelled nemesis and follower


I imported my nemesis and follower, but I heard they don’t show up until Act 2. I don’t remember them very well. I think I went in once after the nemesis forge update to try to pick cool looking orcs, but I never died enough to have a nemesis come up through gameplay.

I like that SoW is harder. It also seems like there’s more chance for orcs you kill to come back for revenge with new mechanical limbs.


Hey has anyone else found that there is a weird thing with fan made tabletop rpgs. By that I mean that some of the most popular things in entertainment don’t have fan makes (at least not one easily assessable) while something’s near cult status have like 7 of them example being madoka magica

Or is it just me and I’m unlucky that I can’t find an rpg set in a the evil within style mental world


Your not kidding. About them coming back the first captain I killed for the story was one called Tuhorn. I killed him once and he came back a few quests later so I killed him again and so far he’s come back about 4 times each with less and less of him. Last time I cut him in half so I’m keeping an eye out for him again lol

I’m really enjoying it so far. The loot boxes aren’t vital really. I’m on level 17 and my strongest gear so far have been taken from Captains I have killed.

My favourite thing about the last game and this game is the moments of awesome you can get. One quest I had to interrupt an execution between two trolls. I managed to get intel on both and they both had a mortal weakness for fire. And where they were doing the execution was a handily placed grog barrel one well placed arrow took them both out I was laughing as I ran off.

One thing I dislike is the camera sometimes when fighting the camera has got into a position where I couldn’t see around me because Talian had warped quicker than the camera could follow during elf Rage.


I started another playthrough of Dragons Dogma Dark Arisen, since they just released an anniversary remastered edition of the game. This game is the most underrated RPG in my opinion. Very few people have played, or even heard of, this little gem of an RPG.
The story is actually pretty good and engaging, the combat is super fun (a mix of Monster Hunter, Shadow of the Colossus, and standard RPG shenanigans), and the Pawn System is interesting as hell.
But most importantly, the original console version of the game has the best and most inappropriate main menu theme music for any fantasy RPG ever made. Imagine starting up the game, and you’re shown a sweeping shots of a serene fantasy landscape with meadows, castles, forests, and waterfall. Then slowly the music starts, the first 40 seconds is suitably tranquil. But then shit hits the fan.

Unfortunately, due to disagreements, the other versions of the game does not have the song. But if you’re playing on PC you can just mod the song back in.


I picked it up last week when it launched on PS4 and it is absolutely awesome. What platform do you play on?


Originally on PS3, now on PC. Also i feel bad for you man, you dont get to experience that stupidly amazing theme song. I used to just let the game sit in the menu, listening to the loop of the song and laughing my ass off. Also word of advice, Magic Archer OP as hell


I remember it from my cousin’s PS3 version. I miss it.


Hey the pc version doesn’t have the Berserk armors, last I checked, does the remastered consoles have it?

I always like the magic knight (Buffs, cannon) or assassin (counter and bow) better.


Nope. Copyright bs. On PS4 atleast.


Yeah, I haven’t check, but I’m sure there’s a mod for pc that bring it back

@Dark_Stalker but the Christmas tree arrows tho


But… lightsabers…

All of the armor mods I’ve seen replace something. :sweat:

So question, any one have a really embarrassing beloved?

My worst one was Selina (I think that was her name) the little witch girl…


toss up between Selina and that conwoman/businesswoman. Whats the most hilarious Pawn youve made? I once made a towering amazon of a woman and let her be a healer lul its hilarious seeing someone that look like they bench cows just doing nothing but healing and buffing people


Have you’ve seen Tomatogaming’s video? His character was amazing.

A little girl who was a warrior. And fat. And bald.

Screw warriors.

I liked Madeline if only because I always met her, I wound up with the duchess more often than not, and once the knight. Maybe I should go for the jester


Oh yeah, there’s also a Dragons Dogma Online. I heard it’s actually pretty good, and the leveling isn’t bad either. But it’s Japan only so you need a VPN to play it, don’t think there’s a translation mod either. Man, I just want to try a Japanese MMO for once. Is that too much to ask for?


Maybe With the success of the remake it will get a port.