I guess just how meaningful the big choices are–are there a few big choices that point you down one of the ending tracks, or are there a larger number of meaningful choices throughout?


Ah, I really should should have been able to put two and two together there. Sorry!

I guess it depends on what we’re calling meaningful choices… There’s a lot of dialogue where you can influence how other characters feel about you, and I know you can get good endings and bad endings (even with your daughter) but since I still haven’t had all of my first dates I think it’s too early for me to say.


I enjoyed Dream Daddy, however, I personally think unless you really really want it right now then you should wait for it to go on sale. There are a lot of choices that do not have too much effect and only a few choices that really matter, the way it works is the game ends when you go on 3 dates with a dad. So for example, if I was on the fence about some characters, I could go on multiple dates with all dads as long as I don’t go on a third date.

I did enjoy it, it was fun but there really isn’t that much content. I got about 2 hours of play time until I completed Craig’s route, which isn’t terrible but for the £12 price tag, that isn’t great. It took me a about 5 days to complete Tin Star once and I’ve completed Craig’s and Damien’s route in one day, I could probably complete more but I don’t want to tbh.


So micro-transactions have become a serious pet peeve lately I see between Loot Crates in SW: BF2, Shadow of War and Faizia 7. Personally I’ve been really enjoying the Battlefront 2 beta but I can also see why people could be worried about a pay to win like system in that game, especially when this is a full priced game and not just cosmetics like Overwatch. What do you guys and gals think?


From what I’ve read the swbf2 loot crates are the ONLY way of progressing your classes. Which is just plain wrong. Luckily I’m more interested in the single player so it won’t affect mr that much.


I’m boycotting battle front because of the pay2win bs.

Almost hypocritically I’m ok with them in shadow of war because it is a single player game. I know it’s odd but my hate of loot boxes is if you can pay to an advantage over other players in a competitive setting.


I’ve been looking forward to Shadow of War for ages. I’ve already read one Nemesis story about how a guy cut off an orc’s limbs in one battle and it came back for revenge with machine prosthetics.

I’m mad that they added stupid loot crates because it seems like that’s the only thing people know about it.

The loot boxes in Shadow of War don’t give you anything special that you can’t get through the normal game. I mean I guess you could spend money to get end game orcs at level 1, and there’s a ranked PVP mode that I guarantee people are going to spend money to get a high score.

But for people like me who enjoy the emergent storytelling of the nemesis system, paid shortcuts are pointless.


The problem lies with the fact that the pay to win shortcut being in the game probably means grinding was made more annoying in SoW. You don’t add that temptation in a game without also making parts of it more frustrating to break people.


At least according to this review on RPS, you can amass tons of in game money, items, and orc followers through regular gameplay. I haven’t heard early players complain that anything is made annoying in order to drive purchases. So far it’s all been cool orc fighting stories.

I don’t like loot boxes in principle, but I don’t see any evidence that they have negatively influenced SoW. If I had to guess, Monolith was probably told to add them by WB and chose the least painful way to implement them.


I’ve got Shadow of War teasing me on my table. Not sure how touching it until I recomplete Shadow of Mordor so I can remind myself of the story then I intend to do the nemesis forge mode before shadow of War.


I started Shadow of war and was surprised that the game doesn’t tell you about loot boxes unless it’s you just earned one go open it.


So, my roommate convinced me to finally make a Steam account. She tells me I must play Undertale…


Yes, you must.

In all seriousness, it really is a great game. I tried not to read reviews and etc before I played and I was suprised at how emotionally invested I got to the majority of the characters. I spent sooo much effort into making sure all the virtual characters were happy.

It’s not a lighthearted game though, don’t let the puns and art fool you. :wink:


Given single player is really only going to be the Campaign (which does sound awesome, a new Imperial perspective set story between Return of the Jedi and Force Awakens) and the Arcade mode (which will only have six downsized maps at launch and have customizing but no vehicles or star fighters) you won’t have as much to do. Anyway I’m not bothered about the crates, won;t be paying to win like I imagine many won’t, if it means grinding more and enjoying my experiences rather than owning everyone outright I don’t really mind. Though I do hope it will remain limited as a trend on consoles.


I dislike microtransaction in triple As title since the beginning. Microtransaction can be non intrusive and fund, but I’ve only seen 1 game done it right. Shadow of War is especially bad, the true ending of the game is locked behind either a microtransaction or an unholy amount of grinding doing inane busywork (an aspect of open world game that I also hate. I don’t like games that don’t respect my time). But guess what, publisher will keep doing this shit cause people continue to buy their games despite these practices. As for me, I couldn’t care less about playing these games. Also, if I ever play Shadow of War, I’ll just use Cheat Engine to bypass all this grinding bullshittery


So I played a few hours of Shadow of War last night. It’s not grindy and it doesn’t withhold drops in an attempt to get anyone to pay for boxes. I’m like level five and I’ve already collected 5k mirian (game money) and beaten up several epic orcs for their loot. I got killed once and now that jerk is going around bragging about it. His new title is the Tark Slayer.

If there was some attempt to lock gear or followers behind a paywall, I’d be pissed. But that is not what’s happening here and I’m mystified why so many people think it is. If you’re boycotting because you think the only way to have fun in this game is to buy lootboxes, I want to say you’re wrong.

Regarding the ending, from what I’ve read you get an ending after Act 3, after which the post game Shadow Wars begin. This is where Sauron’s army starts attacking you and you have to defend all the forts you’ve captured. The original Shadow of Mordor got complaints that there wasn’t anything to do with all these orcs you recruited, so this is what the dev decided to put in. If you think castle sieges with orcs are grindy bullshit, I’m not sure you’d enjoy any of Shadow of War’s gameplay.


Another thing I noted is that loot boxes drop pretty commonly as they are guaranteed from the online Vendetta missions.


I’ve not played it yet but from what I read a few people seem to think that there is a “true” ending which is locked behind loot boxes. TBh i think a lot of the negative feedback is more to do with loot boxes in general as something people don’t like. Personally I’m looking foward to playing it, Nearly finished shadow of mordor main plot Just killed the tower I love the Celembor twist I remember feeling angry when I found out about it the first time. second time through I can understand why he lied about it. Talion needed something to focus on and rage is a useful tool

BTW did you import the nemesis and loyal follower from shadow of mordor?


I did. My nemesis kicked my ass. Like he destroyed me the first fight.


is it just the follower and nemesis that is imported? or are runes and abilites transferred to?