Hopefully. Honestly I’m waiting on one big sale for dlcs before I purchase them but I’ve been iffy due to all the reviews about the alien bosses being OP.


The alien rulers are somewhat difficult, but that’s just xcom. You’re not supposed to win every battles. People will die, you’ll lose, campaigns will be restarted. That’s just part of xcom. If you make it past the half way mark, the game will become much easier as well. Only the early game is lunishing, later on your squads will be just a bunch of unstoppable superhuman. Also later on in the game, you’ll have access to some super ridiculous combo that can one shot alien rulers


I have to agree with @a_shoggoth, This game is a ton like XCOM: Enemy Within in terms of super difficult early game with absurdly simple lategame. Once the whole of the base is upgraded and your units hit their max you will kill most enemies with one, maybe two hits.


Hmm. I probably just never have a chance to get to that point due to XCOM crashing on my laptop. I’ll probably get all the dlc once I go ahead and upgrade my desktop.

Thanks for your input @a_shoggoth and @Lotus


I just noticed that old star wars games like Star Wars Battlefront 2 (2005) and Star wars: Empire At War got multiplayer support again on steam at least

Words cannot express my happiness.


I did some reading after Nocturnal’s post, and it turns out my mistake was doing the introductory mission as soon as it became available. The alien bosses are OP, but it’s meant as a challenge to late game squads, not my team of lil babies.

I wish it had been more clearly gated or indicated that it was not intended as early content, but… well, this game is not really about hand-holding. :confused:

Shen’s last gift was challenging but rewarding early on. Doing the alien hunter mission around the same time was a huge mistake but otherwise I’m enjoying the DLC in the limited time I’ve been able to play.


I also need to add that War of the chosen is kinda weird with the old dlc. I didn’t play any of the old dlcs and in war of the chosen, i didnt get any introductory missions for shens ladt gift or alient hunters. SPARK was just a research project in war of the chosen


You can do the initial bit where you find big sky early but avoid the actual mission until later.

Another cool fact. If you start a game without the tutorial you get a different starting mission which links to the tutorial mission


There’s an option when you start a new game in war of the chosen (as I did last night).

“Integrated DLC” will remove the intro missions, and the alien bosses get placed in specific missions as guards instead of randomly showing up, and you just research the Spark units.

I turned off that option and kept the intro missions, because I liked the crazy slog through the robot factory to unlock Sparky.


I’ve learned that about the dlc recently. Luckily I haven’t properly started war of the chosen i play a mission or two then start again. Basically passing time until my mate can come round we’re going to play through war of the chosen together. agreeing on projects etc while each controlling half the team in missions.


That sounds fun. I wish couch co-op was still a thing.


It still is a thing just not as popular with game developers these days…


Man, I miss couch coop. The Last time I had fun with couch co-op was in Risk of Rain.


Me and my cousin did some couch co-op on enter the gungeon earlier on today and it was the most fun either of us had playing the game.


Getting to play the SW BF2 beta tomorrow, yay! I saw Takodana in action and it looks lovely and filled with all sorts of nice easter eggs referencing stuff in The Force Awakens like Rey’s vision in Maz’s castle and General Leia. Let’s hope the rest of the game is as wonderfully fanish.


I started playing Ruiner. This game make me feel like an old fart. I keep thinking: “I’m too old for this shit.” The entire time in playing it. I just don’t have the reflex and hand eye coordination for something this fast pace. Really good game though, it’s incredibly satisfying and frustrating. I love the cyberpunk setting, I think they did a great job of capturing that cyberpunk feeling. Great music as well, mostly stuffs that sound like Carpenter Brut and Perturbator. You know, that neon cyberpunk retro sound.


Has anyone played Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator? I’m only at the beginning but so far I find it incredibly sweet and very engaging.


I haven’t yet, but I’d like to. How choice-y is it, if you know yet?


Can I ask what you mean by choice-y?


The level of choice-ness?
Umm… maybe the freedom and the frequency of choiciness?