I haven’t properly played morrowind so I’ll leave it out.

I think Oblivion is better because the spell crafting, alchemy, guilds and dlc are all better than skyrim imo. As for dialogue choices I’m not sure. Been years since I played either but I remember both being pretty linear.


I have to point out that up until that point that beam blew makos up and disintegrated alliance soldiers. Now I know Shepherd is amazing but still the plot armor is strong with that scene lol



Sure, it was cryptic and frustrating at times, but I still loved the world of Vvardenfell.

I also really liked the fact that, rather than simply having the title of Nerevarine given to you, like Skyrim did with the Dragonborn, you actually have to work in order to get the title. You have to get a resistance to a disease, get an ancient ring, get the approval of all 5 tribes, get the approval of all 3 houses and do so much more in order to actually gain the title.

And House Telvanni was a fucking blast to play through. 10/10 would murder, betray and backstab my way to leader again.


Unless Harbinger wasn’t TRYING to kill Shepard on purpose. I mean, no human can survive that.


Trhe he hit all the other targets perfectly yet missed Shepherd and dragged the beam towards him/her lol


@Ponku in my first Tyranny playtrhough I sided with the Chorus cause I thought The Voices of Nerat is a pretty cool character (still do). But when I saw that everyone I sent to him just got a not so happy ending, I got a teeny bit pissed. I wanted to to make them my allies so I could rule the Tiers. So I just went: “Fuck this shite! I’m killing everyone.” Marched straight to Graven Ashe and smashed his head in. Then went to Voices of Nerat and shanked him. Finally, took Bleden Mark up on hus challenge and gutted him too. The only one I didn’t kill was Tunon.

@augustus27 Skyrim, cause all the recent Skill 100 memes

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Daggerfall. You can’t tell me what to do.

But seriously, of those three, Morrowind. I loved all the mysticism, the codes hidden in Vivec’s books, the metaphysical weirdness introduced to explain the ending of Daggerfall, the ambiguity of becoming the Nerevarine (are you really an incarnation of him or just fulfilling prophecy to get the title? Does it matter as long as you save everyone?).

Oblivion and Skyrim just don’t have that level of writing anymore, and it’s a bummer.


I tried playing Arena and Daggerfall but they’re just too freakin big. I really can’t tell if you were serious with this answer… but if you were, in the politest way possible, HOW?!


Morrowind. Because of Queen Barenziah.

Actually Morrowind was the only ES that i finished. It was such a huge nivelty for me back then, huge, beautiful, but also with interesting story.
When i discovered thw books in it and started reading about Queen Barenziah, my goal was to find all about her. Her official biography and the true stories. I loved her story. I was playing the most visualy advanced game for me for that time, and i was looking to read books in it. That means something :slight_smile:


I was half serious. I think Morrowind is a better game with better writing, but Daggerfall was my first ES game and I spent so much time on it as a teenager that it would be literally impossible for me as an adult to beat that. It was the first game I played that had a choice I could make in the main quest. I loved the political intrigue, the orc subplot (I loved that they added the ability to play an orc in Morrowind), and the expansiveness.

I honestly wasn’t used to games more complex than “kill all the nazis/space aliens until you reach the boss.” Suddenly there was this game with characters trying to manipulate my PC and asking me to decide who should get to wield a gigantic magical golem. It got me hooked on RPGs and will always be one of my faves.

As big as Daggerfall is (and believe me it blew my high school aged mind), it’s procedurally generated. This means that while there’s a lot there, you don’t have to pay attention to much of it. The main kingdoms (Daggerfall, Wayrest, Sentinel, and Orsinium) are important, and the others are kinda just there to be abused. The easiest way to get money in the game is to take out a loan in a kingdom you will never visit again and then skip town. Hopefully my widespread abuse of the financial system led to the invention of credit checks.

As a stickler, I have to point out that those books were in Daggerfall first. Other than that I’m with you! I loved all the in-game books and I think Morrowind is the only one that significantly added new books. It bums me out that they skipped so far forward in the timeline that Barenziah is probably gone.


Skyrim. I’ve never had the privilege of playing the other Elder Scrolls titles (maybe one day, though…) so it isn’t much of a competition. People have said to me that Skyrim is an ocean wide and a puddle deep and when I look at it as objectively as I’m able to (because I do love Skyrim) I know that’s probably true but it’s just such a beautiful world to immerse myself in. There were a lot of things I didn’t like and every time I replay it I’ll find them and grumble but Skyrim feels like home to me now and for all it’s bandits, bears and dragons I feel very safe there.


Storyline? Morrowind. Nostalgia? Oblivion. Otherwise? Skyrim. I’m planning on playing Daggerfall at some point.

Morrowind left me breathless. Oblivion overwhelmed me at times. Skyrim is diverse and the MC’s experience can wildly differ from one playthrough to the next. Dialogue? I’ve had better dialogue from Oblivion. Your reactions mattered and the people remembered you if you annoyed (stole from :smirk: ) them previously. In Skyrim that wasn’t as noticeable or maybe as consequential. Skyrim was also more linear towards the beginning, in my opinion. When I first played Oblivion, I sorta went of prancing into the hills to wonder willy nilly, never to see the Oblivion gates again. Not so with Skyrim. The beginning sequence is too long and after so many playthroughs, it got tedious. Honestly though, it’s a balance of pros and cons between the games. Oh, and please don’t kick a chicken. This isn’t Fable. :laughing:


One…More…DAY!!! This is like torture


Why not both. I’m both.


I played dota 2 for 10 years. Am a gamer or just an old fart?


My friends and me are playing a mobile strategy game called Empires War recently, a little similar like Age of Empires. So if anyone else likes playing RTS and is interested in this game, welcome to our alliance as well LOL


Whats your alliance called?


Still playing the crap out of Fallout New Vegas (aka ‘the REAL Fallout 4’), but i’m really into inspired indie games like Hyper light drifter (the entire game is quite literally a metaphor for the developer’s heart condition) and FTL: Faster than light.


I recently found a game called Exit/Corners and while the plot sounded interesting to me, I was expecting it to be another cliche horror/mystery game and boy I was wrong, it is very addictive and very well done. I honestly think it is in my top 5 favourite games. A new ‘episode’ get released every week and there is some very interesting theories about the game on it’s reddit. I highly recommend you all check it out.

Five strangers find themselves trapped in an abandoned hotel that’s set to collapse in 24 hours. To escape alive, they’ll have to solve their captor’s riddles and unravel the mystery behind their abduction.


Hi, guys! Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf is leaving Early Access today.

Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf is a card-driven turn-based tactical game which features RPG elements, containing a single player campaign, survival and PvP modes. Win these battles using the arsenal of weapons, abilities and cunning of the sky warriors.