Yeah the end of 3 was a let down. I have to add I thought the end of Andromeda where you got to see people you helped turn up at the end to help in the battle should have happened in ME3.


Everyone says this but I didn’t even know your teammates could die until I read about it online. I thought all the “suicide mission” stuff was just trying to hype the collector base :thinking:

But after the ME3 endings I found my “perfect” playthrough very unsatisfying. My canon now is one where Tali dies in ME2 so Shep has to pick a side in the Geth/Quarian conflict. Otherwise the Starchild’s argument that organics and synthetics can never coexist is infuriating due to my inability to argue with him based on Shep’s actions.


Started playing destiny 2. Awesome so far


Mirage: Arcane Warfare a.k.a Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Magic Edition is free for keepsies on steam for the next 24 hours. You just need to click a button and it’s yours to keep.


So, game to play for October and Halloween… the original Resident Evil or Until Dawn?


Until Dawn, I don’t like Resident Evil.


Thanks, I got both for free on PS Plus. Guess I want to do a bit of catch up with the Resident Evil series and see what the fuss is about, though Until Dawn sounds fun too what with keeping Claire from Heroes and Grant Ward from Agents of SHIELD alive. (Even if I know the two big twists in that game already.)


I expected my party to be able to die as I’d lost Kaiden in ME1 I was expecting another death. Thankfully my Shepherd had common sense and upgraded everything as that’s what he’d do.

I agree it was annoying Shepherd couldn’t go I’ve just brokered peace between the geth and the Quarians who have been warring for ages.

I doubt it but I’m kinda hoping after the poor reception of Andromeda bioware will pull their fingers out and release a remastered trilogy with a much better ending. Or at least an new dlc where the players love interest or someone becomes playable and they have to fight to get to Shepherd to rescue him or her.

My other regret of the series is they screwed up the chance to show Talis face. There was a lovely moment on Rannoch which would have been perfect but nope a photo shopped pic and a poorly done one to boot.


That never happens in any instance of the game.

And that is my final opinion, and no one will ever convince me otherwise :stuck_out_tongue:


So since this is the “games” topic i thought to maybe post this here:
CDProjekt’s video for 10th anniversary of Witcher series:

The whole PAX West 2017 panel with CDProjekt is quite interesting and funny (including their “behind the scenes” video :slight_smile: )
Well, i assume the whole of it, i’ve only watched half of it so far.


Can someone reccomend a game that has the moral complexity of Tyranny, but will run of my potato of a laptop (just to give you an idea of my laptop, I have a 3gb RAM).


Planescape: Torment
blah blah blah, blah blah. Blah 20 blah blah…blah characters blah.


Ive heard of Planescape Torment, but Im not sure if its too replayable. How replayable would you say it is. (Also thanks for taking the time to suggest it, I appreciate it).


It’s really replayable, there are many solutions to problems and decisions to make. It’s what inspired a lot of CRPGs like Tyranny after all. Also, just curious, do you think Tyranny was worth the price? I bought it and thought that vanilla Tyranny was a little on the short side and the ending felt very abrupt as well


Ive never played Tyranny, my laptop could never handle something that new😅. Ive heard other people say the ending was pretty meh, but the choices in it, and the moral questions it raised were worth the price. Then again, this is what Ive heard from others, I havent played it myself. I also have to ask, does Planescape Torment penalize you for “evil” choices? Because Ive heard thats something Tyranny avoided doing, and it let you play how you wanted to play without too many penalties.


Ok so it’s been 10 years since I last played planescape torment, so take my words with a grain of salt. I don’t remember it punishing you for making evil choices.


I would even say that Tyranny even may “punish” for. “good” choices:slight_smile:
If you side with the rebels one companion wants to leave you for example.
Although really the game is rather complex with its morality. I played a good character and still sided with one of the invading armies.
Also i dont think ending was bad or rushed. I felt that everything especialy since the trial was rather revarding how it ended for my character. (Disfavored sided with me)


I like MMO games, but during last 2 month i playing The Witcher and reading Witcher books at the same time, it’s amazing :3


Well, since we spoke about ME 3’s Endings…I have even more to offer about the Indoctrination Theory. PREPARE FOR FACTS!

Okay, let us start. First off, you literally lose consciousness after you get hit from the beam of the Harbinger.
Then we wake up, hearing that all units were decimated. They also say you need to regroup. Okay, somehow they didn’t notice Shep being alive, sure…Upon entering you hear from Anderson who apparently got here before you?
Uh…I’m sorry? Am I missing something? Did Anderson just walk in there and literally ignore your body and existence? Okay, okay, lets ignore that too and say “Anderon’s perception was damaged.” Not only that, apparently he’s literally somewhere else. Now this is complete mind-blowing. How the hell, and I repeat, how the hell did THE ILLUSIVE MAN get here? Like, can someone explain it to me? Okay lets skip a bit. Illusive Man’s dead and Anderson just died. ADMIRAL HACKETT SOMEHOW SENSED YOUR THOUGHTS FROM SUCH A DISTANCE THAT HE ALREADY KNOWS YOU’RE ALIVE, AND THAT YOU’VE MADE IT. Erm, maybe coincidence? Then we see Shep collapse and then ascend to the biggest plot twister…THE STARCHILD.
His explanation of his solution is so stupid I just laughed. I mentioned this previously, but why the hell does he say that the destroy option kills you if you actually get to live by taking a breath? Another coincidence? Or something Starchild didn’t predict? Why is it that its only the destroy option in which you live? Starchild doesn’t want you to pick this option. So at this point the Reapers are simulating pain to make it feel real and your mind is trying to battle for free will. If you pick the destroy option, Shepard starts walking like a BAWS. Okay, seriously,
if you pick that, he/she starts walking normally and stops to struggle. How can this be explained? Shepard just used extra energy she/he had stored to walk like a boss in the what looked like his/her final moments? Shepard also used more bullets than a clip can hold(this maybe bad writing but I don’t know, if its true, then it means that this isn’t the reality). He/she starts walking straight because his/her mind has gained free will. And where does Shep wake up? Nope, not at the citadel. Shepard wakes up right where the beam hit him/her. So, to summarize this: Shepard was knocked unconscious after the blast and the Reapers tried to make him choose Synthesis or Control to finalize the indoctrination. However, your subconscious tells you that there’s another path with the destroy option which isn’t liked by Starchild(he literally portraits all of the bad things if you choose this). If you choose the destroy option, you basically wake up, free of the Reaper’s grasp, at the location where you were knocked unconscious. If you pick the other two options…well, the Reapers probably keep you unconscious and create this hallucination of you getting a good ending. (While the fleet is decimated by the Reapers). Okay,
this is going to be funny if someone actually reads it and replies. :smiley:

Edit: In the memory of the Marauder who shot us in the shoulder to save us from the ending.


So, what was everybodys favorite The Elder Scrolls game (Im only including Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim) and why? Also, which game out of these three did you feel had the best dialogue choices, and was the least linear?