Ironically I didn’t have half the problems I read about. It was rushed though.


Well, I am talking about personal experience, and there’s many videos in youtube just showing off the bugs.


Ive seen the vids and often I was like it didn’t look like that for me. But that’s glitches for you.


“I guess I pissed that guy off! Maybe because I shot him in the face!”

That one joke alone put me off from the game.


It ends about 10 or 15 minutes before the end of 3 for me :stuck_out_tongue: Yes, I refuse to finish the game and see their bullshit ending…still very bitter about that :rage:


"I refuse to finish the game". Well, you actually do. Refusing to choose one of the paths results to you just standing there until the reapers destroy all fleets and all races are eradicated. Then you can see Liara’s message that they were defeated, but leaves the blueprints for the Crucible.
I don’t really hate the endings. I mean, the destroy ending. People don’t like it. Why? “You commit mass genocide. The Geth die. You’re selfish because you doom them.” Really? I mean, look at the other endings. Synthesis? Wasn’t that what the main villain in the first game trying to do? And how does that end the war? Just because they understand each other doesn’t mean there won’t be wars for ideology. Control seems more reasonable. The starchild even suggests that you don’t choose the destroy ending. Still, you literally come all the way here to destroy the Reapers, so I really don’t know why you should change your mind. Well, for the last point I’ll mention Anderson would have done that(the game basically shows him off choosing that path), and as he was one of my favorite characters, I follow his lead.
Oh, here’s the main twist. The indoctrination theory. I really don’t have the time to say all the valid points, so you should watch “Mass Effect Indoctrination Theory” by Game Theorists. And now, lets look at the facts. Before collapsing and meeting the AI, he/she is literally dying from bloodloss. Very surprisingly, after getting to the top with the Starchild, he/she seems…alive, and is fully capable of thinking rationally. Yes, we can see Shepard struggling to walk, and feeling pain, but what if that’s something caused from Indoctrination. What if the Reapers simulate “pain” to feel like he/she actually has a choice. After all, why is it that we see Shepard live only in the destroy option? I don’t know, that’s my personal wild theory. I feel like the Reapers just made you feel like you had “choices”, but I really think the destroy is the real option here. And again, I repeat, The Starchild really doesn’t want you to choose that option.
Bored you already? Oh, well, sorry, I like to ramble.


I should clarify, I exit out of the game at that point and let a good ending run away through my mind. As far as thier ending goes I could put a big rant up but honestly the breaking point for me is the “killing” of Shepard, that wasn’t “bittersweet” like I hear come calling it, it was simply a dick move by Bioware.


Well, Shepard does survive if you have enough war assets, I think 5000? So yeah, even if she/he has no way to reach back to safety, I’d like to think that he/she is alive. And, well, which ending would be the most likable to you? I don’t say favorite because you clearly don’t like any of them.


Yeah, you have to pick the destruction and have high readiness, which I’ve always had hence those quotes on killing. My ending involves marrying Liars and being a mom to a bunch of blue daughters :relieved:


Erm, I am not talking about “your perfect made ending”, I am talking about “actual in-game” endings. If you had to pick, and you said you haven’t, still, which one looks more reasonable?


Oh as far as which of their garbage endings I hate the least: destroy… I genuinely weep for thr Geth, but it’s the only way, I’m not forcing the galaxy to meld with AI and control was always a stupid idea.


Yep, one person can’t have the ability to choose for the entire galaxy. The control I can’t find anything against it(yet), but it seems to put me off. The extended cut Shepard monologue…


Well, crap, after talking about ME, I need to listen to the Suicide Mission Soundtrack for the whole day now. Thanks a lot.


Since we are now talking about ME, I found an amazing video explaining the troubled development of Andromeda:


People have been calling ME:A “Mass Effect 4”, I won’t take any excuse for the game. Not even the fact that they changed their engine. I think it’s shameful for “ME:A” to be called “ME”. That’s my opinion.


2 weeks until the release of Divinity Original Sin 2 feelsgoodman


Likewise my opinion is you can’t compare ME:A to the entire trilogy you have to compare it to the first game (by this I meant more in response to some complaints the choices didn’t matter even though the choices in ME1 didn’t have an effect till 2&3). The original trilogy is the better but I do think ME:A got a lot more hate than they deserved. Story wise a day game play wise it wasnt bad imo.


Well, I think we both can agree ME reached its peak at ME 2, where the trilogy shines the most.


Most definitely :slight_smile:️ the suicide mission was so nerve wracking.


Yes, but it was epic at the same time. The whole team was assembled to fight, which wasn’t really like that in ME 3.