Thanks to both of you, I now know what DLCs to buy, and havent wasted my money.


Note that if you plan on playing online, a multiplayer game will have all the DLCs the host has (and that goes for all Clausewitz engine games). So if you’ve got a friend with fibre-op and more precious writing dollars than sense all the DLCs, you can still play with the full set if you’re willing to organise multiplayer.


Can anyone recommend a decent mmorpg


Heh yea ck2 is really simple compared to EU4
After a very long time of playing ck2 and never EU I was constantly told it the same basic game…so I tried it, it isn’t the same. In ck2 I can be the smallest out there and eventually rock the mic, in EU4 I played as the smallest beat one nation then got eaten by all my neighbors. Tried another game end result the same, tried a third game stayed defensive 3 of my 4 neighbors war decked me and ate me. After I don’t know how many games I finally started doing ok then a bunch of nations decided they wanted to kill me for no reason all at once. :scream::skull_and_crossbones:

Ck2 dulled my edge I used to be good at games like EU now I need to get better at them again…


Ah, my main drawback from going rural is that I’m back to DSL.


Quick question because i dont know when sales ends: Which do you think is better in terms of writing and story: Pillars of Eternity or Tyranny ?



Pillars has a much wider scope and and a more epic scale, but that also works against it at times. Its writing can plod along, and often feels like its trying to explain too many exotic concepts at once. Tyranny feels a lot more character-driven than setting-driven, which means that its writing feels considerably more focused because it’s more immediately relatable.


Both are very good games, though I’m going to go the opposite route of Cataphrak and recommend Pillars of Eternity. The game offers a bit more depth (which, understandably, can be a negative depending on how you play games), and also has one of my favorite ending decisions out of most modern RPGs. It also offers an excellent DLC bundle that returns a veteran player to the challenging nature of the base game, and gives a major new threat to take seriously, without detracting from the main story.

That said, most party members are forgettable. They do a lot to make the world feel more interesting and deep, but for the most part they offer little beyond their (usually fun and unique) side quests.

If you are looking for an epic and sometimes surprising fantasy journey, I recommend Pillars a bit more than Tyranny. If you are looking for mostly interesting characters or good inter-party dialogue I don’t know that you’ll enjoy Pillars as much.


Not the first time i’m trying to decide between those two, but as right now both are on sale on a bit similar price (well, ofc PoE + White March is slightly more expensive - 25,58€, compared to Tyranny -18,49€) so maybe i’ll finaly buy one…
(and there is ofc Torment waiting too…)
I did red various reviews and watched videos, but still can’t decide which one.
What struck me when watching videos is that in PoE the writing at the beginning doesn’t seem to be too good. It doesn’t feel too organic, when you approach some elf and after fight with some thugs you just have a “standard rpg questions” - “tell me about yourself”, “how you ended up in this city”, The guy just introduced yourself and it doesn’t feel right to just jump into general life questions in the middle of the street over the bodies of some thugs we killed :slight_smile: And from the bit of Tyranny i saw, i noticed the responses in conversations seems more tailored to the situation.
That’s why i asked for opinions about writing and story

From gameplay/fighting i dont expect much other than it being enjoyable and not a chore. Right now i feel like more focusing on a story and relationships in a game.

Other reservation i may have about Tyranny though is, how possible is to play a “good” person? Ofcourse not entirely good, like a hero, but rather a mainly good and moral person thrown into bad situation, who does some questionable things to survive. Not just a chaotic evil who enjoys torture and killing :stuck_out_tongue:


Classical “Chaotic” Evil is one way you can play the story. You can also rationalise that you’re bringing law and order to a war-torn land and that Kyros’ regime, no matter how brutal, is still a vast improvement over the previous one. “Good” people can rationalise a lot of terrible things if given enough impetous.

I’ve also been told that there is a way to play as a member of the “the resistance”, playing Kyros and their Archons against each other to help the Tiers regain their independence. However, considering what we know of the previous regimes, that might not necessarily be the side of “good” either.


I get quite immersed with my characters, so i would like to know if i’m gonna have nightmares because i was forced to burn orphanage or sth :slight_smile:
I guess i also would like to know how “disturbing” the game is. I know there will be questionable decisions and moraly ambigious things to do, but is it on the level of Monsters WIP here kind of disturbing game, or sth more “lighthearthed” sometimes.


It’s a different kind of disturbing, I think. It might keep you up at night, but you’ll be thinking about what your decisions reveal about yourself more than any visceral images.

I’d honestly compare it a lot to Guns of Infinity in that regard.


Yes you can actually play the game that way. My first play through of the game that is what I did. That play through I really did very few morally questionable things, so it is possible to play Tyranny without being an evil bastard if you chose.


Do you think Tyranny - Tales from the Tiers is worth to buy? Does it add much? The price right now is 1/4 of the whole game price…


Unfortunately I never bought that DLC because I had already beaten the game multiple times by time that dlc came out.


Tales from the Tiers isn’t an actual dlc. It’s just extra doodads on the world map. Honestly I’d say wait for the actual DLC to come out in a couple of months before buying.


I’ve been playing The Long Dark, and for a game that’s just about scrounging for food and trying to keep warm, it’s really engrossing.


R.I.P. Half-Life 3. :worried:


I got yakuza 0. It is awesome. I’m currently 100 hours in. I finished both business side stories and most side content and the main story just hit me like a ton of bricks. rip oda-san


There’s still a tiny, minuscule chance that we’re getting jebaited by gaben