If you win a bowling match, you can get a turkey as your manager.

10/10 go buy it now.


You and I strangely have played games in a very similar order. Dragon age then witcher then everything else. Weird isn’t it? Or did I just step into the twilight zone?


I just want to be able to buy/trade cards. I’m getting tired of opening packs and not get what I wanted. But you should have seen the reveal, it was absolutely hilarious. I was watching the stream and when the teaser came on with the phrase “Dota card game”, I could practically hear the pin drop in the stadium. Complete and utter silence lul


I’m playing Osu! again after who knows how many years. I used to be able to see my name in the leaderboards…at the very last page or so, lol. I’m working on worming up the top 10000 of my country. Just a few hundred more guys to outplay.

I’m afraid of using my tablet to play since my hands are really heavy and i might break the stylus and/or the tablet, but I’m tired of using the mouse…


Recently i redownloaded games, that i think don’t get enough recognition of how great they are. I’m talking about Shadowrun games by Harebrained Schemes.

There are three games in total:
Shadowrun Returns (Steam,
Shadowrun Dragonfall (Steam,
Shadowrun Hong Kong (Steam,

Steam Shadowrun Complete Collection
(While i would like to recommend supporting, and right now the games are on 75-80% sale there, i need to say that getting the mods and other user-made content is much easier from Steam Workshop, and for GOG version it does require a bit of hussle and research how to install user-made campagins (i think there are some methods to download steamworkshop content, but i’m not certainly sure)) Personally i do have those games on Steam…

They are rpgs with tactical turn-based combat (i think combat is something like X-Com ? ) that takes place in future, cyberpunk with magic, orks, trolls, elves and dragons etc. While combat is enjoyable (not too complicated, but still allowing a lot of tactical approach to win) , what i really like the best about these games are the stories. Especially in Dragonfall, which i consider the best of the series and it was hugely engaging story for me. Loved the main plotline and loved the sidestories and learning backstory and helping your team members.

They are pretty similar, with the same engine, but each next game get a bit of improvements (some more details, some quality of life improovements in each next game). Each game have different story not related much to the other, with different protagonist.
I think i can recommend skipping the first game (Shadowrun Returns). It’s story is only ok/good, but it lacks some of gameplay improovements from other games, and some time ago there was a user-made campaign mod for Shadowrun Hong Kong that is the main campaign from Returns, so it’s better to play it and experience that campaign in last game of the series.
That’s another thing of those games: they have a capaign editor released so users can make additional content and stories to play ( i would recomend The Caldecott Caper for HK for example (there is a romance subplot in this one :blush: ))

So, i loved the story, and i got that “feel” that you have when you finish a great book or game, that “have i beat the game, or did the game beat me?” and what to do now with my life now :smile:
I played Returns years ago and it was just ok/good, sometime later when Dragonfall was release i started it, actually couple of times, but always got distracted by some other game, without even an hour put into Dragonfall. What a mistake that was :slight_smile: Then last December i saw Hong Kong on sale and bought it, and then wanted first to play the previous game. So i finally sat and started seriously playing Dragonfall. I was amazed when i finished. Through many weeks i played whole Dragonfall, then Hong Kong, then a user-made campaign. Just couldn’t get enough :slight_smile:
HBS may be relatively small studios, but the level of enjoyment from their Shadowrun games was for me on par with Bioware games.

(And for anyone that decides to try especially Dragonfall, a little tip: Glory is not a “medic with pistol”, click the icon to change her weapon set to her hand razors. She changes from kinda useles to absolute beast :slight_smile: Yeah, i was stupid and didnt realised it for 1/4 of the game)

Edit: Also wanted to add that Dragonfall and Hong Kong have amazing companions with deep stories and personalities, which is a quality i like very much in games.


The shadow run games are absolutely amazing. Well dragon fall and hong kong. I wasn’t a fan of returns it was too linear for my liking and u personally didn’t like the story.


Should I buy EU4? If so what DLCs would you recommend buying?


I have it but I hardly play it. User interface was different and I found myself missing ck2. Any vets want to give me a reason to fire it back up?


Oh yeah, I also meant to ask, should I get Horse Lords or Rajas of India for CK2 (finally got some money in my steam wallet, and I have time to play games this week, so I thought, why not spend it?)


Horse Lords is a great addition as the horde mechanic is pretty fun. India is a reskin and some lore. Interesting religious aspects because, hey, it’s India. Otherwise not many “new” mechanics are there for you.

I play that subcontinent sometimes as you can get some holy wars woth Budhists/Hindus//Muslims but inevitably I go back to Vikings/French.


Alright cool thanks. I’ve also heard RoI slows down your game is that true? (Not going to buy it, just curious at this point).


It does not. The Rajas of India update added the entire subcontinent of India, the DLC just allows you to play as the indians themselves. So to speed your game up you’d have to go to a previous version of the game where India didn’t even exist. Basically, if the current version of CK2 works for you, Rajas won’t change any performance. On the subject of if it is worth it? No I don’t think so, its boring for me (I’m mostly into things that I can relate to and therefore European history and culture is easier to play), but from a pure gameplay standpoint, it doesn’t add anything really great (aside from the ability to convert to the your capital’s religion, which is extremely useful if you know how to use it but for the most part has no relevance).


Cool thanks! And do you know if I should buy EU4 and if yes, what DLCs should I get?


It depends on the games of Paradox you already have played. EUIV is very game kind of game (which sounds redundant but let me explain).

If you have played CK2, and only CK2, getting into EUIV will be hard, as it’s not a natural transition. CK2 is without a doubt the easiest Paradox game, and a lot of the things that make EUIV hard (army management, technology, etc) aren’t in CK2.

Crusader Kings is a game about people against people, EUIV is a game about nations against nations. So while intrigue and plotting are things people do, taxation and technology are things nations do. (That and colonization). I don’t think I’ve played a CK2 game where technology was a major deciding factor in whether or not I won, but if you were to completely ignore that in EUIV you would be destroyed. It’s not impossible, don’t take me wrong, both CK2 and EUIV are great games and you should play both, but I’m just trying to explain how it works, I’m glad I played EUIV FIRST, as less management in CK2 made things easier.

If you DO get it, DLCs are plentiful and necessary.
I advise you watch this video first


Would you reccoment playing EUIV if Ive played CK2, Vicky 2, and HOI4? (this is a real question, Im not being sarcastic.)


I’m going to be perfectly honest, without the explanation that it wasn’t a joke I might’ve laughed. If you are able to consistently win games in Victoria 2 and HOI4 you should have no problem transitioning to EUIV. I was assuming this was from a place of only Crusader Kings, which doesn’t focus on army composition or tech upgrades. You should be absolutely fine.


Cool thanks, and I would have laughed too because I knew it might come across as a stupid question😅.


If you’re buying on a budget, I highly recommend waiting for Paradox to put EU4 and the DLCs on sale. If you’re on a super budget and can only buy certain DLC, here’s the list of recommended DLC from me:

  1. Common Sense
  2. Art of War
  3. Rights of Man

(Edit: 1 & 2 are a necessity for most enjoyable experience possible. 3 is just extremely useful and good.)
The rest are depending entirely on your play style and where you want to play. Mandate of Heaven and El Dorado are solid if you play in Asia or as a native/colonizer. The Cossacks is the last priority imo. It adds some, but it makes things a little too complex for a new player.


Alright, thanks! I heard a lot of people recommend those 3 I just wanted to make sure.


Well, you one upped me, I just finished a massive list and sent it to him only to come back and find this :joy:.