Plus it has the big sisters :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But on a serious note, I don’t dislike any if the games, it’s just a matter of which I enjoyed playing more. Bioshock comes in first, followed by Infinite and then Bioshock 2.


And I can approach the littles sister without a big daddy want to cut me in two :grin:


Slime Rancher finally left early access! Time for me to wrangle some more slimes


Been playing dragon’s dogma and paladins recently, and I don’t wanna sound arrogant or anything but I’m weirdly good at paladins, and this is coming from someone who is not used to a keyboard and mouse (tried play with a controller but I’m pretty sure the very fabric of the universe tried to fold into itself when I did so I’m not gonna try again)


Lol it’s the opposite for me, I cant play games with controllers. Controllers just feels so clunky to me. I tried paladins and also Overwatch but I’m shit at them. I’m shit with shooters in generals, just don’t have the hand eye coordinations and twitch reflex to play them


Nah, I’ll say that it’s all about role that suitable for you.
I mean, frontline is the most “manageable” role for me, with support as the 2nd.


I just use Skye all the time and stay in the back, her ultimate is pretty op


I’m sucks being flanker xD


Finished Ninja Theory’s DmC’s bloody palace today. Did it in one sitting and on the first try, got kind of disappointed because it only had 101 levels :unamused:. Now I kind of wanna play DMC 3 again just for its bloody palace…


I bought hotline Miami because I loved the first one. The gameplay is more or less the same but the story is worse imo.


totally agree :muscle:


the bloody palace is in the version of ps2 or ps3?


I remember playing the start of dmc 2 and 3 but not feeling it click. But last year i got the DmC remake/remaster/reboot thing and i absolutely loved it and i cannot fathom why most dmc fans seemed to hate it.


In ps2 and PC if you have the special edition you can access the bloody palace. Don’t know about ps3 though.

I don’t know either. For me the character redesigns were OK, it’s a reboot after all, and although I didn’t like the story all that much it was decent. Plus the gameplay is bloody phenomenal.

My disappointment with its bloody palace is due only to the reduction of the number of levels and consequentially the difficulty (there’s also the fact that now the enemies for each level are set instead of randomized). I would’ve totally played 9999 levels of it.


That’s because some saw that as a reboot unnecessary
, why change to dante when obviously it was already great ?, most companies do reboot because their characters are no longer so famous or popular (in addition they felt that the new dante was forced to be as badass as the original dante)


The Dota 2 International just started and it’s really entertaining so far.


ayeee the witcher 3…


I am still mostly sucked into FFXIV, but World of Tanks has a new update soon with some interesting additions, so it looks like I will be playing that as well again.


Valve: we are announcing a new game
Me: whoaaoaoaoaiai! Could it be? Will Gaben bless us with news of 3 anything?
Valve: it’s an original IP
Me: oh. Ok, I can get behind a new valve game
Me and everyone else: … u wot, mate?
Valve: Dota. Card. Game.

Jokes aside, I love dota and if they use the steam marketplace to make it an actual TCG and not CCG then I’m down for it


I hope it can fulfil the hole hearth stone has left in my heart.

On another note im considering buying yakuza 0. Anyone here played it and if so any recommendations?