Which is your favorite?


Bloodborne is my favorite because it had my favorite setting with all the eldritch horror. I also liked the push away from ‘turtling’ and making people learn to doge dodge which led to better pvp in my experience.


I want to quit my job, cancel on all my friends, and do nothing but play Stardew Valley for the rest of my life.


Stardew Valley, eh?

Only one question remains:

Best waifu?


I’m still in the early stages where I’m buying everyone’s affection. But Leah and Elliot both hate pizza so they can go fuck themselves.

I think I like Abigail best so far. My tumblr buddies all loooove Shane but right now he’s just being a dick to me.

Idk, so many of them are living with their parents and it makes me feel like a cradle robber.


If you’re still in the beginning of the game, then get a shit ton of Daffodils. Since it’s still spring, they’re pretty abundant and one of the RO’s (Haley) likes them. It’s basically a fast way to build relationship with her, especially since her birthday is so early in the game and that one Daffodil you give her on said day can boost your relationship by 2 whole hearts.

Sure, she’s basically the Shane of the girls, but I figured I’d tell you just in case.

mfw people actually like Shane.

Eh. Everyone’s got different tastes, I guess.

If you go into the mines and are lucky, you can find Amethysts. Those are her favorite gifts, hands down.


Oh good. I think I’m two days away from Haley’s birthday.

I’m actually on my third farm, although only second real attempt. First time I blew off everyone and everything and just fished. Restarted with the river farm, but when I finally got ready to settle down and do some actual farming I got frustrated with the limited acreage. Restarted again, abused the mountain fishing spot to afford pizza for everyone, only to find out SOME people hate everything good and pure in the world.

Re: Shane. I’ve heard he’s a great portrayal of someone with severe depression. It’s a bit spoilery since I haven’t actually seen any of his events yet. But yeah. Depression can make people act like jerks to keep other people away (been there myself). So I’m trying to be supportive of my fictional neighbor.


Just skimmed over his events list. At some point, he actually considers suicide. Jesus Christ, here I was thinking this was just an innocent game about building a farm.


On my way back from the mountain lake one night, I ran into Sebastian and stopped to say hi. He told me human lives are like skipping stones, including the drop at the end. My poor farmer later laid sleepless in bed, thinking about the inevitability of death.

This was supposed to be an escape from her existential crisis.


Mfw I’ve had Stardew Valley pretty much since its release but haven’t played yet because I got distracted by other games…


B-but farms!

Hot chicks!

Cute cube creatures!

How can you delay a game like this?!


Well… First I bought the DLCs for Dragon Age: Inquisition, then I proceeded to mod the shit out of it, then I played it around 15 times.

Then I bought the DLCs for The Witcher 3 and went on a noble quest to bang Yennefer and make Ciri into a full fledged lesbian because I read the novels and she was at least bi in them. I failed spectacularly on the latter. With dreams shattered I played the game another three times to romance Triss and get the different endings. I then played Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine about 3 times each.

Then I bought Dark Souls III and played the fuck out of it.

Then DOOM, Darkest Dungeon, XCOM 2, MGS V, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Uncharted 4, The Last of Us Remastered (I’d played the original on PS3, but it’s too good), CIV VI, replayed the “remasters” of both Darksiders games, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, GOD EATER 2, Bioshock Infinite (again), Until Dawn, Dishonored II, Assassin’s Creed Syndicate… the list is extensive, I can keep going.

Then I traveled to Ireland and stayed with my best friend for almost 2 months (it’s been two days since I returned home), but she doesn’t have a computer.

But now that I’m reunited with my desktop I’ll play it. Probably.


Wow. That is one extensive list.

Meanwhile I’m over here, alternating between only Hollow Knight and Crypt Of The NecroDancer for an entire month.

In my defense, though, my shitty laptop will probably explode if I play anything else.


Hollow Knight is very good :ok_hand:


hey at least you can play something in your laptop in my case I can’t even play counter strike ( and I can only buy one that another game for my ps3 :disappointed_relieved: )


You have impeccable taste in games and countries.

On another note can some explain why bioshock infinite is widely viewed as the best game in the series because in my opinion its the worst.


I didn’t play Infinite, but my theory is Americana. I guess people just love the setting. For me, personally, Sky > Ocean. I cant swim.


I don’t know either, but I haven’t liked Bioshock since the first one so I could just be a curmudgeon.


I also don’t know, I like Rapture way more than Columbia and the first one is actually my favorite, but I don’t consider Infinite to be the worst either; Bioshock 2 gets that title in my opinion.


Well in terms of history is true that the second does not win the first but personally I like more because it touches more real and personal themes and improve the combat system a little (at last I could use weapons and powers at the same time without seeming to give me epilepsy)